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I know I am probably going to piss off quite a few readers because I just will not let this subject go; but this blog has always been about exploring all the stories, checking the evidence, and being open-minded.  I have already been labeled a conspiracy theorist, and I personally find that a bit offensive because  I am presenting information I find for the reader’s perusal.  I think I have only gotten on my soapbox once about the Pilgrims.

I have always had my theories about 9/11, and have not shared them other than to say that the official report does not make any sense.  The evidence, gathered by scientists worldwide, that continues to surface points to something completely different than said report; and that goes for the Pentagon and WTC 7.  I realized that something was greatly amiss when fighter jets were not scrambled immediately after the first plane went off course.

Yes, the FBI knew about the plan to fly plans into buildings back in 1995 when they obtained the information off of islamic jihadist’s computers in manila. (page 4)

H/T to Michelle for sending this French documentary along.  I believe you will be mesmerized by the evidence imparted and by the everyday people you will hear testimony from, (not to mention the scientists, pilots, air traffic controllers, firemen, businessmen, and the military).

If afterward, the perfect angle cuts on the struts of the twin towers, and the lack of debris at the Pentagon, (among other things), does not encourage you to consider that maybe the Bush administration had something to do with this so that they could pull us into Afghanistan and Iraq, and curtail our civil liberties with another bill they did not read, The Patriot Act, then I don’t know what will.  One more thing; can someone tell me what happened to American Airlines Flight 77?


By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    I don’t know if there was a conspiracy or not, but as far as I’m concerned they could turn the middle east into a parking lot as far as I’m concerned. These weak minded barbaric people will not stop until they control the world or destroy it. The fact that illegal alien in chief is allowing Iran to build the bomb is worrying me, maybe he’s want them to destroy our army in Iraq and Afghanistan right along with Israel. America could then become the most powerful Muslim nation in the world led by the chosen one Baraka Hussein Mohammed Obama.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Forgive my grammer in the first post DT, having been in the military I learned very early that the population of a country is part of a group considered as acceptable
    losses. Our government and every other government in the world puts themselves above the commom people. Believe me if Obama even sniffs a chemical or dirty bomb attack by Islamic terrorist he will be in a bunker so deep his survival will be guaranteed and we the people will be left to fend for ourselves. I remember discussing limited nuclear exchanges with our unit commander, he said that the government had already calculated the number of acceptable losses among the civilian population. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it. There is a good possibilty that the government saw 9/11 coming but yet did nothing to stop it. We the sheeples are in deep S@&t now more then ever with our current Communist/Muslim President. How many infidels is he willing to sacrifice to accomplish his agenda?

  • NoTingles -

    I could comment very strongly about this…alas, I refrain from my old refrain that I’m sure you all are tired of hearing. However I will say, in order to answer the question whether or not 9/11 was false-flag, you also have to answer the question, “why would they do that?” We can surmise, but we don’t have smoking gun evidence like we have in sample after sample of dust that was the fall-out of the demolition of the WTC. Also, what about the video evidence seen in the aerial view showing a small object streaking into the wall of the pentegon at close to supersonic speed? Was that somehow a CG effect?
    And maybe it’s possible that we are making connections between dots that are not related? Careful there, because we have enough misinfo to deal with, w/o making our own to throw us off the scent. It occurred to me the other night: There’s to much overt declaration to refute the existence of a movement or conspiracy known as New World Order. But what if, in the midst of this three-ring circus, there are regional sub-groups that are in competition with each other? Gee, that would be fun, wouldn’t it? It’s already difficult enough to put together, but trying to figure it out in terms of the North American Region against the European region, and it gets pretty dicey.

  • NoTingles -

    Probably not. Very Quick to poo-poo those who don’t accept the government’s investigation, self-proclaimed debunking “experts” seem to get a little tongue tied when it comes to the nano-thermite.

  • I have to admit this is the first time I’ve watched any extensive vid on the WTC “conspiracies.”

    Three things strike me:

    1. Let’s say the thermite/thermate explosives WERE planted and planned … the logistics of having islamists take over airplanes and actually fly into both towers–one, two–and then have the explosives detonate seems like would be the mother-of-all coordination. To pull this off seems remarkable. Or are we saying that it was all a remote-control job and these “terrorists-on-the-planes” did not exist? What about Flight 93? Who were they fighting then? Comments?

    2. Building 7 coming down 7 hours after the towers is, frankly, much more disturbing/suspicious than the towers themselves. And wasn’t this the building that held all kinds of secret government documents, now “up in smoke?” There’s even a motive.

    3. Thirdly, the absolute power of the media to suppress the population’s thoughts. I’m graduate-level educated and it’s taken me almost 8 years to give these “conspiracies” a chance. I have been mentally shut down by the media after years of 24/7/365 bashing of “truthers” by the media. “Conspiracy nuts.” etc.

    I have learned through other research that discrediting/character assassination is one of the tactics of these forces of darkness:

    “oh, s/he’s just one of those truthers” (now being used against folks–like me–who think Barack Obama is ineligible: “oh, he’s just a birther”).


    Also, unfortunately, “truthers” shoot themselves in the foot when they come across as BooshChimpHitler, Cheney-haters … gives the impression that their sole motivation is simply a continuation of their Bush Derangement Syndrome.

    What EVERYONE needs to realize is that Soetoro-Obama is just a different side of the SAME COIN, so behave/research accordingly. This is an indictment of powerful dark forces behind the scenes pulling the strings. Don’t protect Barack Obama either. He is putting into place World War 3 for God’s sake.


    Scary: when I bring up any of these issues (9/11, Barack Obama eligibility, etc.) the response I get from friends/family is:

    “If there REALLY was something wrong, THE MEDIA WOULD TELL US.”

    The media would tell us. The government is here to protect us. I used to believe this too.


