For all of the patriots out there that need a lift, RaceForTheTruth sent along a video from a California Tea Party on 4/15/09 that will definitely make you feel better because you will realize that AMERICA IS WAKING UP!

There are reports starting to circulate that Bambi’s team is putting together a forged long form birth certificate to finally end the controversy once and for all, and to discredit people like me who do not believe he is a natural born citizen and therefore, not eligible to be president.  Many of us saw this coming, and that is why I am not focused on the BC so much as the Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard records that have been sealed because of the difficulty of changing them.  Those records probably show many aspects that Bambi would rather not have anyone knowing including that fact that he is more than likely an Indonesian citizen since he was adopted by his Indonesian step-father at an early age.  The big clue is his travelling to Pakistan in 1981 at a time when US citizens were banned and non-muslims were not welcome. We must get those records and stop focusing on the BC.

All of that being said, enjoy this video and realize that TPTB do not have this locked up, (as much as they would like for you to believe that via the MSM), and now is the time to apply more pressure.  And for those powers that be that hang out here, hele mai! because you have definitely pissed us off.

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