Cap & Trade; The Precedent Was Set

Say Goodbye To Your Money
Say Goodbye To Your Money

UPDATE: Well, the crack smokin’ congress just passed the “Starve and Kill All Americans”  cap and trade bill 219-212.  REMEMBER – THEY DID NOT READ THIS ONE EITHER.  300 pages were added last night in the dead of the night.  Would you buy a car or home or any other large ticket item and NOT READ THE TERMS? (Oh, and my congresswoman, Mazie Hirono voted FOR this POS bill and I’m sure she didn’t read it either because I am not altogether sure she CAN read.)

Go here to see who is a total traitor to the American Public, our children, their children, so on and so forth.

Here are the 8 Republicans that voted FOR this bill if you wish to call them and voice your displeasure!

  • Mary Bono Mack, 202-225-5220
  • Mike Castle, Delaware 202-225-4165
  • John M. McHugh, NY 202-225-4611
  • Dave Reichert, Washington 202-225-7761
  • Chris Smith, NJ 202-225-3765
  • Leonard Lance, NJ 202-225-5361
  • Frank LoBiondo, NJ 202-225-6572
  • Mark Kirk, Ill 202-225-4835

T. Price:

J. Boehner: (For your enjoyment)



And for all those sheeple still high on the koolaid, here is your video. Move along, nothing to see here….



…when the crack-smokin’ congress did not read the 1100 page stimulus bill and drove that through.

Now they want to ram through a 1200 page cap and trade bill WITHOUT READING IT or the changes that were made to it last night EITHER!!!

I called my congresswoman and went on record AGAIN as being against this and everything else that she voted FOR, all the while knowing that she is going to be voting rubber-stamp for this country-busting usurper-in-chief.

If The Heritage Foundation’s numbers are correct, electricity bills will go up 90%, gasoline will go up 85%, and natural gas will go up 55%.  All at a time when we are in a depression.  SOMEBODY tell me this is not intentionally trying to reduce every single average American to a complete and total state of poverty, desperation, and submission?

H.R. 2454 – American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

I want to know what the “Security” part of this act is.  I am wading through this bill also, and will let you know what I find.  Please bear with me, I have two eyeballs, and I am still tracking the ever elusive Bernanke white page financial reform, Federal Reserve powergrab.

Also, I will update this post as soon as the crack-smokin’ congress votes.


By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Pelosi almost snuck the Crap and Tax Bill through without America even knowing about it. Obama ran his misdirection play perfectly, he had us looking right and Pelosi ran left ( of course) with Crap and Tax play. This bill will eventually force all of the power companies, petroleun companies, mining companies, and big agriculture under the governments wing. We are going to get taxed to death and industry is going to get over regulated and forced into bankruptcy by this phony bill based on global warming. This is a wealth and power grab aimed at American industry, and is the largest tax increase in American history aimed at the American people. Obama has only a couple of tenants of Communism to go and America’s transformation will be complete.

  • I’ll bet every one of those POS Republilcans that voted for Americas industrial ruin have a big old skeleton in their closet and they are being bribed by Nazi Pelosi for their vote.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama has only one more crown jewel to steal from the American people the healthcare system and this too will be stolen from all of us. America is lost, and foolishly hoping that 2010 will save us. Obama will control the elections and every facet of our lives by then. America has been destroyed from within our own gates. America is going to become the land of Obama’s dreams, A Kenyan dictatorship ruled by a black militant Muslim with hard line Communist leanings. Pravda was right we are going whimpering into Communism and probably something much worse. Only time will reveal our future. Unfortunately DT we the Patriots are too few and the illegal aliens, radicals, militants and Communist are too many.


  • Practical Madman -

    Spark said: “Unfortunately DT we the Patriots are too few and the illegal aliens, radicals, militants and Communist are too many.”

