TurboTax Timmie and Senator Corker

Timmie is trying to defend The Fed and not doing a very good job of it.  Timmie just ain’t that smart even though he does seem to think he is, and in the second video Senator Corker asks for assurances that no one from the White House ends up as the next Fed chairman when Bernanke’s opportunity to crash our economy ends in January, 2010. (That’s my snark, my bad.)

Our founding fathers warned against having a central bank that printed money and loaned it back to us, and each president that even broached the idea of abolishing a central bank ended up 6 feet under.  What’s up with that?

I have been studying the 88 page financial reform white pages to see what exactly is hidden inside because you know there is something lurking there that is even more un-Constitutional than the Fed itself.   I will post what I find when it makes sense to me, and I can explain it to you.

As for The Fed becoming even more powerful; please, how much more crap are we going to take from this administration before we set them straight?  Is this not the same banking cartel that lost/misplaced $9 Trillion dollars, and now would have control over corporations like Target, Harley-Davidson and Pitney Bowes? Is this not the same banking cartel that will issue $2 Trillion of debt this year alone in conjunction with our insane treasury and WH? Why hasn’t Bernanke told Geithner to STOP ALREADY?  I know, that’s a stupid question…my bad.

Senator Corker grilling the teenager.

When it comes to central banks around the world, just because “everyone is doing it”, does not make it the right thing to do – just look at what ended up in our White House.

Can we impeach Obama yet?

Is it time to clean house yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ve been contemplating the impeach obama thing… Don’t think that’s possible since he’s not even legally the presidebt.* (*that’s a typo, but it fits, doesn’t it?) I personally think he should be arrested, tried, & convicted of treason along with everyone who aided & abetted his ascension to power, and I mean EVERYONE!!

    One has to wonder why there has been no response from the White House to the charges of treason made by Lieutenant Commander Fitzpatrick: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/11853

    Could it be that if the White House answers the charges that the ego in chief would be forced to reveal his BC to prove Fitzpatrick’s claims false? Is this why there have been no charges filed against Fitzpatrick? He could face court martial for filing false charges against a sitting president.

    Charges were filed by Fitzpatrick in March & not a peep from the White House, save one visit to Fitzpatrick from the Secret Service which amounted to nothing.

    I think we should stop calling for impeachment since that would seem to validate the presidency of this criminal punk residing in the White House. What do you think, Diamond?

    God bless America!

  • omg! Timmy at the fed! That is a disaster! Does the TARP have an expiration date? I don’t believe Timmy. The Fed is definitely not transparent because they do away with reports such as the M3. They do answer to anyone but themselves.

  • I heard about 2 seconds of Geithner and he sounded very “peremtory”, almost scolding…but that may just be his defensiveness…I guess he’s learned it from Obama…

  • dragonfly13 -

    I know this is off topic, but the reports on the swine flu are disturbing….the media is sure working the public up and now the WHO is saying that the United States is being hardest hit….If I wasn’t a regular reader here I would be alarmed, but it seems to me that this is just right on target with the bigger plans. The thing that also bothers me is that they are planning on vaccinating children and I won’t be surprised if it’s madatory to go back to school this fall. I sound like a conspiracy freak….but it really seems that everything is falling into place for TPTB and I’m wondering if we’re running out of time. If they actually declare a pandemic we are going to be in a mess, but everything will be in place for the troops to move in from the one training thing the gov has planned and well…. I’m just wondering what everyone else is thinking about all this!

  • Timmy has his sights set higher than the Fed…he is jockeying for the top seat in the IMF when it becomes the World Bank with the SDRs as the world currency! I read somewhere that the seat has been promised to him! He worked at the IMF before going to work for BO.

  • dragonfly…THEY HAVE declared a pandemic. We are at Level 6 which means that the US gov’t is no longer in charge…the WHO is! Mandatory vaccines ARE going to be called for in a very short time. The vaccine supply will be completed by the end of July…just in time for the NLE09 exercises! Schools are already being notified that they will be inoculation centers and that kids will have to be vaccinated BEFORE school starts!
    This is a fact and you are not a conspiracy freak…just intuitive, every thing is going according to plan. We are running out of time very quickly! Things are picking up speed and we ARE in a world of trouble!

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