Day: June 7, 2009

No Really! She’s Totally Okay With White People

Michelle, your black liberationist chip is showing... With Michelle Obama, her face is so expressive that no one needs listen to her words.  Maybe she is p*ssed because she is not a supermodel even though she has her own personal makeup artist, or maybe it is because Carla looks very similar to Sarah Palin without glasses.  Who Knows?  All I know is that I saw this very same nastiness when Hillary Clinton came out on stage at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver, and I watched as Michelle Obama had that look of fear of the unknown on her face…
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America Is A Republic!

It seems that the continuing education of our dumbed down populace is in order.  Monster readers know the difference between a republic and a democracy, but the videos continue to be made to explain to everybody else, (including this twisted administration), what the difference is.  Please send this viral.
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If It Looks Like A Duck…

I know I am probably going to piss off quite a few readers because I just will not let this subject go; but this blog has always been about exploring all the stories, checking the evidence, and being open-minded.  I have already been labeled a conspiracy theorist, and I personally find that a bit offensive because  I am presenting information I find for the reader's perusal.  I think I have only gotten on my soapbox once about the Pilgrims. I have always had my theories about 9/11, and have not shared them other than to say that the official report…
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A Rebuttal To The Apology Tour

A reader of this blog, Nancy, left a comment on the previous post but was unable to put what follows into comments.  I have added some background, and you will be able to find more pics here. ******** 20 Examples of American Arrogance In alphabetical order Just Europe 1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France 2289 Americans We Apologize. The 42.5-acre Aisne-Marne Cemetery and Memorial in France, its headstones lying in a sweeping curve, sits at the foot of the hill where stands Belleau Wood. The cemetery contains the graves of 2,289 war dead, most of whom fought in the…
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