The Plot Thickens; Kenneth Lewis and Congress

It never fails to amaze me that people will appear to testify under oath at a congressional hearing and try to make events seem completely different than what they are even when there is a known paper trail.  Did Lewis think that Bernanke was going to cover his behind?  I personally think there is much more to this story; whether we ever find out how much Bernanke and The Fed actually had to do with the merger of BofA and Merrill Lynch is another story completely.

Watch as Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (who seems to have found his cajones), puts Kenneth Lewis, (former Bank of America CEO), through the gauntlet of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  I hope the irony of the name of the committee has not been lost on you, and that you understand that this little dog and pony show is just for you, the American public.

Also remember that this mess started decades ago with The Fed, Congress, the big NY Banks, and the SEC.   I wonder if the message that we cannot trust our government is getting through yet?  Bush threw gasoline on this economic downturn, and Obama is striving for complete scorched earth with the help of Rahm, David, Austin, etc.

One more thing; I wonder how many of you realize that $1.33 Trillion of American Wealth disappeared in the first quarter of 2009? Add the millions of online poker winnings that have been frozen by federal officials; does it not seem like they are trying to drain the American public of every last dime?  They have already taken our children’s and grandchildren’s cash…

By Logistics Monster


  • Great post. Have you been to WND. It seems Ron Paul has at least 221 co-sponsors in an effort to audit the FED.

    Having trouble getting & sending email, but sent one out to you yesterday. I was just checking in, cause it was too quiet over here. Glad to see this post. Lets me know you’re okay.

    Also, sent something through pay pal. Let me know you are in receipt.

    Thank you!!!!

    God bless America!

  • Yes, Lewis thought his buddy Ben would cover his rich backside. Themz da roolz! Now he’s all alone twisting in the wind and bucking for a purgery charge. Poor Kenny. Maybe he’ll have to “die” like his goomba Kenny Lay so he doesn’t face jail time.

    The question of the day:

    Where did that 1.3 trillion go?

  • I abhor dog and pony shows…did a lot of them when I was in the Navy…and this is just plain sorry. By the way I think Kucinich doesn’t have real cajones. I think it is just part of the drama that DC is. A good show.

  • California Patriot -

    You ask, “does it not seem like they are trying to drain the American public of every last dime?” Yes, that is what they are doing because because they never cared about us; we were/are just slaves, a means to an end.

    We have been living in an illusion. Now the middle class is pretty much kaput and the game is almost over. They’ve taken the game just about as far as it can go. They are PSYCHOPATHS. However, there are so many of us and so few of them. They need to go.

    Furthermore, we need to wake up to the fact that this Republic does NOT consist of a two party system any more. Forget the stinking politicians from both parties (with the exception of Ron Paul and MAYBE a few others). They’re in on the game; they’re all about power and greed.

    I’m tired of hearing about Reagan, the Bushes,the Clintons, etc; they are/where the “insiders”. Read “The Shadows of Power”, The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, by James Perloff. Know that these “insiders” are all part of a private club (the CFR). This club rotates members in and out of different administrations in positions of power to do the CFR’s bidding. Whatever candidate is elected president, the CFR has helped put him in office.

    Don’t just expose the FED, expose also the CFR. But don’t expect FOX News to do that for you, all they’re doing is manipulating you; just giving you so much information in order to keep your eyes off the real truth. It’s all a distraction. Ruperty Murdock is a member of the CFR; remember, he ownes FOX News.

    It’s time to wake up.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Diamond it was just reported by WDAE that the government has now siezed the millions of dollars in the poker winnings accounts. Obonzo is not going to stop until he has stripped everyone of their wealth, then we can all become his slaves and live happily ever after in the Obonzo/Meanshelle version of Utopia from hell. Third world Communism and Islam are just around the corner. Allah Akbar Comrades!

  • One jerk on CNBC keeps saying that Lewis “wiped the floor” with Congress, that the questions weren’t even very hard for him to answer. Admiration for Lewis’ “impervious” demeanor.

