ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? Muslim Crashes Remembrance Rally!

Pvt. William Long
Pvt. William Long

H/T Atlas for this, and for a more in-depth report.  Make sure to do a fly by.   Bloggers send this story and video far and wide because no one is going to hear it from the MSM.

Remember when the older generation would lament about the younger generation not having any manners? What you are about to see goes so far over the top for the younger generation and their constant instant gratification, that I completely understand how we ended up with the first American Idol President who is not even an American, and how the outcome of this  “generation gap” is going to be historic.

It is my sincerest wish that Pvt. Long’s mother never sees this video.

An unwelcome visitor during the remembrance  service for the two soldiers who were gunned down in a terrorist attack in Little Rock, Arkansas on 6/1/09.  Would she have been shown the same tolerance in any other nation in the world; especially a muslim one? And of course, anti-christian and anti-semitic rhetoric mixed with anti-american behavior.  They just don’t get it.  True Americans are Americans first and then everything else afterwards.

Religion of Peace my a**!

I’m stuck trying to decide whether the sub-human animal protesting or the reporters covering her are worse. It is definitely time to put some people out in the snowbank.

By Logistics Monster


  • Ironic that she keeps screaming “Islam is peace” (although her sign spelled it “pease”) as she shoved her way into the limelight. Real peaceful. She would have made her point much better by screaming about the wingnut jihadist killer and disowning him from Islam. Instead, she is basically defending the killer and condemning George W. Bush. (I say can’t we condemn both?)

    Make no mistake: This is Islam. They will claim to be moderate, claim to be peaceful – but in reality they support any other Muslim that kills. Even if they kill one of their own. This woman would support a Muslim man that killed her daughter for “dishonoring” the family (ie: speaking with a man, refusing to marry a murderer, not wearing a hijab). There is no such thing as moderate Islam. You either support murder, or you don’t.

    I am an American. George W. Bush went to war in Iraq against my will. I spoke out against that. I denounced him. I denounced the war. I demanded that the US withdraw our troops. I apologized for the illegal actions of an American President that overstepped his authority.

    I have never witnessed such actions from any Muslim. Not regarding 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombings, or even a beheading less than 100 miles away from my home. Not one member of Islam stood up and said, “This is wrong!” Not one apology. No, Muslims behave like this woman; they use Allinsky and Cloward-Piven tactics to blame the victims and the grieving for unrelated incidents so as to detract blame from their brethren (presumably in this case some guy she didn’t even know).

    I do not believe that TPTB are pushing Islam (except of course the usurper). I believe they are using the jihad as a means to their wicked ends. Ultimately, Islam will be as downtrodden as the rest of us. The problem is, until that time these savages will continue to cavalierly butcher us “infidels” in a bloody and painful manner as they force their “religion” (in reality Islam is nothing more than a political party that uses the threat of a god to keep members in line) upon every last man, woman and child in America. The Pilgrims have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing these 6th century throwbacks to plunder, rape and pillage the planet until they have served their purpose.

    We are fighting a war on 2 fronts. Those that would own us are joined by those that would slaughter us, each side believing that they will ultimately prevail and each side using the other to achieve their evil goals. Either way, we lose.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Having read the Quran I must agree with you. Terrorism has not hijacked Islam, Islam uses terrorism to expand the reaches of their brutal sixth century religeous fanatisism. Obama is a Muslim heart and soul and he probably believes that he is the new Messiah chosen by Allah to unite the world as one big happy Islamic country enslaved by Islam. I can tell by the demeanor of your writing that you have done some research on Islam and have seen it’s true nature. Islam is a brutal barbaric religeon based on slavery, persecution, intolerance, and hatred for anyone not weak minded enough to embrace it. Islam will, if allowed to exist continue to try and conquer the world by the word or by the sword, it makes no difference to them whether they are moderates ( got some property to sell if you believe that one) or militants their goal is the same subjugation of the world through Islam. Nuff said!

  • I don’t respect her and it has nothing to do with religion she is fringe. This present administration has flushed the nuts, they think he has given them a platform a higher profile to spout and act out.

