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As many of you have noted, my site has been going sideways for a few days now.  Yes, I am working on upgrading to a new server – but that’s not why the site looks the way it does.  When I catch the little gremlins, I will let you know.

Hopefully, this process will be over and done with in a day or two and the Monster will be faster and appropriately laid out….NOW expect things to be a bit haywire.

Thanks for your patience, perserverance and monetary donations!



By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond,

    Do you know if there was money in the stimulus plan for summer programs for gremlins? I only ask as a lot of sites seem to be having similar problems this past week.

    Nice to see the kids out of school staying out of trouble.

  • Robin in Texas -

    It is not just your sight. We must be presenting quite a thorn in their sides for them to be creating such a pain in the a**. Keep up the good work!

  • I live to be a thorn! I had noticed that other sites were having problems too…and tracking down where the entrance was. My site may look quite a bit different after I get done…shutting some of the doors and windows.

  • DT,

    My biggest problem with the site seems to be that Iranian video that always runs live in the background. It slows my PC to a crawl, and no matter where I go on the site I hear audio of screaming protesters. I think it was an Iranian Kiwi video. Sorry – can’t stay on for long periods of time till you get it tweaked…

  • I noticed when I finally get your site; takes forever and even posting a comment and I have to log off.

    Yeah happening other places too.

    Anyway keep up the good work; Plan on coming back,”we are known by who our enemies are.”


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