    I for the longest time have felt this way. However, I realized that the original revolution was only supported by 3% of the population. Those that are in the ranks you listed above must also buy gas, food, and have jobs. These groups mentioned are basically idealistic in nature, and ideals have a way of going out the window when you are starving. When the SHTF and there is no food, money is worthless, gas is $25 a gallon when you can find it, and there are no jobs because they have all been shipped out of the country, I believe that we will have a great swelling in the numbers of those that want to fight this “change” and restore some “hope” for mankind and ultimate survival in general.

    We may be few in numbers now, but reality has a way of waking those that are sleeping, or killing them. Fighting for real survival can do wonders for our cause of restoring the country that our founding fathers envisioned. Americans in general were much more polite and well behaved in the first depression. I do not think that this depression we are waking to now will be so polite.

    The TARP program was passed as We The People called till we were blue in the face screaming “NO!!!!’, but “they” knew better and “knew” what had to be done, and passed it anyway. This bill will be done the exact same way. Torches and pitchforks yet????

  • Robin in Texas -

    It is time!
    I read the posts and I wonder, why?
    Why are we walking away from this in defeat, when the true fight has yet to begin, instead of confronting the
    Why are we allowing the elected voice of the People to say that which we told them not to without making our demands even louder?
    Why have we become so weak as to let our freedoms be Stolen fron us when others in the world are fighting so hard for the freedoms we have?
    Why do we let Government slide on their oath to defend the Constitution when we know they have betrayed our trust?
    Why do we feel that we are the minority?
    It is time to affirm our priorities as individuals
    and take responsibility for the kind of life we want our children to have.
    What do we have to lose? EVERYTHING
    What do we have to gain? EVERYTHING

  • NoTingles -

    Spent a lot of time writing those letters. Looks like it and all the letters, faxes, phone calls, tea parties, etc did not good. They are not listening. Two reasons: 1.) they think we are too stupid to come in out of the rain, therefore, what’s the use in listening to us. 2.) They don’t have to listen to us because they DON’T WORK FOR US.
    The second was the hardest to take, I’d bet. But it’s true. They haven’t been working for us since the turn of the last century, or even before. For the good of the country and to uphold the constitution are waved aside as quaint notions of a bygone era.
    Looking forward at this point…Senators! What say you?? Will you follow suit, or will you recussitate common sense and kill this monstor before it destroys us? Look to Australia, where they passed legislation like this and it failed so miserably that they are repealing it; and look to Spain where as Glenn Beck reported, one of the miserable results was joblessness approaching 20%. America, do you think you can stand THAT??? Or how about more than? If I was a betting man, I would consider 30% as a safe bet!!
    We really would hit rock bottom then. And all these LIARS on the radio talking about how the economy is recovering will slink away, tail between legs because they don’t know what they’re talking about now, and the result of enactment of this tyranny will be utter devastation. How could it ever recover with this going on? I’ve answered my own question here before this: We aren’t supposed to recover. If this bill does what it’s supposed to, America as we know it will be over. That’s why this flaming Marxist was put into the white house, and you can forget your flimsy argument that the people elected him. And I don’t care if Obama has purple skin with orange polka dots…he has betrayed this country, and hiding behind the race card JUST ISN’T GOING TO CUT IT ANY LONGER!
    Next, they got their way now. And they think they have garnered an impressive legacy. But the saying goes, the opera isn’t over till the fat lady sings…their legacy will be turned into a curse, and even though it’s going to hurt a lot, they will have learned their lesson. They will have power over the biggest destitute nation in the world, with zero wealth and no prospects. And all will know who is responsible. Lastly, we know that as long as the sun and moon are in the sky, God’s blessings upon His children still flow. He has been keeping a meticulous accounting, and knows of all the licentiousness and depravity going on in Washngton. And He knows of every instance of oppression these evil barons of iniquity have heaped upon those faithful of His flock. The accounts will be balanced. And make no mistake of it Obama, and Pelosi, and Reid and all you who rally to them: You might justify yourselves, but you cannot escape His Judgment.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots, Congresswomen Bachman expressed my opinion superbly by saying that passing this bill would give the government ( Obama) control over every aspect of our lives. 2010 is a done deal, 2012 is a done deal, our country has been stolen by a Black Militant Muslim from Kenya hidden behind a mask of deceptions and lies. Pelosi, Barnes, Reid are just his stupid henchmen, sooner or later he will throw them under the bus. Every bill being pushed by the POS Obama is designed to further weaken white middle class America as he strives to create the perfect Utopia where everyone is equally stupid and equally poor. Tyranny or liberty Congresswomen Bachman made our choices quite clear we submit and accept tyranny or we fight for our liberty.
    Obama must be exposed and removed from office as he is an illegal President and no bill he has signed will stand.

