Still Attacking Sarah Palin

Matt Lauer? I wonder what your mother, sister, wife think about your interview with Governor Palin?  Let us take every opportunity to turn whatever is being used to attack Sarah Palin back on her.  I am sick to death of smug, better than thou, a**hats on television and their government handlers spinning every story to make Sarah Palin appear to be wearing the black hat.

The Obama Regime has ushered in a new wave of division and pilloring, where the America we see on television and read in the newspapers believe that anything goes.

Can we impeach Obama yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • Matt Lauer is a complete jackass, but I loved the way Governor Palin held her own with him and didn’t let him twist her words around. She has to be an MSM interviewer’s worst nightmare (next to Diamond)!

  • Leaping Spark -

    It is beyond belief that the Hollyweird idiots, the Democraps, the idiots of the MSM, and the old cronies of the Republicant party continue to attack Sarah, just what are they afraid of? One thing is for sure, she is real and they and their phony street corner hustler POS president are not.

  • NoTingles -

    What I don’t get, even though I’ve seen interviewer/hatchetmen do this time and time again, is that Matt was not only disrespectful, but antagonistic to his interviewee who has clearly been slimed by a scumbag like letterman. I can only ask, would you think his tone might be completely different if say, Rush Limbaugh made jokes about Michelle Obama’s Daughters?

  • Kathy

    Return the land to nature….take a look at the bombers thesis’ the weather man, and the uni bomber…the folks who came out of the 60s are Obama’s God Parents. Ayn Rand warned us about these folks. The Flower Children from the 60s. The Return of The Primitives “The Anti Industrialist. Flint, Michigan huh…I bet if you Google Bill Ayers and Michigan, you will get hits from his unrepentant youth.

  • There are not coincidences where Obama and his mentors are concerned they left tracks.

    Terrorist Bill Ayers Misrepresents His Past
    … presidential campaign, former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers kept a … their three-day gathering in Flint, Michigan in December 1969 the “War Council. … – Cached

  • keyboard jockey, I guess I have another book on my summer reading list, at this rate I am not going to be able to do anything else.

  • Kathy- “they” had to rebuild New Orleans because they were not ready to “pull the plug” yet…now they are ready and have all of their ducks in a row. If New Orleans gets hit by a hurricane this year it is toast! They will just let it sink into the swamp!

    Side note: I grew up in N.O. and live 30 miles north now. We do not have snow very often in the winter, but someone did some checking and every time we had a snow in N.O., the next hurricane season we got hit. The Christmas eve before Katrina we had a record breaking snow (3″). This past December we had a snow that made that one look like a sprinkle (6″)! Keep your fingers crossed for us this hurricane season and hope we break this trend.

  • PM- I also live in hurricane territory, S.Fl I certainly can appreciate any anxiety you feel, I had not heard that fact about the snow, the last time S. Fl had snow and just flurries was Jan of 77.

    I have neighbors who even after we suffered 3 hurricanes in about 13 months have no home owners, they have no mortgage so do not carry home owners, they think I am crazy that we carry flood insurance, that we did after watching Katrina, I told them not to kid themselves all of Florida is a flood zone. Amazing what people can witness and never believe it can happen to them.

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