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sonio_sotomayorThe Media is all over the Sotomayor announcement today, and though I put up something earlier, one always has to look a little deeper when it comes to Bambi’s appointees.  Sotomayor is being touted as an appointee with the most time on the bench of anyone appointed in the last 70 years, and a breadth of experience not often seen; but what about that experience?

Sotomayor was a partner at the law firm of Pavia & Harcourt for 8 years, and what would this international law firm be most focused on?

Established in 1940, Pavia & Harcourt is a business law firm, concentrating in commercial and corporate law, banking, media and entertainment, real estate, litigation and arbitration, intellectual property, estate planning and administration, and immigration services.

Quite the smorgasboard of issues that Barack Obama wants to obtain control over.

We are based in New York City. With our experienced, American-trained attorneys fluent in Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Pavia & Harcourt offers a full range of legal services to companies, individuals, and Italian and French governmental organizations and agencies.

We represent Italian, French and other foreign entities and individuals who do business in the United States as well as American clients who do business in the U.S. and abroad.

As a citizen of the world, Barack Obama would definitely enjoy having this justice in his pocket in the coming months and years.

The Republicans that do not fight this nomination tooth and nail do so at the risk of all Americans.  Not only does this judge legislate from the bench with racial overtones, but she is already pre-disposed to business law and international affairs.  Barack Obama Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod definitely have a plan.

(As an aside, the number one search today on the Monster has been Sotomayor Gun Control.)

By Logistics Monster


  • She seems to be custom made, if you are trying to destroy a country. Hmmmm…Just like BO. You understand she was selected for him by TPTB. She fits the agenda to a tee. She was tested and this is her reward for passing. She even knows how to lie with a strait face. Of course all of the bad judgments, many overturned by upper courts for being too radical, and even some that were very sternly chided by her fellow Democrat judges. She is on record saying the it was “responsible” to legislate from the bench and set precedence, and now lies saying she believes in the Constitution. And on top of all of those qualifications, she is a Spanish female! Yup…custom, made

  • It is a real shame that we have to position ourselves to question everything that our Executive Branch is up to. Yes we have this as a right and this is truly what makes this country a great place. But when that questioning is a continuous glance over the shoulder wondering who is being put in to what position now and which of our rights are going to be taken away! This administration so far as being one of the most suspect since George H Bush, ex-head of the CIA, was made Vice President. You do have to admire their boldness!!

  • What these people fail to recognize is that they cannot continue to take the law into their own hands and run roughshod over America, its laws and its people. In their exuberant arrogance, fomented by all that free ivy league education, they have come to believe their own nonsense and consider themselves players in world affairs. Like the Marie Antoinettes before them, they will learn, eventually, that by stepping so far over the line, they will hasten their own demise and that of everyone else’s. The Universe abhors a vaccuum, and clearly, there is a very large one going on in the heads of these people.

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