Interesting Times…Interesting Times…

For your video perusal because citizen journalists and foreign sources are rapidly becoming the truth in media.

…and….does science lie?

Pay attention 40 seconds into this one.

By Logistics Monster


  • Lettyb aka granny gripes -


    Is this the same video that I believe Glenn Beck’s experts proved was “doctered” “fabricated” by the rent a spook network of George Soros in his relentless campaign to destroy the USA ?

    The same George Soros with his 1,000 shadow companies and organizations who shorted the entire USA stock market 48 hours before 9 /11 and covered in the 3-6 days after 9/11, making him the wealthest man in the world?

    The same GEORGE SOROS who with his over 1,000 shadow companies and organizations around the world plucked the 50 billion out of the money market funds in one hour last fall about the time McCain showed a lead in the polls and started the TARP crap.

    (a democrat congressman described that day of panic and accounting of the panic meetings to avert the threat of world economic collapse)

    The same George Soros who for over a decade rented mobs around the world to present the violent hate the USA demonstrations.

    (My sister a LT COL USAF had been briefed on these events)

    The same George SOROS who publicly proclaimed in l999 or 1998 that the USA must become subordinate to the UN, that the technology, military, capital, assets of the USA must be managed by the world? (public Record)

    The same George SOROS who for over a decade funded ACORN and other subversive organizations?

    The same George SOROS who for years has controlled and manipulated the results of our elections through his over 1,000 shadow companies and organizations around the world?

    THERE exists a book (recently published) “an undercover insider risked 8 years of his life to get the scoop on these activities) which describes how the network of the enemies of the USA hired and hires and engages the best in the WORLD ‘OLD” spooks and “OLD” propaganda specialists to “effect” these campaigns to change “reality”. The Pravda article reveals that the WORLD knows how gullible and utterly stupid USA citizens are.

    I will go search for it again and post it for the benefit of those interested in reading it.

    Because it was so long ago, I am not certain but didn’t the “SOROS” network control or use “CARLOS” to eliminate those they could not “control” or “bring down”

    AND again, we can spend a million hours on the “conspiracy” theories, and it will consume so much valuable time that knowing what we know or do not know about who, what, where, when,

    THE BOTTOM LINE is the picture described in the PRAVDA article. IT TELLS you what “WILL” happen and how every single person in the USA has been a party and participant in the self destruction.

    WE get to decide, waste valuable time or take action and form a resistance network and then execute a FUNCTIONAL organized, non violent, revolution to stop the insanity and save the fundamentals of our once GREAT nation.

  • Betty, sadly we are not a country of readers, but some people will watch videos. From that end hopefully more people will want to dig deeper.

    I do not know if that video is true, thus the question mark. You have to have people involved before they will want to take any kind of action, at least I am of that opinion.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thank you. Diamond Tiger, for the research you are doing on this. One of the other videos embedded with the one you posted is very good. It is titled “Terroris Created Democracy”.

  • Diamond…..Do you seriously have a problem with border check points? Living in a border state as I do I sure as hell don’t. The simple reason they don’t put the check points right on the border is because the job the agents have is dangerous enough already. They don’t need to be taking fire from the Mexican military and drug cartels. Those ‘protesters’ were being complete childish asses IMO….this kind of behavior really hurts any conservative cause.

    • Ghost,
      First, I lived in Arizona for 10 years so know all about check points. I don’t have problems with the checkpoints; be they border, dui, seat belt; yada, yada, yada. What I have a problem with is these psychologically damaged human beings that get a little bit of power and become the Gestapo. Where are we going to draw the line in regards to where we can and where we cannot walk on our own soil? Were the protestors pushing buttons to see what kind of reaction they would get? Yes. Were the Border Patrol “behaving” because they were on camera? Yes. Do you honestly believe that this would have gone done the way it did if people did not have camcorders on them? What about that preacher that got beaten up by the authorities very close to this same checkpoint?

      Ghost – my point is…it’s not the checkpoints, it’s the asshats at the checkpoints – and whoever up top who is saying that it is okay to belittle and disrespect their fellow citizens.

      P.S. Ghost – I am not a conservative or a liberal.

  • ghost…it seems that I DO have a problem with check points. If TPTB wanted to round up illegals, all they would have to do is go the the nearest construction site or Home Depot. There is no need to hang out on the highway and hassle American citizens 50 miles from the border. I would like to see a statistic of exactly how many illegals they have caught at these check points. These check points have one purpose, to get us used to a military presence and being questioned by military. They are there just to hassle US! “Show me you papers!” This is not communist territory (YET) and we have a right in our security to be free from these types of hassles. IT it not about illegals and never has been!

    These protesters are true Americans and your comment makes me wonder where your allegiance lies. Are you some kind of nut that thinks communism is good and loosing the right to protest is a good idea???? IMHO it is your type that WE PATRIOTS have to worry about! You are a threat to the conservative cause as well as the patriotic cause! We should pull the military out of Afghanistan and Iraq and put them at the border and RETURN FIRE!

