Rep. Joe Sestak Says No To Obama’s Requests

Obama is looking more and more like an emperor-wannabe with his dispatch of weaklings and troublemakers away from his court, (Geithner and Pelosi), and his meddling in state’s elections affairs:

Sestak: I Will Reject Obama Request to Step Aside in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Rep. Joe Sestak, a retired vice admiral, said he would not let the president dictate whether he will run for the U.S. Senate seat in a primary against new Democrat Arlen Specter

Rep. Joe Sestak is charting his own course in deciding his political future, telling FOX News Radio on Monday that he will kindly ignore requests from President Obama to step aside in a Democratic Senate primary race against Sen. Arlen Specter. (emphasis added)

Sestak, a retired vice admiral in the U.S. Navy, had been weighing a general election challenge before Specter switched parties last month, becoming a Democrat after 29 years as a Republican. Sestak said he would not give up his plans just because Specter may have been assured a clear path to re-election.

Sestak said it’s up for the voters of Pennsylvania, not the U.S. president, to decide who should become the commonwealth’s representative in the U.S. Senate.

“While I respect the president and I would love to have his endorsement, it’s Pennsylvanians that I came in to serve and that’s where I’d make my final decision, so I will have to defer to the president’s desire and say, ‘I think, that Mr. President, I have great respect for you, but as the office of presidency — and you alluded to that — core mission said, don’t preclude any opportunities for us Pennsylvanians. And I need to do this.'” Sestak said.

Last month, Rep. Steve Israel of New York said he deferred to a request from Obama to sit out a bid to run in the Senate primary against appointed Sen. Kristin Gillibrand.

Israel was poised to announce his candidacy until the president intervened at the request of Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York and Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Does anybody here know exactly who it is in the White House that has the ancient history degree? I want to know who it is that is guiding the resident select in ancient empire building techniques.

By Logistics Monster


  • I’m so glad Sestak is not caving to the callow bunch! He was a great candidate before and he will be great again.

    Here in NM CD-2 Republicans are running paid ads against Harry Teague already. A group was advertising a few months, now it’s the Republicans themselves.

    I would love to see a real Democrat here but this is a conservative district. Teague is Richardson’s guy and they bumped a true progressive (retired minister) who scared fmr. rep. Pearce with no $$ or support from the national Dems, getting nearly 40% of the vote.

    So, now we have conservative Teague visiting nearly every week it seems, voting against some of the Obama crap–splitting votes to try to hold onto his seat.


  • PS…it seems that Democratic fundraising is about average in spite of all the crap we heard about Obama being able to rake in tons of cash for the party’s future races.

    The bloom is coming off the rose…and I see rightwing Republicans coming back as a result…maybe sooner than I want to see them. We have a guy now in the White House setting the table for them, continuing a lot of crappy Bush polices and selling out women…returning Republicans will kill any hope of really reforming this country…

  • Leaping Spark -

    Republicants or Democraps, the are all a bunch of losers who will say or do anything to get on the Federal government payroll. Once in government they swell their bank accounts with payoffs and our tax money. Forget the two existing parties, they are corrupt, greedy, lying POS’s who are only concerned with power and greed. A third party is desperately needed in America, and we need it now. This is the only way to bring honesty, integrity, and people with a true servants heart back to American politics. Any politician that would back away from a campaign because the illegal immigrant in chief ask him to is useless anyway.

    Obama sucks!

  • At this time in our history you have to admire anyone who says no to Obama. I hope there will not be a price that he has to pay.

    On Beck tonight he made mention of a article that stated that the MSM not only were in the tank for Obama but also afraid of him. It seems they are steamed that he has so many prime time addresses that they are losing money but they are afraid to address that issue with him.

    Beck tends to tie all of his reports together at the end of the show and tonight it was about bullies and how they try to get their way. He said that bullies are just cowards and that you need to stand up against them, while this is true, he just called the resident in chief a bully, I truly have concerns for him but at least he had the honesty to call like he saw it.

    Also he was wondering where all the true journalist are, will they cover what is happening. I do not know if it is just me but over the past couple of weeks it just seems that more and more people are letting their guards down as to what they will say about Obama. I hope that means something positive will happen.

  • Kathy, I agree that there seems to be a lot more down talk about BO. There are real journalists out there still, but you do not see them in the main stream. These people are so highly paid because they are the talking heads, they can not think, just read what is put in front of them.

    It is my opinion that BO will not finish his term. TPTB are just about finished with him, and he has aggravated them, so they will do something to take him out. Maybe not physically, but out of the White House.

    I still believe that GW was supposed to be their boy, but he grew a conscience and did not want to follow through. They owed an allegiance to GHW and Prescott, so they let old GW finish out his time. They do not have such family history and allegiance to BO, so he is expendable.

  • PM, My only question is what comes after BO? Would it be better, the same or worse.

  • Kathy, If “it” comes from the Rebublicats or the Demicans, it will just be a replacement of the same. We need to over rule the two wings of this vulture that is destroying this country and get a 3rd party in there. We need to get 3rd party into as many seats in Congress as we can. Have you ever heard of GOOOH? (Get Out Of Our House) It is a grass roots effort to get people into the House that have no alliances to anybody. I joined and it sounds like a good idea. Once the House is secured by real Americans, not politicians, we have a foot hold to take things back and make them right. The House controls the purse strings. The golden rule is in effect…those that have the gold, make the rules.

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