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….goes to one BIG INVASION OF PRIVACY: The 2009 American Community Survey by the US Census.

The 2010 Census has not even started yet and we have an amazing amount of b*llsh*t happening surrounding the census what with our front doors be GPSed so that god-knows-who will know exactly where everybody is, to this next piece of insanity in the campaign against America.  Does anybody in the Beltway ever stop to think whether this is Constitutional, Morally Right, or just plain Bad Manners?  Nope.Did.Not.Think.So.  They’ve all been raised in a barn.

Big Brother asks: ‘Do you have a flush toilet?’
Mandatory Census survey inquires about citizens’ difficulty undressing, bathing.

The federal government is forcing 3 million Americans to disclose sensitive, information about finances, health and lifestyle in a 14-page survey – including questions about availability of household flush toilets and difficulty with undressing and bathing.

The 2009 American Community Survey, an annual supplement
to the decennial Census, asks about residents’ personal relationships and whether a home has hot and cold running water, a flush toilet, bathing facilities, and phone services. It also asks how many rooms are in a home and what vehicles are used at each household.

The new questionnaire asks respondents what they pay for electricity, gas, water and sewer every month and whether residents receive food stamps.

Question 16 asks, “About how much do you think this house and lot, apartment, or mobile home would sell for if it were for sale?”

Respondents are required to disclose costs associated with rent or mortgage, annual real estate taxes on and fire, hazard and flood insurance expenses.

For each person in the household, the questionnaire asks for citizenship status, education level, whether that person attends private or public schools. It also features questions about health coverage, hearing and vision impairment and physical, mental or emotional conditions.

It asks if residents “have difficulty dressing or bathing” or “doing errands alone such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping” or whether they have difficulty making decisions. Respondents must indicate if they have served in the military, their current marital status and whether they have been married or given birth to children in the last 12 months. The Census Bureau claims its question is used as a “measure of fertility” and is used to “carry out various programs required by statute, including … conducting research for voluntary family planning programs.”

The letter asks where residents worked last week and whether they drove a car, rode a bus, subway railroad, ferryboat, taxicab or bicycle to get there. It then asks what time they left for work and how long their commute lasted.

Respondents are also required to disclose their place of employment, duties and income.

While many recipients may consider the questionnaire to be tedious and meddling, the Census Bureau warns that citizens are required by law to complete it and may be fined as much as $5,000 for willfully refusing. While an individual may feel uneasy about answering each question truthfully, the fine for filing false information can be as much as $500. (emphasis added)

The Census Bureau estimates that the form takes an average of 38 minutes for each household to complete.

While the U.S. Constitution allows Americans to be counted for purposes of taxation and political representation, Jim Harper, a privacy expert at the Cato Institute, told the New York Post the survey is “a classic example of mission creep over the decades – this constitutional need to literally count how many noses are in the United States has turned into a vast data-collection operation.” (emphasis added)

Rep. Ron Paul blasted the government for spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” on the survey and called the questionnaire “insulting” in his Texas Straight Talk column.

“The questions are both ludicrous and insulting,” he wrote. “The survey asks, for instance, how many bathrooms you have in your house, how many miles you drive to work, how many days you were sick last year, and whether you have trouble getting up stairs. It goes on and on, mixing inane questions with highly detailed inquiries about your financial affairs. One can only imagine the countless malevolent ways our federal bureaucrats could use this information. At the very least the survey will be used to dole out pork, which is reason enough to oppose it.”

Paul continued, “The founders never authorized the federal government to continuously survey the American people. More importantly, they never envisioned a nation where the people would roll over and submit to every government demand. The American Community Survey is patently offensive to all Americans who still embody that fundamental American virtue, namely a healthy mistrust of government. “

By Logistics Monster


  • Two words: Eat ****. I will be willfully REFUSING. Eat **** will be my response. That is an UNLAWFUL ORDER contrary to the US Constitution and I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY LIBERTY.

    I am not a member of their “herd” to be tagged like livestock, I am NOT going to be treated like their slave or piece of meat.

  • I heard about this questionnaire. I was supposed to get a copy of the questionnaire from a friend. People are already questioning it. Yes. They can kiss my lily white butt…why don’t they ask if we pick our noses or something?

  • I’ve seen some workers in other parts of town and actually had a verbal altercation with one of them. They have no clue and are happy to have some money coming in.
    They were in a business district at the time, although I’m not sure if they had met up there after canvassing housing on the other side of the road behind other businesses.

    Frankly, I’m thinking of setting 5 grand aside….but what happens after you pay the fine????? I bet they don’t drop it….

  • I have read that you don’t have to actually answer those invasive questions. Apparently, the form has the questions on top that you have to answer- such as number of people in the household. It then has a divider line and the other questions below which you do not have to answer. They don’t tell you that however, and give the impression that if all questions aren’t answered there is a fine. Has anyone else heard this?

  • To me this is just one more ploy to have a reason to push us to our limit and then arrest us. “THEY” are working overtime trying to find “our limit” and then go over that line. I do not know how I will react to these questions yet, but if my reaction to the nice old lady that GPS’ed my house is any example, it won’t be nice!

    I am getting to my line in the sand and they are trying very hard to push me over it! I am sure the neighbors will be saying “he was always no nice, we never expected him to do something like that”….NOT! They will probably be saying “we saw him going over the deep end…the government was driving him crazy and we knew it would end up bad! All he ever talked about was how crazy the government has gotten”!

    PS- navyvet…I think that is in there, the picking your nose question, everything else is!

  • brityank -

    I got the Long form in 1990 in rural NY, trashed it and sent just my name, age, address, and citizenship – no call or visit. I again got the Long form in suburban Philly twice; first one I did as above, second one I returned as “Previously Completed”, and gave the Worker that stopped by a copy of the Constitution and told him to leave. Here’s all the forms for both years:

    Supposedly the 2010 Census is “Short Form Only” – and is due on April 1, 2010. But ACORN is running “The American Community Survey” – and the pdf form is at

    By the way – if Ron Paul is so adamant that the Census “The American Community Survey” is unconstitutional, why has he not taken it to court? He has no ‘standing’? HA!

  • The ONLY thing they will get out of me is: “THAT’S NONE OF YOUR F—N BUSINESS!” I will no longer put up with their invasion of my privacy. The only thing they need to know is how many people live here.Everyone needs to stand up and refuse to give them any other info. If more citizens did this, it would send a message to the “D.C.CRIMINALS”. Big brother is alive and well today, and we as PATRIOTS need to kill him!

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