Stop Funding This Crack Smokin’ Congress With Your Taxes

Craig T. Nelson has stated that he is going to stop paying taxes and is willing to go to jail because he feels he is being taxed without representation.

I already think that cutting off the money from this crack smokin’ congress and executive branch is the ONLY way we are going to get their attention, short of __________ (fill in the blank; you folks are smart).

At this point, our spending addicted government could be smokin’ crack for all the good it is doing us out here in the REAL WORLD!

(P.S. I already started in March. Send me a bill.)

By Logistics Monster


  • Got to love Craig T. Nelson. He is nothing if not honest about what he is willing to do! I will be glad to join him.

  • If we could get a few more Hollywood types to sign on to this, we might start something. If you and I don’t pay taxes, they toss us in jail and ignore us. When “stars” don’t pay taxes, it’s headlines. We need a few big names to catch this wave…

  • we won’t have to voluntarily stop paying taxes, many of us will be getting taxed right our of our homes, especially in Illinois. It’s ridiculous! I wonder how long it will be before those in this country finally start to wise up to Obama’s bs about how it’s going to get worse instead of better for “awhile”. He’s just covering his bony ass until the next go around on the next election.

  • Sistah would be exactly correct. I wonder what it is going to feel like to get a paycheck with ***** instead of a dollar amount?

  • I am on board with Craig! I have one friend that quit paying 20 years ago and another 17 years ago. They ignore all letters from the IRS. I was ready to quit paying this year, but alas, I am married to a liberal! (talk about opposites attracting!) She finally talked me into sending a check.

    I have more legal basis to quit paying than most. The constitution states that we have a right to petition for demand of redress and if our petition is not answered, we have the right to withhold all monies from the government till they are addressed. Last July I delivered a notarized petition for demand of redress to Steve Scalise’s (Louisiana congressman) office, and I still have not heard back from him. ALL of the Congress was served both in their local offices and at the Capital at the same time by members from We The People Foundation ( and not one answer! (still think writing your congressman does any good?)

    According to a lot of things I have read and seen (watch Freedom to Fascism ) there is not actually a written law that makes us liable to pay taxes!

  • I have been advocating a mass movement of non-compliance on this for years. The key word being “mass.” When we all refuse to pay the blood suckers go bankrupt and problem solved.

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