Never Let A Good Catastrophe Go To Waste…

In keeping with never letting a good crisis go to waste, the theory that the government allowed Al Qaeda to attack us isn’t too far a stretch when considering what Richard Gage has to say about 7 WTC.  Our government’s involvement in 9/11 revolves around Building 7, and if Richard Gage’s theory proves correct, it will take us to some even darker places than we have been before, (but not totally unexpected).

700 Architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation of 9/11 and “Building 7” because of the controlled demolition, and evidence thereof, of this building.

My readers know that I am currently researching a massive rabbit hole, but am going to take some time to follow up on what exactly Building 7 is all about, and given who the tenants of building 7 were, it will probably be very interesting. I have emphasised the tenants of note that I will be investigating.



The position of Building 7 in relation to the other WTC buildings before September 11, 2001

In June 1986, before construction was completed, Silverstein signed Drexel Burnham Lambert as a tenant to lease the entire 7 World Trade Center building for $3 billion over a term of 30 years.[19] In December 1986, after the Boesky insider-trading scandal, Drexel Burnham Lambert canceled the lease, leaving Silverstein to find other tenants.[20] Spicer & Oppenheim agreed to lease 14 percent of the space, but for more than a year, as Black Monday and other factors adversely affected the Lower Manhattan real estate market, Silverstein was unable to find tenants for the remaining space. By April 1988, Silverstein had lowered the rent and made other concessions.[21]

In November 1988, Salomon Brothers withdrew from plans to build a large new complex at Columbus Circle in Midtown and agreed to a 20-year lease for the top 19 floors of 7 World Trade Center.[22] The building was extensively renovated in 1989 to accommodate the needs of Salomon Brothers.[23] Most of three existing floors were removed as tenants continued to occupy other floors, and more than 350 tons (U.S.) of steel were added to construct three double-height trading floors. Nine diesel generators were installed on the 5th floor as part of a backup power station. “Essentially, Salomon is constructing a building within a building – and it’s an occupied building, which complicates the situation,” said a district manager of Silverstein Properties. The unusual task was possible, said Larry Silverstein, because it was designed to allow for “entire portions of floors to be removed without affecting the building’s structural integrity, on the assumption that someone might need double-height floors.”[23]

At the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Salomon Smith Barney was by far the largest tenant in 7 World Trade Center, occupying 1,202,900 sq ft (111,750 m²) (64 percent of the building) which included floors 28–45.[6][24] Other major tenants included ITT Hartford Insurance Group (122,590 sq ft/11,400 m²), American Express Bank International (106,117 sq ft/9,900 m²), Standard Chartered Bank, Securities and Exchange Commission (111,398 sq ft/10,350 m²), and the (106,117 sq ft/9,850 m²).[24] Smaller tenants included the Internal Revenue Service Regional Council (90,430 sq ft/8,400 m²) and the United States Secret Service (85,343 sq ft/7,900 m²).[24] The smallest tenants included the New York City Office of Emergency Management,[25] National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Federal Home Loan Bank, First State Management Group Inc., Provident Financial Management, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.[24] The Department of Defense (DOD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) shared the 25th floor with the IRS.[6] Floors 46–47 were mechanical floors, as were the bottom six floors and part of the seventh floor.[6][26]

We all see the same names coming up over and over again, yet you may wonder why the DOD and CIA were left out.  As always; following the money…

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ve been wondering when this was going to link in to the current coup d’etat. Kudos to KMPH for giving him the air time. I’ve finally been hearing some rumblings on the web about the Murrah Office Bldg. in OK City and the massacre in Waco, Tx. Now if we could figure out why our teens are being trained to slaughter others and themselves (Columbine, Virginia Tech, dozens of copycat attempts) we might begin to see a pattern here and begin to discern what’s really going on.

    Or we could just go on watching American Idol, eating processed foods, and turning into mindless blubber slabs.

  • GG, the mindless blubber slabs will not hear much about this as the big media guys will shut this down quick.

    Richard Gage must watch his back. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was on his tale…remember David Kelley in the UK? Suicide…yeah, sure.

  • When we were in the military we were taught if our ship was attacked that we must destroy all classified equipment and documents. There were procedures set up in case this should ever happen. Since the CIA and other government entities were in Building 7 the government may have issued similar orders to keep classified documents out the hands of regular people or even foreign entities. It is the government way.

    Sorry but I am not buying the conspiracy theory. I don’t believe the government is behind it unless it is for the reason I said.

  • California Patriot -

    Diamond, I’m so glad to see you covering this! I have believed from the very beginning that there was more to what happened on 9/11 than we’ve been told. “They” needed 9/11 to happen in order to justify taking us into Iraq.

