“This Guy Wasn’t Born Here!”

For all of the patriots out there that need a lift, RaceForTheTruth sent along a video from a California Tea Party on 4/15/09 that will definitely make you feel better because you will realize that AMERICA IS WAKING UP!

There are reports starting to circulate that Bambi’s team is putting together a forged long form birth certificate to finally end the controversy once and for all, and to discredit people like me who do not believe he is a natural born citizen and therefore, not eligible to be president.  Many of us saw this coming, and that is why I am not focused on the BC so much as the Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard records that have been sealed because of the difficulty of changing them.  Those records probably show many aspects that Bambi would rather not have anyone knowing including that fact that he is more than likely an Indonesian citizen since he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father at an early age.  The big clue is his travelling to Pakistan in 1981 at a time when US citizens were banned and non-muslims were not welcome. We must get those records and stop focusing on the BC.

All of that being said, enjoy this video and realize that TPTB do not have this locked up, (as much as they would like for you to believe that via the MSM), and now is the time to apply more pressure.  And for those powers that be that hang out here, hele mai! because you have definitely pissed us off.

By Logistics Monster


  • Thanks, Diamond. This is great news along with the post at WND this morning about Steele (RNC) claiming that the ego in chief was never properly vetted.

    I guess all those postage paid envelopes getting sent back to the RNC with no donations & the message that there will be no more until someone in the RNC makes some noise about his ineligibility have done some good.

    I know I’m not the only one who has been doing that & I’ve sent every one I’ve gotten back since the election with the message, “Not one more dime until the RNC stands up about the eligibility issue!”

    Damn, I don’t know how to act with a smile on my face!

    God bless America!

  • Great post. Also, to everyone… the Rockepublicrats aren’t for you and me. They’re for Rockefeller. That’s the Republican and Democratic Party.

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We all know the truth and we all can not believe we can not get the truth to come out. I have all along believed that the truth would be heard but lately I have seriously started to wonder if it would be in my lifetime.

    For the last week I have pulled back, every post I have read reflects my feelings so I felt there was not much to say other than agree. I am a prayerful person and have spent more time praying this past week for guidance to know what is the right course for me. Should I pull back and see what comes next, should I continue to just pray, should I prepare more for what might be coming. So undecided, I just had to take a break. The reality for me is pray and preparation but I do not want to wait and just see what happens.

    Well once again being reminded that so many people are fighting , the average American, I hope to once again put in to perspective all the noise out of DC and believe once again that we are on the right track.

    Did not mean to ramble but the bottom line is this video is what I needed at this time.

    Thank You.

    • kathy – you are so welcome. I knew this video would help quite a few folks because there are more people waking up than anyone wants to report. We need more of these videos!

  • Just remember. there are more of us than there are of them, we just have to keep united and push on. It is obvious that more and more people are waking up, and insisting on being heard.
    Being without my computer for the past few weeks, and being indisposed physically has been very hard. Since I don’t listen to the news amymore, except for Fox occasionally, I have a lot of catching up to do. Keep it up, monster, you are providing a very valuable service to your readers. The march on Washington in September should be very interesting. I only hope that I will be physically able to participate.

  • Diamond,

    You are more generous to Obowma than I; I think the reason he won’t release his records from Columbia is that he never went there. The Occidental records will show him on a foreign student scholarship, and it’s already been revealed that he weaseled his way into Harvard with a phony endorsement from Percy Sutton.

    The reality is, he wasn’t a Manchurian Candidate – they didn’t even have to program a real American to turn on us. We allowed them to install a foreign-born, taquiya-spewing America hater whose main goal is to bring the US down so TPTB can have their New World Order.

    Thanks for the motivating video, and everyone please remember that those that died fighting for this country would never have made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty if they thought we were going to throw in the towel! What we’re going through is nothing compared to what these brave men and women in uniform faced, so gather the courage of your convictions and fight like the patriots I know you to be. And have a blessed Memorial Day!

    • Kathy – I got this act in my mailbox 2 days ago and my eyes keep crossing as I read it…and you know I won’t put something up until I read the whole thing, understand it, and can explain it to everybody in a way that makes it easier to understand. Hopefully, I will be able to wade thru it today (mon) and put something up later.

  • Thanks for this post. Like you said, we need more of these videos. Thank you again for this site and all of the work that you do. This site and others like it keep us informed and uses the greatest tool we have at our disposal, the internet. The more we prop each other up, educate each other, and encourage each other to talk to every one that stands still long enough, we will win. It is working! This video is PROOF!!! And to the misguided, brainwahsed, site sniffing snoops–THHHHHHP!

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