    They make me sick…

  • Leaping Spark -

    It is amazing that the average American has been dumbed down so much that most of sheeples actually believe these circuses staged and acted out by our corrupt politicians. I’m sorry America but given the election results I have come to regard most of the population as little more then monkeys that will dance and play the organ for the peanuts that Obama and his Communist cronies are throwing their way. Have we become so stupid and complacent that we are willing to allow our wealth and freedoms to be stripped away at break neck speed by a lying, POS from the slums of Chicago. Have we forgotten that the government can’t give something to someone without stealing it from someone else. Obama is currently demanding that we accept his Socialist healthcare system because it’s the only way out of the current mess, when in reality there is no mess, he is using his communistic rationed health plan as another way to strip us of our wealth and freedom. Communism does not work and I’m f@#$&g sorry but no radical, militant, black muslim, who has lied and cheated his way into the whitehouse is going to make it work. America is teetering on the brink of the abyss, and once we fall in “America is Over” Why are we all sitting on our hands waiting for someone or something to save us from our government, it has become a stinking rotting corpse, so corrupt amd riddled with the lust for power and money that we the people are no longer relevant to them any more. After all they won.
    Forget about the elections in 2010 because ACORN will steal the elections for the candidates who are loyal to Obonzo. Patriots we are greatly outnumbered by the welfare state being created by Obama and his Socialist cronies, the black militants, the iliterate, the Communist, the Muslims, and the Leftist who are quickly falling in line behind Obonzo to receive their free ride at our expense. I’m open to suggestion as to how we are going to save America, is anyone out there?

  • Sparky,

    We’re here! The problem we face is that our would-be masters have been planning this coup for literally generations. Most of us have only become aware of it in the last few years, and have spent most of that short time in disbelief and denial.

    We now need a solution in less time than it takes to think of one and implement it. I am afraid we will have to improvise, and fast.

    I know this is “out there”, but what about a group of candidates for Congress (I think we need to target the House) that run on the platform of doing nothing more than being a fly in the ointment? Political placeholders, if you will, that run with the sole intention of blocking anything the current pols want to push through? That would buy time for serious candidates to do what they needed to get ready to run.

    I’m sure the people here can expand and refine this idea – have at it and see if you can do better or make it better!

  • I like that idea GG, but I do not think we have the time. Sparky – stop trying to incite violence – won’t put up with it here. I understand your frustration, but America is not going to fall and that is all I am going to say about it in an open forum.

  • Leaping Spark -

    DT I’m not trying to incite violence, I’m merely trying to awaken the passions of patriotic Americans. I travel a lot in the performance of my job and have encountered countless numbers of Americans who have already given up. Pravda hit the nail on the head about how Americans have become sheeples that will go whimpering into Communism. I am blown away by the number of people who tell me that I may as well accept the fact that America is lost and accept the fact that we will soon be paying the majority of our paychecks in taxes.

    One thing you are right about though is my frustration level, I never thought I would live to see the day when the American people who have sacrificed so much to earn the most freedom and liberty on the face of the planet would so easily accept the soft tyranny of Socialist government run by a second rate Marxist.

    Time for a 12 Pack, Peace

    • Sparky – just for your information, I stopped drinking months ago. Just want to let you know that we don’t talk about uprising here. Just how smart are you sparky? You have my email if you need more enlightenment.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Sparky has a 3 college degrees and has a very difficult time finding people to interact with. I guess I’m too far out there for most people. In future rants I will stay to the point and be a little less cheeky. I am not a drinker either DT just talking a little trash.


  • sparky: I love this line!:
    I have come to regard most of the population as little more then monkeys that will dance and play the organ for the peanuts that Obama and his Communist cronies are throwing their way.

    I agree with GG. we need to target the House. Check out GOOOH this seems to be the best answer I have seen so far. It is a grass roots movement that pools the common people’s money together and select and backs a candidate chosen by the people and from the people that donate and participate. #1 rule: NO LAWYERS #2 rule: no previous political experience #3 rule one term limit. If GOOOH can get attention in a majority of districts and seats those common people, we have a chance.

    I understand the level of frustration that brings one to the point of talking about taking things into our own hands, but I do believe there is a way to do it with love, purpose, and a dedicated intent. We must strive towards these goals as long as we are allowed.

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