    This is America NO ONE HAS TO RESPECT HER! For any number of reasons. This is the face of Islam they need to get themselves a new spokesperson, this one is just a tragic comic -clown figure. Nice Islam is now the face of traveling freak shows – carnivals…she did say, she just stopped by so a drive by. Managed to set Islamic relations back even more all by herself. Way to go Jihad Jane. 1.8 million Muslims in America- in a population of 300,000,000.00 Million, and she has to show up at a Remembrance Rally for a soldier killed by a Muslim Terrorist…she was just driving by I doubt it seriously.

    Jesus isn’t the son of God, and Jews Own Fox News and the New York Times and are Bad. Well that follows because Jesus is Jewish. This woman is American? That was a very thick Middle Eastern accent for an American. I wonder who sent her? She doesn’t get to decide anything for herself. Muslim women have to take direction from the males in their families…so what Muslim Male put her up to this? Kind of a cowardly thing to do send a woman because he was too afraid to do it himself…just speculating but this woman didn’t just happen by.
    That was the lie she was given to tell if she was asked. I sure hope the local authorities are checking her out. Who knows she might not be in the country legally?

    Arkansas might want to have ICE take a look at people in their state who are over staying their visas.

    They already have a dead soldier and one wounded soldier it could have been much worse.

  • Cinie’s World, on Obama’s speech it is staring us in our faces.

    This is interesting Highly
    recommend this read because it isn’t being discussed anywhere I have
    been reading about the Cairo Speech. When Did Obama become Spokesman in
    Chief for Islam, where is that in the Job description of the United
    States of America President?

    When did it become his DUTY to knock down negative attacks on Islam? Somebody dust off the constitution the ACTING President needs to have it read to him…maybe someone could load the U.S. Constitution into TOTUS?

  • This is what happens when you raise children with propaganda. Jesus was a Muslim? Jews are liars? Yes, you come in peace….STFU.

    Islam is peace? Did she learn that Jews are liars in a vacuum, or is it in the Quran?

  • Leaping Spark -

    When she appeared at the memorial service someone should have sent her to Allah. I’m getting sick and tired of all the scumbags of the world trying to tell America how to worship, how to conduct our business, or how to live our lives. Our resident evil, illegal alien president needs to move to Saudi Arabia so he can kiss their asses full time. He definitely isn’t an American and needs to move back home with his Islamic people.

    • Sparky – no sending these people to Allah, you nit! We are Americans, if we did that we would be as bad as the rest of them. American’s basic understanding of what makes America great is the tolerance that we have for others. Her karma will catch up with her. And yes, I know about Islam, and every other major religion in the world.

  • Sunshinelvr -

    She should have been ignored! I say ‘don’t give these fanatics the time of day’. Play the music louder, talk louder, but ignore completely. I have a godson who is a recruiter in LR and I nearly freaked when I heard about the shooting! (He was not involved, but the members of the families who were involved have my complete sympathy.) We really must learn to keep these people OUT of the limelight, that is what they seek.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    So, when and how are we finally going to get Obama out of our White House? We need to do it SOON!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama will leave the outhouse when he is good and ready which means never, he and Meanshelle are there to stay.
    Being tolerant of Islam, I’ll have to ask my buddies still in the Rangers how well that works. Sometimes you have to become something far worse then your enemies to defeat them, hugging and kissing the Muslims asses will get you nowhere because they are destined to rule the world and all of us infidels are in their way. Hug them if you want to, but leave me out. Ooorah!

    • Sparky, I think you misunderstand me. The time and the place for resisting Islam is happening all around us every day, but getting in this muslim woman’s face would only have made the arguers look bad. As it is, she can parade around all she wants and the only person that looks completely assinine is her. I’m all okay with any religion as long as they DO NOT try to convert me – and that goes for the fundamentalist christians as well. America is about freedom of speech, religion, etc…you make your own path and stay out of everybody’s else’s way. That is why this muslim woman looks like the dipshit that she is. Clueless as usual. This episode is another example of why women are thought of as less than men – because they keep doing stupid sh*t.

  • These Muslims are all NUTS! How can you argue with a lunatic? They should have just ignored her. She was just trying to get a rouse out of them and she succeeded. Also, she did not sound very American to me either.

    We need to get Grand Jurys together and get BO out of our house and into jail for treason.
    If We The People convene a Grand Jury and the courts and/or DA’s/Attorney Generals ignore us, then indict them too. If we start putting all of those that ignore us in jail for treason, sooner or later “THEY” will get the message that we want our country and constitution back!

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