Could it be from all the fascist policies and game playing going on in Washington, DC with our money and our freedoms?  Is it time for an intervention yet?

I was actually very amused by the following video of Rachel Maddow and Joan Walsh from Salon.  I am so happy to know that because I want to see an actual vault copy of bambi’s bc, I am crazy, unhinged, and dangerous. And because Rush Limbaugh is now talking about the bc issue, he must be the same.  I never thought I, as a middle of the road indie, would be in the same category as Rush; imagine that.

Here is what is being left out of this story, and what is of more IMPORTANCE than a vault copy of a birth certificate, (which at this point is probably being forged), is the rest of Barack Hussein Obama’s records and the almost $1 Million that he has paid three different law firms to keep those same records sealed.

We have the “if it looks like a duck” syndrome going on here. When you add the bc to all the rest of his “ghost footprint”, Barack looks more and more guilty of hiding something.

If, and when, a vault copy of his birth certificate surfaces, all credibility to ask for the Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard records goes out the window, and there has got to be a very good reason for keeping those records sealed. I no longer want to see his bc, I want to see all of his college and university records in their entirety!

And now take a moment to enjoy Freedom of Speech…

Rachel Maddow: The Right Wing’s Obama “Birther Movement”

And for those of you interested in the one of the law firms, Perkins Coie, definitely go here and HERE.

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