Hannity And The Illuminati

How did I miss this? Oh yes, I stopped watching Hannity awhile back because he is just too far to the right for me.

From May 15th, 2009:

The reason this is relevant? Hannity is covering the Illuminati again on Friday, but not the birth certificate or any of Bambi’s sealed documents, or the $1 million that Barack has spent to keep his footprint ghostly.  This should be interesting….

The world is truly upside-down.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    I used to listen to Hannity on the radio, up until a few weeks after the election, but now I can’t stand to hear his voice. He is just a distraction and a disinformation agent. His job is to distract us and keep up the divide between left/right and Republicat/Demican. From time to time I try to listen to his radio show, but he talks about his concert tour and Oliver North is a good friend that does his tour and guest hosts for him. Oliver North is very deep into the “plan” and helped set up the continuity of government plans and the FEMA camps authorized by REX84. To me this proves that Hannity can not be trusted and should not be listened to. I would be willing to bet that Hannity is already chipped with a special chip that instructs the reader to allow him passage. Aaron Russo was offered such a chip by Rockefeller when Rockefeller was trying to talk him into joining “their forces”.

  • I keep listening to Hannity because he has the temerity to call the administration names and makes fun of the liberals. He also interviews some interesting people like the firefighters from Connecticut. I ignore the rest of it.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Why doesn’t he investigate the Builderbergers and the Pilgrim Society if he is so interested in secret societies.

  • Hannity is nothing but an angry gasbag. And unlike fellow gasbag Limbaugh, he rarely says anything worthwhile and almost never has a self-formed opinion. I’m not a Rush fan but I’ll listen to him and weigh what he’s got to say. Sometimes I even agree with him. Hannity – just spews hate. I did listen to the clip, though, and it sounded pretty much like an infomercial for the movie rather than an investigative piece. I’m wondering how the movie studio is connected to the Fox bank account…


    The New Left we call them Progressives Today, the movement was born in the 60s and 70s it included the failure of the school system to teach children an intentional movement. I highly recommend everyone read “The Return of The Primitive” previously titled the New Left, the Anti Industrialist. The Green Movement wants to drag us all kicking and screaming back into the Dark Ages.


    Robert Reich stated that Unemployment is actually at 14% because some people have stopped looking for work so they are off the unemployment rolls. 9.5% the highest unemployment in 26 years seems to me the REAL NEWS, our Industrial Base is under attack. Real people need real jobs. So far the Stimulus has protected Government jobs as in bureaucrats jobs. That isn’t how the Stimulus was SOLD to us.

  • Hannity is a parrot without the colorful plumage and personality. I suppose he serves a purpose for those who are conservative but choose not to think for themselves; his is a very shallow message, very entry level if you will. His promotion of this movie is nauseating (I wonder how much they paid him).

    RECOMENDATION!!!!! The book “United in Hate” by Jamie Glazov, is a MUST read. Although this book is considered a current affairs book it will not be obsolete for a long, long time. Of all of the books I have read over the last years this one is probably the most important read of all. Warning…if your stomach is weak or your commitment to freedom poor, do not read this book.

  • Keyboard,

    the unemployment rate is actually even higher than that because they changed the index a few years back and the current one does not reflect ALOT of factors. It was about 17% months ago.

  • Hannity has not done much research on the Illuminati or else he deems to cover up much of its founding and early history. He did not do his follow-up segment on the society as announced last night. I am in the midst of an in-depth project on the illuminati beginning with its founding in the early 1800’s and will comment more on it later.

    As you know, Diamond, the original 13 blood lines of the Illuminati are the ancestors of the Pilgrims.

    The movie did not show the true story and Hannity is just full of uniformed bluster on this subject. Whether it is intentional or just plain ignorance, I’m not sure yet.

  • Hannity is a distraction? It’s all a distraction. It’s us (We The People) vs. Them (the oligarchic political class). Democrat and republican constitute a two-headed beast.

    The Illuminati? They were a group of smart men investigating knowledge. Why did they have to hide it? Because it challenged the existing knowledge of the scholastic period and the church didn’t like that. Big deal.

    Why would there be secret societies today? In the era of Bush and Obama, the privileged just walk in the front door of the treasury and take what they want. When there is no threat to you, you don’t need a secret society.

  • Happy 4th of July, everybody.

    To “foutsc” – You are way off base and out of touch. Perhaps after (IF) the New World Order takes over you will wake up. In the meantime I hope there are enough of us who are aware of what is happening to our Country and its Constitution to prevent this travesty from fruition.

    Anybody who can’t see the danger our country is in today is in deep denial and needs to obtain a good history book on the founding of America and the reasons for the American Revolution. (Make sure it a book that was published before the PC police took over the schools).

  • NoTingles -

    I think that anyone who has studied the Fed in an honest way knows that each administration since 1913 has aided and abbetted. Some more than others, but ALL have made their contribution to the inside agenda of the Fed. What bugs me about Sean’s radio show is his vacuous worship of Republican presidents- who no less than the Democrat presidents have done their part to sell America down river. And the nasally voice intoning all that purile nationalist propaganda is enough to make your ears bleed; he goes on his propagandist rants on a daily basis, forcing me to hit the off switch. It’s getting old Sean…time to find new material/format.

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