The Monster’s Thoughts On North Korea and Hawaii

vforvendettamaskAs many of my readers know, I live in Hawaii, and I do appreciate all the emails and comments I have received concerned about my family’s safety and the recent posturing and threats coming out of North Korea.

Stop, take a moment, and think.  Whom should I be more worried about? The bouffant sporting, pajama wearing crazy with missiles that fall out of the sky, or the punk a** b*tch in the WH who is behaving like a fascist dictator with 21 czars one day, and then a weakling crawling up from the end of the bed to his Saudi masters the next?  Hmmm?

(Wow, was that too harsh, or is it just because I have one hell of a cold and I’m pissed that our government is being run by lunatics on their third lives who know just enough to be dangerous to themselves and others, their actions say they have no loyalty to the Constitution and their constituents, AND the Fed and the Treasury are trying to crash our economy through devaluing the dollar through the printing of more and more debt –  expected to be $2 Trillion just this year?)

If you were standing in my slippas, exactly whom would you be worried about?  I am going to keep centering my attention on Mishy, B. Hussein Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, ACORN, Working Families Party, and every TRAITOR to the Constitution now holding office in the beltway including all those Republicans that have turned tail and run for cover.

How many of you remember Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali Pirates? Go here to refresh your memory on how Bambi choked at using force, and how our military saved Captain Phillips’ life. I am betting that our military is not going to let Pearl Harbor happen again, especially since the CIC appears to be such a military hater.

And for those of you that are concerned about what our government and military are doing about the threats, go here.

(My spousal unit has weighed in with an opinion and he thinks it isn’t too harsh, it’s the truth and a hard commodity to find these days. Hele Mai!)

By Logistics Monster


  • Not too harsh at all, and right on target!
    You always have such a way of cutting to the grist of a subject! That is why I love your site and insight!

  • The spousal unit is right.

    I wish you could have heard mine the other night when he answered the phone to a RNC fund raiser.

    He informed the poor guy that we would not give another dime to the party that gave the presidency to the impostor in the White House. He further stated that the Republicans were just as guilty as the democrats for not properly vetting the candidates, and that the criminal in the White House should be tried & convicted of treason, & dealt with accordingly.

    Gee, I sure was proud of him.

    You can’t be too harsh on these morons, Diamond. They deserve whatever disrespect they get.

    Sorry you’re feeling bad. Chicken & dumplings, get some!

    If you feel like it check out my latest post. It’s my latest not too harsh missive to my pitiful excuses for representation in DC. You might enjoy it.

    Feel better!

    God bless America!

  • I would worry about the Coward in Chief too! Those people in our White House not the Obama WH as the coward likes to call is certainly cheapening our country…first the hour long informercial last week…ignorant slateboarders skating in the WH…and now North Koreaa….Bambi will not act and if he does ot will take him the better part of the week like it did with Phillips…remember he doesn’t want to take any action, he just wants to negotiate with everyone!

    He will always scare me….he is worse than Carter who was an incredible disaster…

  • If you think about it, Lil Kimmie launching one of his impotent missiles might be exactly what is needed right now. It would show the world/UN that this little bastage has no plans on not going nuclear, it would show America that bambi has the intestinal fortitude of an amoeba (and it might momentarily distract him from attacking Pakistan), and it would show our military exactly what NK’s got. Maybe it’s time to let that Genie out of the bottle so we can stop worrying about it and the rest of America can wake up to see the spineless wonder for what he is.

    Better yet, I hope he launches at Alaska so America can get the chance to see Governor Palin in action and see what a real woman can do!

  • Leaping Spark -

    America could end North Korea in a weekend with conventional weapons. Meanshelle needs to get that cowardly Muslim out from under his desk, hand him his cajones back and have him send a clear message to Kim, and all the rest of the chicken sh3t little Hitlers around the world. Straighten up or we will end you!

    Americn needs to tell all of the bleeding heart liberals in our government to shut the f@%k up and starting treating our enemies with the same respect they will give us if given the opportuinty. Obonzo has clearly demonstrated to our enemies that America is weak. All I’ve got to say is, hey as@#$les come get you some, I think you will find that most of us are not like the Hitler wannabe, cowardly Obonzo and his communist cronies in DC.

  • Hey, the reason Nobama waited on rescuing that seized ship from the pirates, is because he wanted to make damn sure none of his relatives was one of the pirates. Did you see our high&mighty Senator “Boxer-the-Bitch” dress down the General who called her ma’am? She really showed her contempt towards our military.We here in California have had enough of her and her twin sister “lady Diane”, and hopefully we can send them both packing.The both of them want to take our guns away, while THEY will still keeps theirs…I know for a fact that lady Diane has 5 hand guns….is she going to give up hers? Nottttt!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Young people in Iran are defying their Islamic government and have taken to the streets demanding freedom. Obastard sits quietly hoping that the little Hitlers in charge of Iran will put the resistance down quickly as he supports the dictatorship not the people seeking freedom. Obastard identifies with the evil leadership of Iran because this his how he sees himself as a supreme leader. To see these young men and women being brutally clubbed to death by Islamic nutcases just brings the reality home that we are not far from this scenario in America as our little Hitler Obastard grabs more and more power. Stock up on food, supplies, and ammunition, learn to shoot your weapons, prepare to fight if it becomes necessary, because we all know what side of this issue our illegal, cowardly President is on. I personally support the Iranian people and it drives me crazy that the chicken sh@t leaders of America and Europe sit silently while people die who are seeking freedom from Islamic oppression. Most of the Iranian people are not Muslims, pray to your God to help them, because it’s for damn sure the Obastard won’t.

  • I took a shit this morning. Not surprisingly, it has a better economic recovery plan than Little Lord Fraudleroy. If only it could talk.

  • Not too harsh, Diamond. You have stated what most of us are thinking. Thanks again for saying it like it is.

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