    • CA patriot – don’t forget about Afghanistan and the oil pipeline in the north that was built by the aristocracy.

  • I have seen at least 4 – 9/11 conspiracy theory documentaries, and after watching them there is no one on Earth that could convince me that Muslims in a cave pulled this off. There are just too many sophisticated things needed to make this happen. One if the most damning things to me, is the fact that “THEY” had the Patriot Act written almost 2 years before 9/11! “THEY” were planning on taking our rights away and just “needed” the right “motivator” to make us bow down and beg them to protect us!

    And navy…I would also like to respectfully disagree with your assertion. It takes months of planning, calculations, and charge setting to pull a building like #7 down. It was NOT hit by a plane, had minimal fire damage, and there was no chance of any “sensitive” documents getting out of that building. I could see a ship being captured by a foreign entity being destroyed by willful activity to protect sensitive information, but here we are talking about a building in downtown NY, where it was immediately locked down and there is no way that anyone would have been able to get into that building for that reason. This was that building’s safest period of time in it’s history in that regards.

  • PS. I saw your list of tenants Diamond, but I did not see you say that most of them had moved out and relocated their offices in the 3-6 months BEFORE 9/11! That building was mostly EMPTY when it came down! Also G.W.Bush’s younger brother (not sure of his name- Niel?) was the head of security for the whole 7 building complex, had he was employed by a contract that terminated on…..9/11/01!!!! If you WERE going to do something like this, you would need to be VERY CLOSE to the head of security!

  • Navy,

    I was in serious denial for quite some time as well. We just don’t want to believe that things this dastardly can come from within. Spend a few hours on the web – scroogle 9/11 conspiracy and watch some of the videos. Read some of the testimonials by New Yorkers at the time.

    Once you see the preponderance of evidence you will have 2 choices: to believe that these events were planned by a powerful contingent with many connections that wants to rule the world, or to believe that hundreds (or even thousands) of good Americans are completely stupid and unable to carry out their jobs (including the US military). While both options are horrifying, I prefer to go with Door #1.

  • I’m with Navy. I am all for a good consperacy but this, this is getting tired…sorry.

  • Diamond, I have to strongly disagree with you on this.
    This is beyond a conspiracy theory…it’s ludicrous.People need to realize that the CIA is NOT our enemy. They are a group of people that sacrifice everything, and make incredible personal sacrifices to try and keep us safe…and to even hint that the CIA was behind 9/11 is well, obscene.9/11 was caused by Islamic terrorists…period.
    As for ‘rabbit holes’…remember Alice was on drugs……….

    • Ghost – I never said that the CIA was behind this. I personally don’t think this is CIA. I have other theories. I know that the CIA knew about the attack six months before it happened and I believe their hands were tied.

  • Any time I doubt that something can be true I am quickly reminded of who is in the WH and how he got there.

    Patriots and clear thinking people can agree to disagree on any or all of these points but the truth of the matter is something strange is happening here.

    I am sure that in any organization there are rouge agents who would do some of the things that would of been necessary to pull something like this off, does that make the whole agency evil, not of course not, but if they knew and did nothing even if not directly involved then they are guilty.

    Let us not forget that these same agencies that in the past made sacrifices to keep us safe where not able to prevent the usurper in the WH. If they could not prevent that from happening, what else where not able to prevent?

  • “I know that the CIA knew about the attack six months before it happened and I believe their hands were tied.”
    Trust me on this…they did not know.

  • At first, I thought this video was a repeat of something from 2003-2004. When I realized that this video was current, it re-stirred the same thoughts and questions that I had in 2001. The pain that is now coursing through my soul is no less acute than it was then.

    I went to the book, “The New Pearl Harbor” by David Ray Griffin and found references to the collapse of WTC7 – but thermite was not mentioned anywhere that I could find. I remember hearing/reading about it, though. When I find the sources I’ll send them. One of the references in Griffin’s book is to the “fireballs” seen in the towers. The fireballs were created by the jet fuel that was burned. But those fireballs quickly consumed the fuel and subsided. They burned at 1300 degrees and could not have caused the melting of the steel structure; they could not have caused the collapse of the buildings (WTC1&2). Griffin’s theory points to “some level of complicity” within the federal gov’t. – especially since the feds “allowed forensic evidence to be removed” from the site almost immediately. All this is found in the first chapter of the Griffin book.
    This and more supports my own long-held beliefs that there is much much more to the “story” we have been force-fed.

    It is late and I have to go to work tomorrow morning. (this morning) I’ll go through my information tomorrow and into the week. I’ll send what I have to you if you like. You have my email.

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