Iranian Revolution Continues (Continuous Updates)

6.22.09: Video From Iran: The Iranian government is saying the rioters are CIA operatives. You tell me…

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Good Luck Iranians, and God Speed!

Liberty and Freedom!

UPDATE #1: Iran Riots in English

UPDATE #2: Another link Iran Unrest.

UPDATE #3: PersianKiwi

UPDATE #4: 6/21/09 BBC Video of Protestors Routing Police, go here. 1:45pm EST. (When I can find it to embed I will).

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UPDATE #5: LastFreedomNet


Tehran – government buildings explosions and hellicopters dropping off chemicals

Update #6: More Video: Vigilante Journalist

Update #7: Updates on Iran’s Turmoil: NY Times The Lede

Protests in Tehran 6/21/09

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    I may be expecting too much, but maybe the Iranian revolution will give the evil bastards here a small taste of what awaits them if they try to usurp our Constitutional freedoms. Are you watching bambi?

  • Not necessarily CP. TPTB are global and they realize that if there is revolution anywhere, they cannot forward their goals. If they see the Iranians succeed, they may have to put off their accelerated goals for a few more years (or decades).

  • allahallahoxenfree -

    I’m still waiting for a Hawaiian hospital, doctor, nurse, ANYBODY to claim the mantle of being present during the “Hawaiian” birth of our new messiah. Somebody in that Dept of Health must be willing to talk…..

  • aaof – You wont hear from any medical person in Hawaii because he wasn’t born there. He was fathered in a test tube and hatched in hell.

  • Looks like Bill Levenson over at Israpundit is thinking the same thing I am. If the Shiite mullahs are bringing in Sunni Hamas terrorists to put down the protests, wouldn’t that be an indication that the the government doesn’t fully have the support of the entire army? They are probably reluctant to kill their own people. Wouldn’t the army be susceptible to being encouraged to turn their guns on the Sunnis that their own government has brought in to kill Shia?

    This kinda thing has been going on in that region for 4 millenia. That’s how Rome fell, though in a slight variation. The Romans extended their empire so far that they had to swell their ranks with soldiery from the conquered lands. When the shit hit the fan they had no loyalty to Rome so they sided with the barbarians. This is almost the reverse. The government has brought in foreigners that perhaps the army and the people would turn on together, and then turn the guns on the mullahs. I wonder if this is going to turn into Czechoslovakia?

    It takes a skilled hand to correctly place the fulcrum and pull the lever…

    Now, if we had intelligent people around the buffoon I would think that the above is the kind of thing we might be interested in engaging in. But I suspect he’s playing golf today, and he’s surrounded by the same people who thought that the surge in Afghanistan would be a great idea. Again, let’s look at this in a bronze age context. No one has successfully engaged in a full scale military occupation of this territory…EVER. This is what Osama wanted when he attacked the WTC. We trained him to fight against the Russians…who launched a full scale invasion; with tanks, infantry, etc. Osama wanted that from us. He never got it.

    When Kabul fell we had maybe 1000 guys in Afghanistan. We bought the tribal leaders (they were already engaged in fighting the Taliban), gave them guns, and with some special forces guys and the CIA collapsed the regime. Then, because Dick Cheney and co are completely obsessed and insane, we invaded Iraq and the whole Afghanistan thing turned to shit.

    So now, under peace in our time Marack, we’re going to escalate and give the Taliban and Al-Quackers more targets, plus there’s fiasco in Pakistan…can we just handle Iran properly please instead of having more of this incompetent bungling?

    Hey, we could give the Iranians a big collective laugh and send in Carter! Buahahaha!!!!

