Month: June 2009

The Federal Reserve Is “Quite Transparent”

Watch this video and you tell me if Ben Bernanke doesn't look like he is doing a damn fine impression of a deer in the headlights?  It is a rare moment when one sees Bernanke squirming and speaking rather rapidly - two hallmarks of Bernanke freaking out.  TurboTaxTimmie does the very same thing when he is under fire, and they both realize that their power is slipping away. Bernanke: "My concern about the legislation (HR1207) is that if the GAO (Government Accountability Office) is auditing not only the operational aspects of our programs, the details of the programs, but is…
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H.R. 2918; THE Reason Congress Thinks We Are Stupid

(Author's Note: Numerous people are sending this post around and many people are waking up to what is happening in our government.  It is impossible to argue with the actual text of a bill that was passed by our non-reps showing the rape and pillage of average Americans.) ** No wonder congressmen and senators go over to the dark side once they hit the beltway.  When these amounts of money are involved, average Americans could be considered dumbasses for working 40 hours a week for $30K annually. H.R. 2918 was passed in the House on June 19th, 2009; is now…
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Cap & Trade; The Precedent Was Set

UPDATE: Well, the crack smokin' congress just passed the "Starve and Kill All Americans"  cap and trade bill 219-212.  REMEMBER - THEY DID NOT READ THIS ONE EITHER.  300 pages were added last night in the dead of the night.  Would you buy a car or home or any other large ticket item and NOT READ THE TERMS? (Oh, and my congresswoman, Mazie Hirono voted FOR this POS bill and I'm sure she didn't read it either because I am not altogether sure she CAN read.) Go here to see who is a total traitor to the American Public, our…
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