No Really! She’s Totally Okay With White People

Michelle, your black liberationist chip is showing…
With Michelle Obama, her face is so expressive that no one needs listen to her words.  Maybe she is p*ssed because she is not a supermodel even though she has her own personal makeup artist, or maybe it is because Carla looks very similar to Sarah Palin without glasses.  Who Knows?  All I know is that I saw this very same nastiness when Hillary Clinton came out on stage at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, and I watched as Michelle Obama had that look of fear of the unknown on her face like “is she going to support the Bambi?”  I am including a video, not so much for the Mishy parts, as for the actual speech that Hillary gave about Barack, and almost a year later, you tell me if any of it is actually what has happened; “….this must be about We The People, not the favored few.”  Oh like, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc.?

Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama, D-Day Remembrance
Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama, D-Day Remembrance

Can we impeach him yet, or do we have to wait to overthrow him when he becomes a dictator?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    In my opinion he already is a dictator. I have heard from the lawyers who have filed the lawsuits, that he can’t be impeached because he is a fraud, he is not legal. Only legitimate presidents can be impeached. If he wouldn’t leave on his own the military would have to go in and take him out in hand cuffs and arrest him. That’s one time I would turn the Tee Vee on and watch the news, which I haven’t done in almost a year now.

  • That was so sad. Watching the beginning of the end. Listening to a brilliant woman like Hillary Clinton give homage to something (and some one) she obviously did not believe in. And watching Godzilla sit there with that evil smirk, like she was ready to give a sniper the command to shoot if Clinton didn’t stick to the script.

    Two women who have sold their souls to the devil. Sad indeed.

  • These two women are sisters of the devil! I agree that Michelle’s face is so readable. She HATES white people and can not hide it! Have you ever read her thesis? She was GIVEN a first class ivy league education and never stopped hating white people the whole time! Mich and BO were invited to the French first house for dinner, but refused! They would not break bread with white people if they did not have to, not even in the name of common decency and international harmony. The puppet masters must have told them that this was not mandatory, so they refused!

    Clinton and BO went to the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, and Clinton was promised A LOT to support BO. She does not care if the country goes down in flames. She was going to do the same thing, but when the puppet masters pulled her strings and told her that this was the way she had to play, she did it with a smile!

    I can’t wait till the puppet masters are done with them!

  • GG,

    That has been on my mind a lot lately, who would come next? I guess that would depend on how they are done with him.

    I know it is too much to hope that he will be exposed and that some of this mess can be undone, since he is a fraud.

    The line of succession just not look good if say he was to resign, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton. I do not know name your poison I guess.

  • Meant to say the line of succession does not look good.

    Also I wonder if Michelle was wondering when Larry Sinclair’s book will be out, could explain the face.

  • During the night of Hillary’s spech at the Convention my young 26 year old friend was in a secret place while a group of us including her mother were doing black ops at the Convention (we snuck into the Convention). This secret place had a camera directed on that woman in the picture….she was rolling her eyes and sticking her tongue the whole while Hillary was speaking. I thought you would love to hear that tale because I can tell it now.

    I can tell you this my friend was with one of the bike cops we met in Denver because that is where they stayed to sleep while on duty.

    • Navy – that is exactly the footage I saw and have been looking for, and of course, cannot locate anywhere.

  • I refer to Michelle-my-bell as: ABB…Angry Black Bi-double itch. You can see the anger, and contempt written all over her face! She has probably been like that since childhood, even though she took money from white people to go to school! She shouldn’t be called “the first lady”…she should be referred to as “the first racist”!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obonzo and Meanchelle in my opinion are black militant Muslims and are an embarrasment to America. Obonzo’s books, and her thesis both spell out how racist and biased both of them really are. How could America be stupid enough to put these horrible people in the Whitehouse. Unfortunately we have to endure three more years of this street corner hustler and his bitch. I hope America survives it.

  • GG- You are right. I did not think my thought through enough. We are in deep doo-doo when “”THEY” are done with him! I just can not stand to see him, and much less to see her!

  • Smart people on the Right. Get off your keyboards and take it to the streets. Put you TEA Party signs on your yards and cars. The sheep will not watch Fox, Read the Heritage Website, or listen to Rush. But if you stop in front of them at a traffic light, they can’t miss the way millions of people are pissed off.

  • status quo -

    Hundred’s of thousands of Republicans voted for Obonzo and his militant side kick. Can someone explain that please?
    Oh, and he ain’t evah won anything. Just a reminder. He is the thief in the night.
    Clearly, Carla looks highly uncomfortable with this usurper First racist Lady. I hope the world realizes that we are really not that dumb. Most real people didn’t vote fr Obonzo and the militant side-kick. It’s just that they stole the election through various means including death threats, a billion dollars of dirty(muslim?) money and lots of collusion by paid off corrupt politicians. Hillary was clearly threatened and was trying to save her butt. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do when you are outnumbered and ganged up on by your co-workers.
    It’s currently not a pretty picture but I rather have her as SOS trying to mind the store before it blows up or pick up the pieces when it does because heaven knows obonzo’z homemade czars and thugs are ruling domestic policy and it ain’t going so well. 15% unemployment rate in obonzo land of the great lakes (OR) since he took office. Hundreds of Anchor businesses folding like a deck of cards. Wake me up when this is over. I can’t stand how Moochelle and her partner in crime ‘project’ their ‘ashamed of America’ stance around the world over and over AND ALL ON these wonderful Amercans dime.
    Hugo Chavez said Obonzo is to the left of him.
    He won’t last a year. Britain will make sure.

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