Daniel Hannan Quoting Dr. Suess Calling For Gordon Brown’s Resignation

Daniel Hannan rocks the house.

(I forgot to add my usual question;

Can We Impeach Obama Yet?)

By Logistics Monster


  • Absolutely fantastic. I wish it were that easy here or that we had someone who stand up to the administration.

  • I was so glad to hear the results of the elections there this weekend! I guess his rendition of Dr. Suess worked! I too wished it were that easy here! England, Russia, every country that is familiar with socialism is warning us, but do we listen?….NOOOOOOO! The rest of the world seems to be realizing the ills of this type of system, but BO and the compliant government behind him just can’t send us down that road fast enough!

  • And he quotes Seuss too the man is incredible where is our Hannan ?

    The Republicans just can’t figure it out. Surely there is someone out there a Libertarian an Independent someone to light the way. There is literally nothing to lose by opposing this insanity we are experiencing right now.

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