  • This is getting scary, but things are getting even worse here. I didn’t get a chance to listen to Alex Jones’ Sunday show, but right now I am listening to the rebroadcast and he is freaking! He says that it is all out in the open and we are being totally taken over by the Federal Reserve, it is even in the lamesteam media! We are in receivership and the Federal Reserve has take control of the government! Things are getting ready to go insane right here in the good ole USA! I didn’t see the news or read the paper (quit those bad habits a while ago), but he says that it is allover the news. The Fed has declared that all water is theirs, every stream, lake, and even rain puddles in your yard after a rain. The Fed has gotten complete control of the gov’t and they are a totally privately owned company, and it is a secret who owns it! All businesses are now subject to being taken over by the Fed! The Fed has been given dictatorial powers over the entire country! BO’s entire staff he appointed is banker and Wall street puppets, and they have been controlling all bills passed, and all are in favor of giving the Fed complete control! Stalin said that sometimes more things happen in history in a week than in a year, this is going to be one of those weeks!!! Keep your ears to the ground!

  • shtuey said: “Looks like Bill Levenson over at Israpundit is thinking the same thing I am. If the Shiite mullahs are bringing in Sunni Hamas terrorists to put down the protests, wouldn’t that be an indication that the the government doesn’t fully have the support of the entire army? They are probably reluctant to kill their own people. Wouldn’t the army be susceptible to being encouraged to turn their guns on the Sunnis that their own government has brought in to kill Shia?”

    Our gov’t is doing the same thing! For the same reason??? We will have Canadian, Mexican, Australian, and British troops running “excercises” in the USA from July 27-31 with NLE09!!! This is for the same reason! Our gov’t knows it can not count on American police and military to shoot Americans, so they are importing foreigners to do it for them! Things are getting ready to get crazier than they ever have before in the entire history of the world, and it is going on all over the globe!!! We are truly in dangerous times!!

  • Madman? You have got to get some perspective. I have no idea what Alex Jones is up to scaring the crap out of little old ladies with his over the top talk. At some point he has got to stop screaming or nobody is gonna listen to him. As for you, what exactly do you think would happen if our government just turned everything over to the Fed? Do not answer here, and give Americans a bit more credit, okay?

  • brityank -

    Sorry to say I don’t see much of a change in Iran’s future. The only thing that is a possibility is if Mousavi’s Wife gets a leading role, and there is a full reformation of the Muslim idea of Women as Second Class Beings, and required to be Property of some Man. Mousavi is as big a theocrat as Amadinnerjacket, and beholden to the Mullahs, Kamaneni and Rafsanjani. As long as that crew retains it’s position and power, there will be little change in the Iran Society for real Freedom.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Unfortunately demonstrations have very little effect on dictatorships or people with barbaric stone age belief systems. The killing of demonstators is an acceptable means of restoring the peace as these people put very little value on human life, especially the lives of women. Obonzo is such a liar, he hopes the demonstations are over as soon as possible and that the muslims remain in power. Can you imagine what will happen to us once Obonzo has our guns. No demonstations, no freedom of speech, no liberty, Islam and tyranny for all.

    May God have mercy on the souls of the innocents killed by the government of Iran.

  • brityank -

    Hey Diamond Tiger,

    Found the following to buttress my thought above:

    Mousavi, Celebrated in Iranian Protests, Was the Butcher of Beirut

    He may yet turn out to be the avatar of Iranian democracy, but three decades ago Mir-Hossein Mousavi was waging a terrorist war on the United States that included bloody attacks on the U.S. embassy and Marine Corps barracks in Beirut.

    Mousavi, prime minister for most of the 1980s, personally selected his point man for the Beirut terror campaign, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi-pur, and dispatched him to Damascus as Iran’s ambassador, according to former CIA and military officials.

    What little reform that was underway – as in Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, etc. – has been undermined and thwarted by the rabid Wahhabi from Saudi Arabia. Now that we have a Molem trained usurper count on the Mullahs gaining ground here too!

    Both Mousavi and Ahmadinajad should have their heads piked on the White House Driveway!

  • Perhaps if a revolution starts in Iran we can help smuggle arms and insurgents accross the border from Iraq…give them POSs a taste of their own medicine.

    My prediction-The mullas will bring in an “impartial” group of French election officials to varify the results of the election. The election will be upheld and the Frenchys will take home a billion dollars under the table…all the way proclaming the soundness of the Iranian democracy as sound. Oil for food anyone?

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