  • Practical Madman……..since you have such a problem with border check points it’s a good thing that you live in LA. isn’t it?
    You have taken Obama’s bait and will become the poster child for why he “has to” shut down all tea party gatherings etc. Don’t be such a loose cannon.
    You said:”the nearest construction site or Home Depot.”
    That’s a little racist and silly don’t you think? I suspect we could also ’round you up’ there, right?
    You said:”I would like to see a statistic of exactly how many illegals they have caught at these check points.”
    Hey random thought here…have you heard of Google?
    Then this GEM:”These check points have one purpose, to get us used to a military presence and being questioned by military.”
    Have you, perchance, actually read the Constitution?
    Followed by this stunningly silly comment from you:
    “We should pull the military out of Afghanistan and Iraq and put them at the border and RETURN FIRE!”
    So to recap…. the government is trying to get us used to the military operating on U.S. soil which first you think is bad until you think it’s good.
    Well…okaaaay then.
    In your world I guess I am a threat to what you would call “your cause”. You betcha I am.

    And Diamond…seriously? You really think this?
    “What I have a problem with is these psychologically damaged human beings that get a little bit of power and become the Gestapo”
    First of all, using the term gestapo is an insult to everyone that actually had to deal with the real gestapo. If you think those border patrol agents are gestapo-like then I think this is where I must respectfully part ways with you.
    I wish you the best of luck always.

  • Ghost – Wow. What to say? I think I will tell you just one story that might help you understand why I think that most “peace officers” are pretty petty individuals that are becoming more and more dangerous because of what their leadership allows them to do.

    I used to live in Seattle and I was a bartender that worked very late at night. I was dating someone who worked very early in the morning. I got off work at about 3am, went home, got cleaned up, went to the all night store, bought coffee and donuts and was on my way to my friend’s house at about 4am in the morning. There is nobody around and I am driving down a street in town at 35 mph. I by chance look in my rear view mirror and there is a Seattle police car right on my bumper with no lights on whatsoever – no heads lights, no running lights, nada. They sit on my ass for about 3 miles and I finally decide to push the issue and turn my blinker on to pull into a 7-11. At this point, all their lights come on and the siren and they pull me over. It’s January and about 40 degrees. Both police officers get out of their car and approach my vehicle with guns drawn. Both are wearing short sleeve shirts, sweating profusely, and the one asking me for my license and registration has pupils so large, I could not see the color of his iris’. Are you getting the picture? They accuse me of running a red light that I had sat at for 10 minutes, getting into an accident and then leaving the scene of a crime – and then hold me for 25 minutes trying to get me to confess to something I hadn’t done all the while with their guns drawn on me.

    They finally had to let me go because all “my papers” were in order and I had not committed a crime, and I was not going to allow them to “shake me down”.

    This was not the first time and it hasn’t been the last time a “peace officer” abused their power; I won’t go into almost being gassed twice by the Seattle police during WTO while I was 9 months pregnant and walking down the street in broad daylight by myself.

    I don’t like checkpoints, I don’t like cops. I haven’t seen a cop in 20 years that actually was helping someone. I am sure your opinions are influenced by better associations with cops. That’s the point, it’s America – we’re allowed to have our own opinions based on our experiences. Would you say that it was OKAY for those two Seattle police to do what they did?

    I think the borders should be closed, and border patrol officers should ask to see someone’s license and then let them go about their business without looking at every American as a criminal that they haven’t caught doing something yet.

    It isn’t so much what the border patrol did in that video – it is the mindset behind it. That is what bugs me.

  • Kathy – okay, got a chance to go over and watch the link you left in the first comment. Oh my! That is very interesting! WTF? My question – probably not related but interesting though would be did 7 collapse before or after all of the bin laden family had been picked up by private jet and gotten out the country?

  • ghost…my cause is the reinstatement of the constitution and the security of this country and the rights outlined in the constitution. Have YOU ever read the constitution? We have a right against illegal search! The government does not have the right to set up check points AGAINST US!!! Posse comatatus is a LAW that the military can not act AGAINST us, not to stop them from protecting us.

    The military on the border would be 100% within the outline of the constitution. They would be DEFENDING US from a foreign country INVADING this land ILLEGALLY. People coming into this country and not respecting our laws are a threat and we have a responsibility to protect the citizenry FROM them.

    So I am the poster boy for shutting down the tea parties? The teat parties are a constitutional right and Obama and you have no right to shut them down. I have written to my reps, sent petitions for demand for redress, and the government has ignored me. I have a right to go to tea parties and demonstrations to voice my opinion and the government can not legally shut me up! This government is becoming more gestapo like every day and you sound like you are all for it.

    May your chains rest lightly on you, may you crouch down and lick that hands of your masters, and may we forget we ever counseled you aid!

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