The New Winter Soldiers; Are You One?

vforvendettamaskAre our Constitutional Leaders emerging? You decide…

Adam Kokesh in Washington, D.C.; July 12th,  2008, American Revolution Rally:

“We must embrace the opportunity to resist civilly while we still can.”

For better sound quality of this speech, go here.

Since this speech, Adam Kokesh has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress, Ron Paul has endorsed him, and another “money bomb” is set for July 4th, 2009. Remember Ron Paul’s November 5th Guy Fawkes Day money bomb? If you are interested in learning more about this Iraq War Veteran, go to the following links.  I, for one, was thoroughly impressed, and support Campaign for Liberty which Mr. Kokesh is a part of.


The Adam Kokesh Promise

While I am asking for your financial support in this effort, I want to make it clear that I am willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to raise the standard of our national leadership.

If elected, I will not accept the Congressional salary of approximately $170,000, but only the national average income.

It is unbearable in these difficult times, for Congress to tell the American people what is best for us economically while they vote themselves another pay raise and burden our children with impossible debt. Enough is enough! — Adam Kokesh

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    He’s young, and he sounds fantastic. However, we need more than a great speech (we’ve had a belly full of those!); we need morality, character, commitment, and belief in our Constitution by ALL politicians who WORK FOR US. They should know that if they don’t keep their campaign promises, their OUT. If they don’t uphold their oaths of office, their OUT. If they commit treason, their asses are in PRISON.

    When we take back our government, we should make sure that a bill is passed that will require ALL political candidates to take and pass both a background check AND a psychological evaluation (just like law enforcement must do).

    We need to send most of our current representatives packing. When we replace them, the new ones must know that we will send THEM packing if they don’t represent the WILL of the people. We the people have abdicated our responsibility to OVERSEE the politicians. We are in a great many ways responsible for the mess we’re in.

  • CP,

    I agree with just about everything you said, except:

    We need to send all of our current non-representative representatives packing

    We are ultimately completely responsible for the mess we’re in. Mainly because we chose the easy road after our founders fought to establish this union and we trusted the politicians and let them do what they wanted because we couldn’t be bothered. That is what is wrong with this Republic. We need to say No more! and take it back NOW!

  • Tom Tancredo is another guy who sticks to his guns but he speaks to an empty floor and the CSPAN geeks like me are the only ones that know who he is. Maybe if the few ass kickers on the hill would wear a clown suit to congress every day a dumbass bill comes up the media would put the microphone in their face. We currently have about 500 real clown’s congress, they are in disguise.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Good speech, but our little communist, Muslim, illegal Alien President makes good speeches all the time. His speeches are all lies and bull shit, but they are good speeches that appeal to the illiterate masses, the statist controlled MSM and the communist radicals of America. America needs more then speeches we need a leader. Obama and his Communist cronies need to be stopped now as I fear 2010 will be too late to save our freedoms and our republic.

    When we have beaten our guns into plows, we will plow for others. Nuff said!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks Kathy. that is a really good video. I saved it.

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    NOW is the time for those with a spine to make their move.

    PAUL ALLEN sent a kick butt message to THE DICTATOR!

    SUSPECT that in Allen’s mind, HMMMMMMMMMMM 6 billion folks in the world, why stay in the USA and take the OBAMA crap when they can MOVE the entire company and top executives to a country of their choice and not have to put up with the DICTATOR”s crap.

    Perhaps what you noticed is that Microsoft’s threat turned some heads last week. SUDDENLY they see companies like Intel could follow and there will be zero jobs and NO EVIL RICH LEFT TO PAY THE TAXES TO SUPPORT THEIR welfare demands.

    that sucking sound has been the EVIL RICH leaving the USA as fast as they can while they still can.

    Obama has to wonder why tax revenue is down 34% after he put the screws to those still able to pay.

    They are “GONE” going, going, going while they still can.

    There is a WORLD full of cheap land and cheap labor, why would any successful corporation stay here and be subject to the HOT NEW “PAY” CZAR !

    Microsoft did not become rich and famous because of a pea brain like Obama! who is still organizing the community of corrupt criminals around him.

    IN the neighborhood, those who know Paul Allen and the Microsoft board, top shareholders know that it is NOT AN IDLE THREAT.

    That “PAY CZAR” had to make blood squirt out of Paul Allen’s head!

    PAUL Allen will NOT bend over to ANY “PAY CZAR”. Anyone with half of a brain had to see that train coming down the track.

    DID Insane Obama think that anyone like PAUL ALLEN would work for minimum wage just because the idiot and his hoods tell him too.

    I wonder if the communist senators will start reading my emails? you think they will stop giving me the finger. They had to have a shiver run down their spine last week.

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO have a 6th grade education to realize that the Bill Gates types are not going to work for minimum wage and be subordinate to that PAY CZAR !

    You do not have to have a brain to kown that OPEN HEART SURGEONS are NOT GOING TO WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE ! And be slaves to the ACORN thugs.

    YOU can figure out that the “ROMNEY” types who know everything there is to know about business, running companies, etc. knew that Obama’s days would be over very fast!

    Perhaps they were just getting out of the way to let
    the DICTATOR self destruct. OR they have been very busy packing.

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