  • ROFL! I wonder if this is legit (If it is, who would pay for it? Just get a copy from Kenya yourself.)or if TPTB are finally tired of their little puppet’s strings getting tangled…

  • Practical Madman -

    GG- I think that TPTB ARE getting tired of him. I still believe his outing will be the catalyst to a whole host of unspeakable tings transpiring in America.

    As far as congress goes, my only solace is that when the New World Order is established, and America is no more, “THEY” will be waiting in the bread lines too! TPTB are using them just like BO and will dispose of them in good time. Once there is a world government, there will be no need for an American government. There is no loyalty amongst thieves, and TPTB are the biggest thieves in history! I hold out hope in Alex Jones and others like him, that they will succeed in waking enough up and put a cramp in TPTB’s plans and derail it. I do my share in waking others up (my neighbors and family run to avoid me- so now I approach strangers!) and I believe this is our best shot. I have a booth at a local artist’s fair every Saturday, and I will talk to anyone that will stop. It still amazes me how many WANT too keep their heads firmly up their arses. WAKE THEM ALL UP!!!!!

  • PM,

    I think that when TPTB want to dump Obama, Congress will go right along with him as complicit criminals. That would, of course, lead to anarchy which would lead to chaos and eventually the citizens begging for TPTB to restore order and peace. Which they will, using international UN troops and by joining the global government (with a possible mid-step of a North American Union). I’m just not sure whether now is the when…

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama sees himself as ruler of the world, all of these other groups better step aside, after all he is the new Messiah of Islam.

    Warren Buffet just ripped into Congress and the Democrats for passing Cap and Trade calling it a bill that is detrimental to America. Hope he has impacted the Senate with his opinion regarding this travesty and as he is one of the fu%^&$g idiot in the people’s cribs financial advisors may something will change before our worthtless Senators pass this pile of crap.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    It’s time to get rid of the usurper NOW! We CAN do it , America! But we need a fully awake America.

  • Leaping Spark -

    The Communist President, Communist Democrats, and Communist Republicans do not fear we the people any longer, we disgust them, they find us repugnant, and stupid. The only time they have time for us is when they are begging for our votes so they can steal our money.

    Thomas Jefferson once said:

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty”

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the rights to keep and bear arms, is to protect themselves against tyranny in the government”

    The genius of the founding fathers amazes me 225 years later. It’s almost as though they knew this day was coming when dictator would rise and try and enslave America. This can only happen if we do nothing!

  • Cap and Trade will most likely finish us off. Each time that I think Obambi has saddled us with the ultimate, here comes something else. My poor brain is trying to cope, but sometims I feel that it is going to burst.

    Now I hear that he is going to institute a “FORCED savings account” on each of us, withholding from our pay checks an amount to be deposited by the government in a savings account, since we do not have enough sense to save on our own. I no longer say, “couldn’t happen” because I’ve said that too many times to things that have happened.


  • Even if CAP & TAX is stopped now, it will be back.

    We need to start talking about Helium-3 to once and for all CAP CAP & TRADE.

    Watch this video for just one and half minutes and your view of the whole energy situation will change entirely (Includes former astronaut and former New Mexico Senator (R) Harrison Schmidt as a major advocate):

    Once you’ve watched, embed this video everywhere you can to spread the word about the energy solution we’ve already funded to the tune of BILLION$ for over a decade:

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