    In answer to “what happened to American Airlines Flight 77,” I would say: it would be quite easy to fly it out to the Atlantic Ocean IF these planes were under remote-control.


    Left un-answered by the video:

    1. The cell phone calls from passengers on Flight 77. Did they say anything that would help with the apparent disappearance of the airplane? Or what happened?

    2. The cell phone calls from Flight 93 and what happened there. SOMEBODY took over the cockpit, enough for the passengers to charge it. Doesn’t sound like “phantom terrorists” to me. How does this fit with any theories that these Saudis were patsies or didn’t exist?


    Somehow we need to break the cult-of-trust for our lamestream “news” media.

    Don’t let the spirit of Todd Beamer down: let’s roll.

    9/11 needs to be re-opened and investigated. Another thing that comes back to me: remember how quickly they bulldozed and carted away all of that debris? Hmmmm…

  • Debunker, those videos were pathetic “evidence” of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. You just increase my suspicions because I KNOW that the dark forces have wheelbarrows of cash to spend on people like you to post cr@p like this.

    I’d like to see ALL of the video from ALL of the cameras around the Pentagon that the FBI confiscated. There is just way too much evidence and testimony that the mainstream media suppressed to make the original 9/11 investigation even remotely believable.

    Now return your $7.50/hour to your handlers. Epic fail.

  • Somewhere I have saved a printout of a story that was up before 911 which was a “dry run” of the exact scenario run by our government. I don’t know what prompted me to save it (and I’d have to go looking for it) but I did.

    Needless to say, this has colored my perception of 911. That and things like John O’Neill being blown off; Martin Bush being involved with a company that supposedly ran security; the buildings being “open” the weekend before which would have provided time for getting things ready to implode….

    Of course, the list goes on and on…right to the blown off memos from the woman (name forgotten)who warned about the flyers and Condi Rice ignoring the August memo.

    As for Obama…correct, his IS the other side of the same coin. He’s the smiling, happy face version of Bush. It’s a style change and people are buying it, sad to say…

    And as for Congress…all huff and puff, the Republicans are getting most of what they want in terms of business getting a bigger role in our government. The fascists from both sides are all going to prayer meetings together.

    • and IA and the rest of the readers would be CORRECT! 2 sides of the same coin taking our money and blowing it.

  • The “left” and “right” wings of a vulture devouring this country little by little!

    I have seen so many videos of the 9/11 and so many theories, and what I came to realize is… this government has done NOTHING to make me trust it! Whether the theories are correct or not is irrelevant…the fact of the matter is there are too many unanswered questions and the “official” report has far too many holes in it. The first responders themselves saw so many things that do not fit in with the “official” report.

    The science just doesn’t add up, and the experts in their fields that are questioning the official report are worth listening to.

    Call me a “truther” or anything else you want, I just do not believe anything this government tells me, not even the weather reports. I have a link to the NOAA satellite weather station, and every day I check it out, then look at the reality in the sky. The weather shows no clouds, but I see many. The satellite shows clouds moving south to north, but I see them going east to west. I will say it again…I will not believe ANYTHING this “government” tells me!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Did you ever wonder why absoluteley no bodies were found in the wreckage of flights 77 or 98? I either read or saw a video of 911 where it said the planes(at least #98 were landed in Cleveland, Ohio, the people were unboarded and taken to some undisclosed location. Still there,I guess.

    I have spent many years working as a psyche nurse. For years I worked in state mental hospitals. Shortly after 9/11 I went to work one day and when I walked onto my ward a couple of male patients were watching the news about 9/11 and making quite a commotion. My staff member said that those “crazy” guys were yelling that George Bush caused 9/11. She said they are out of their minds. I, who had the same idea, thought, “who are the crazy ones here?

  • A couple of points for people just starting their 9/11 investigation:

    Do some searches on Flight 93. There is no evidence whatsoever that an airplane crashed in that field in Shanksville, PA. Immediate responders found no debris – another “gasified” plane like AA 77? There are even reports that some of the passengers of the flight were seen over the next few days.

    As to the cell phone calls made to families and 911: ask yourself this – how do passengers on an airplane connect their cell phones with a cell tower when they are flying well above them? Consider how low those planes would have to have flown for passengers to use their personal cell phones. Have you heard any reports of people in PA or NY seeing planes flying that low?

    Don’t forget to look into the AA Airbus that “crashed” on Long Island in Nov. 2001 shortly after air traffic was allowed to resume. Live eye witness reports were contradicting the official story, yet no one ever made any attempt to investigate whether or not this was connected to the 9/11 attacks just weeks earlier.

    Finally, ask yourself if it is coincidence that Beverly Eckert, a 9/11 widow turned activist, was killed in a plane crash in Buffalo this February just a week after meeting with Obama. Eckert was a tireless advocate for the 9/11 Commission and continued to push both the Bush and Obama administrations to implement the suggestions of the commission.

    These are not conspiracy theories – just questions that have not been answered. Or even asked.

  • Debunker -

    Diamond Tiger: thanks for the links. do these videos explain the nano-thermite in the three buildings?

    Yes, it does and it concludes by saying that the two main by-products of thermate are aluminum oxide (41%) and barium nitrate (29%). Both are unique to thermate and would have no reason for being found at the WTC – except through the use of thermate. However, neither the USGS nor Steven Jones himself report any traces of either of these elements. Jones points to trace of aluminum but there is a great difference between aluminum and aluminum oxide (which has 3 oxygen atoms), and aluminum was common through its use in the WTC’s facade, the 767’s and vehicles. The presence of these elements (in quantities consistent with and only with their natural use throughout the WTC complex), do not in any way support the use of thermate, and the lack of aluminum oxide and barium nitrate thoroughly disproves it. http://www.youtube.com/user/RKOwens4

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