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As many of you have noted, my site has been going sideways for a few days now.  Yes, I am working on upgrading to a new server – but that’s not why the site looks the way it does.  When I catch the little gremlins, I will let you know.

Hopefully, this process will be over and done with in a day or two and the Monster will be faster and appropriately laid out….NOW expect things to be a bit haywire.

Thanks for your patience, perserverance and monetary donations!



6 thoughts on “Messages Updated”

  1. Diamond,

    Do you know if there was money in the stimulus plan for summer programs for gremlins? I only ask as a lot of sites seem to be having similar problems this past week.

    Nice to see the kids out of school staying out of trouble.

  2. Diamond,
    It is not just your sight. We must be presenting quite a thorn in their sides for them to be creating such a pain in the a**. Keep up the good work!

  3. I live to be a thorn! I had noticed that other sites were having problems too…and tracking down where the entrance was. My site may look quite a bit different after I get done…shutting some of the doors and windows.

  4. DT,

    My biggest problem with the site seems to be that Iranian video that always runs live in the background. It slows my PC to a crawl, and no matter where I go on the site I hear audio of screaming protesters. I think it was an Iranian Kiwi video. Sorry – can’t stay on for long periods of time till you get it tweaked…

  5. I noticed when I finally get your site; takes forever and even posting a comment and I have to log off.

    Yeah happening other places too.

    Anyway keep up the good work; Plan on coming back,”we are known by who our enemies are.”


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