America’s True Form Of Government For Dummies

From Barack Obama’s behavior and previous statements, it appears he thinks America is a democracy.

America’s Form of Government; Republic vs. Democracy.

The march on Washington DC is coming folks; 9/12/09.  Currently, I have found only one march besides Glenn Beck’s 912 Project; the 09.12.09 National Taxpayer Protest being sponsored by FreedomWorks Foundation, which initially I was leary of until I saw the other co-sponsors, Campaign For Liberty, being one such co-sponsor.  Have you given serious thought to attending?  This will be your chance, and a defining moment for our republic.  Our non-representative representatives will either be listening or they won’t, and we will finally have our answer.  Do we get our Republic back or are we on our way to anarchy?

New link for today: Patriot

By Logistics Monster


  • I’m going but you know that already. Freedomworks has a conference call on June 4 about the July 2nd and 4th Tea Parties. I will be listening and taking notes.

  • With all of the poll watching that our “representatives” do, our Republic is only a shadow on the wall. We are becoming a “democracy by proxy.” I was talking to one of my state reps the other day and in the course of our conversation, he mentioned “public opinion” and “the desire of my constituents” one too many times. I respectfully chewed him out. I told him if all he does is watch polls and public opinion we do not need him. The public is ignorant, too busy with daily life to get to the bottom of any issue, and persuadable by any clever news story. As a representative his job is to ignore the public opinion and make judgments on facts using principals consistent with his moral underpinnings (based upon which he was elected) and the Constitution of the State and Nation. “Democracy by proxy” is a senseless waste of resources and a bastardization of the Republic for which our flag stands.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks for this great video, DT. It really explains the difference well. Sometimes I have my doubts that BO even went to college. Maybe that’s why we can’t see his records.

    Thanks also for the link to Patriot Freedom.

  • NoTingles -

    Wow! That was good! Takes me back to days of yore. When I was in 8th grade, my class was blessed with a fire breathing history teacher who pounded this into our heads! Of course these days, such a teacher would be pilloried on the scorn of the statist educational system. I wonder how it could be made possible to get students to view this? Our Video boils it down to two possible forms of gov’t. I think if you keep boiling, it really comes down to the battle between Good and Evil. Jesus taught us well that you either believed in God, and followed His law, or you didn’t. Any variation in between, was considered not of God. It tells me that the basis of any government that ably protects the rights of people is belief, in spirit and truth, in God’s law (ten commandments) and His promise of salvation. In the end, we realize that just as He said, He is ruler of the universe, and there is none besides Him; and any government that doesn’t mirror this is doomed to fail from the outset.

  • NoTingles -

    DT, is there a way to get a standalone copy of this video so that it can be shown without need of an internet connnection?

  • NoTingles,

    You can download it into RealPlayer if you go to the YouTube page and put your cursor next to the title and click the link.

  • Jon of France -

    Where were these guys when Bush was selling the U.S. down the drain with one war we should have not done and giving congress anything they wanted if they would fund it. DEBT, DEBT, DEBT>>>Oh also Patriot Act to watch we citizens. Our forefathers would roll over. Wall street let loose on the citenzry. All this set up Obama for what he is doingto us. This is impossible that they are not working together to create more poor people to rely on the Gov. Why cant you christian right sheep see what is going on. You will be the first to line up and go down the wrong road.

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