False Prophet

Jon Voigt, 6/8/09, GOP Fundraiser:

On O’Reilly – 6/9/09:

By Logistics Monster


  • OT Diamond sorry, I have been reading about this for awhile an while I am not sure about it, this could be a very bad thing.

    It is called Coxed Alimentarius and it involves food and the regulation of what can be used in it. This is not a protection agency but a trade commission and this is worlwide with the WHO as one of the regulating bodies.

    It seems that there is a 12/31/09 deadline to make this mandatory. Also there is a web site http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org .I found the Codex Blog , on the right sidebar to have information about the swine flu and mandatory vaccines.

    I do not now if this is for real and I hesitated to post but if it is for real I do not think many people are aware.


  • NormaJean -

    Thanks Diamond for posting this speech. It will be strong, fearless voices like this that keep American’s directed to stand tall and without intimidation. This administration would like us to fall back and define our patriotic activities as being extreme. When did it become extreme to represent the core values of our Founding Father’s intentions? From now until the 2010 Elections we need to identify and support those candidates that will bring strong resolve to this nation. Let’s all speak loudly so America isn’t lost forever.

  • Response to Kathy: I have been into codex for a while and I get emails from Health Freedom. There has been a determined effort to shut down Health Freedom by invading their server and posting thousands of fake $1 donations, locking up the server and emptying their bank accounts because it costs them a few cents for each transaction- fake or not. They are on the receiving end of an effort to discredit them and bankrupt them. It seems like they have stepped on some toes with their efforts to raise the alarm regarding codex.

    Codex is VERY REAL and a determined, well laid plan for population reduction by eliminating all alternative health options and making us all too weak and unhealthy to breed or fight. Other countries have implemented it already. For example, in Germany and other parts of Europe it takes a doctor’s prescription to get Vitamin C and then only 250 milligrams daily is available! I take 2,000! (plus a host of other things- including colloidal minerals, which would also be illegal to have under codex). I have not heard it mentioned many places, but I wouldn’t doubt that our wonderful government would go along with it! They intend on giving our sovereignty to the UN, along with our military!

  • Pm- Thanks for your input, I was hoping this was not for real.

  • Well, there are doctors in Europe doing intravenous alpha lipoic acid (for sure, in Ireland and Scotland) as I am doing here… I know this is true since I talked to a woman from Scotland here for ALA-LDN for her pancreatic cancer after regular chemo didn’t help.

    So, apparently, this Codex, which I’ve also been aware of for quite awhile, isn’t in force for everything everywhere. I sure hope we don’t go this route…

    You have to wonder if they really want to put the vitamin industry out of business…it doesn’t make sense to do so…

  • GRL is right. There is quite a bit of alternative medicine going on in Europe (much more so than here). Plus the supplement biz has become a lucrative industry in the US and around the world. Much of the material is manufactured in China, so I don’t see it going away any time soon. Might be more of a long term plan, but it would certainly explain the premature demise of one Hillary Rodham Clinton…

  • Jon Voight is a great spokesperson. He will come under attack by the lefties in Hollywood. He is truly a patriot.

  • Jon Voight says he would rather give up a job then let America down. (paraphrased) He said he was a leftie in the 60s…what a change!

  • Lets see Voight is a mid grade actor with an extreemly coherent mind and the ability to inspire. Sound familiar? Could it be?

  • not quite 3 months ago Sandra. I saw it and it was the last day I watched O’Reilly. I see stuff in passing now, but never tune in.

    Ole Bill realized that after a $800 Billion stimulus bill could get rammed through he better watch what he said and be “fair and balanced”. yeah right.

  • It was before that Diamond. Did you watch the “big” interview during the election? He was totally mesmerized by Obama caressing his knee.

  • O’Reilly makes fun of Beck and his bunker mentality but it sure did not take him long to jump on Beck’s Acorn bandwagon.

    I still watch him from time to time because he has done some good things, most newsworthy Jessica’s Law and does expose really corrupt Judges. I think he bought the Obama line but now does not know how to get out of it and save face. That is why he pokes fun at Beck, I would like to see the ratings for Beck if he was in O’Reillys time slot.

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