I absolutely have to give credit where credit is due; Barack Obama has the standing Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award for a continuation and growth of unconstitutional government.

Today, right on the heels of his “I need to grovel at the feet of the Middle Eastern Muslims as their slave” speech, the White House announces a new czar, which by the way, is completely unconstitutional; but I digress.

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration plans to appoint a “Special Master for Compensation” to ensure that companies receiving federal bailout funds are abiding by executive-pay guidelines, according to people familiar with the matter.

The administration is expected to name Kenneth Feinberg, who oversaw the federal government’s compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, to act as a pay czar for the Treasury Department, these people said.

Mr. Feinberg’s appointment could be announced as early as next week, when the administration is expected to release executive-compensation guidelines for firms receiving aid from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. Those companies, which include banks, insurers and auto makers, are subject to a host of compensation restrictions imposed by the Bush and Obama administrations and by Congress.

Anybody still thinking that this is Change We Can Believe In?  Anybody still thinking that this is socialism?  Does anybody think Selim I is going to stop with TARP recipients? Does anybody think that when he bails out the newspapers they are going to become anything other than the Pravda of USSR fame?

UPDATE: 7.9.09:  Barack Obama has appointed 31 czars as of today.  Go here for the list – and continuing updates.

UPDATE: 7.23.09: At some point in the last few weeks, Wiki has scrubbed their Czar page of the separate sections assigned to each president.  Go here for the first 28 czars.  I will update this post when I find that last howevermany?

1. Herb Allison- TARP Czar
2. Alan Bersin- Border Czar
3. Dennis Blair- Intelligence Czar
4. John Brennan- Terrorism Czar
5. Carol Browner- Energy Czar
6. Adolfo Carrion, Jr- Urban Affairs Czar
7. Ashton Carter- Weapons Czar
8. Aneesh Chopra- Technology Czar
9. Jeffrey Crowley- AIDS Czar
10. Cameron Davis- Great Lakes Czar
11. Nancy-Ann DeParle- Health Czar
12. Earl Devaney- Stimulus Accountability Czar
13. Joshua DuBois- Faith-based Czar
14. Kenneth Feinberg- Pay Czar
15. Danny Fried- Guantanamo Closure Czar
16. J. Scott Gration- Sudan Czar
17. Richard Holbrooke- Afghanistan Czar
18. John Holdren- Science Czar
19. Van Jones Green- Jobs Czar
20. Gil Kerlikowske- Drug Czar
21. Vivek Kundra- Information Czar
22. George Mitchell- Mideast Peace Czar
23. Ed Montgomery- Car Czar
24. Dennis Ross- Mideast Policy Czar
25. Gary Samore- WMD Czar
26. Todd Stern- Climate Czar
27. Cass Sunstein- Regulatory Czar
28. Paul Volcker- Economic Czar
29. Farah Pandith – Muslim Czar
30. Lynn Rosengthal – Domestic Violence Czar
31. Jeffrey Zients – Government Performance Czar
32.  ??????? – CyberSecurity Czar

Glenn Beck, 6.09.09
Part 1:

Part 2: (Pay Attention to Charles Payne in this video)

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