“The Court Of Appeals Is Where Policy Is Made”

ladyjusticeI am not surprised by the new SCOTUS pick by the selected resident.  An actual scotus pick that would not be interpreting the law to set policy would be a surprise after all the justices that have been chosen and put on the bench in recent decades.  This one also has Biden-Gaffe-O-Meter written all over her….

Moving on….

(Author’s Note: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a justice that no one could label liberal or conservative, just an impartial constitutionalist?)

By Logistics Monster


  • Unfortunately, Diamond, it seems that all the “impartial constitutionalists” are dead, or not professionally in the legal field.

    If you ask me I think one of the requirements of judgeship should be that one is NOT a lawyer, and all should be required to pass a test on the Constitution with 100% correct answers.

    God bless America!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Watching that video I thought to myself, she is going to be on the Supreme Court? She doesn’t strike me as SCOTUS material. Can’t the usurper pick anyone good?

  • I nominate the Monster! Do I have a second?

    Lawyers should not be in Government…period.

    It is illegal to hold office in more than one of the three branches. Lawyers are in the Judicial, they can not be in the Legislative or the Executive.

    Just about everyone there is a traitorous, criminal.

    She should fit right in.

  • I second The Monster.

    I don’t like most lawyers, but if they weren’t allowed in government at all then Clyde wouldn’t be allowed to give that great Inauguration speech in 2013.

    I know Diamond has already read it. It’s at The Patriot Room, & worth the read.

    God bless America!

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