Is Rachel Maddow Waking Up?

Please take the time to watch the whole video, as Ms. Maddow actually seems to be coming down from her koolaid high and has nailed all of the salient points.  How many more times will I have to say “he’s a fascist dictator in the making” before everybody starts shaking off the socialist, marxist, and communist labels?

Read for yourself:

President’s Detention Plan Tests American Legal Tradition

President Obama’s proposal for a new legal system in which terrorism suspects could be held in “prolonged detention” inside the United States without trial would be a departure from the way this country sees itself, as a place where people in the grip of the government either face criminal charges or walk free.

Still, the concept of preventive detention is at the very boundary of American law, and legal experts say any new plan for the imprisonment of terrorism suspects without trial would seem inevitably bound for the Supreme Court.

Mr. Obama has so far provided few details of his proposed system beyond saying it would be subject to oversight by Congress and the courts. Whether it would be constitutional, several of the legal experts said in interviews, would most likely depend on the fairness of any such review procedures.

Ultimately, they suggested, the question of constitutionality would involve a national look in the mirror: Is this what America does?

Make sure to go read the rest at the link above…

(H/T to the Madman)

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    PREVENTIVE DETENTION, just like Bush’s preventive war in Iraq, i.e. no proof of weapons of mass destruction, but maybe they have them, so let’s go take them out (an excuse to do it. Read “Changing Commands” by John F. McManus. All this has been in the making for a very long time.). See also:

    So the government can go after anyone or anything because they THINK something may happen. It’s no longer PREEMPTIVE war or PREEMPTIVE anything. ( In other words, not because someone or some country is going to do something evil and they have PROOF of it, but just in case they do. Think about it, it’s chilling.

    Yes, she is waking up, and yes he’s a fascist. And guess what, we are all potential terrorists. And another guess what, they are digging in folks; they know we are waking up, so I think we’ll be in for the fight of our lives. But be brave, patriots, be brave.

  • SFIndie -

    Only for you would I listen to Rachel Maddow, DT! I have to admit I reveled in her disbelief and confusion at how The Pretender could actually be not the messiah she wanted him to be but…The Pretender to the Throne!

    As far as the rest, all of us non-koolaid drinkers knew this was coming. We all saw him for what he is. And now we’re getting what we knew he’d give us. Preemptive war, preemptive incarceration, preemptive control over every aspect of our lives. And a Congress that, with The Pretender, will rework our legal system to make preemptive anything by our government legal.

    It is chilling. Let the revolution begin!

  • Does he ever have a plan? It is very pbvious to me that Obama is no supporter of Our Constitution. Obama is really not using the rule of law with his preventive detention.

    Bush didn’t always do things right but he did keep us safe. I believe there was quite a bit of thought behind the detention but rove pointed out they didn’t have an answer to the release of the remaining detainees.

    Obama has been using the word regime quite a bit lately.

  • If he can hold Gitmo detainees for ten years how long can he hold right-wing extremists? Just saying!

  • Insight – once again – YOU ROCK! What a great site – at some point, hopefully, I will find the time to really dig in.

  • BO is a constitutional professor and a lawyer, he knows EXACTLY how far out in left field this is! He is reacting strictly on orders from the puppet masters. The fact that the MSM and especially MSNBC (read Obama Network) is to me, right on que. The puppet masters are almost done with BO and ready to sacrifice him. The fact that MSNBC is reporting this as they are, shows their strings are getting pulled too. They would never talk bad about the chosen one, unless under orders.

    It has always been my opinion that “THEY” were using BO as a pawn, and he will be a very unsettling factor to use towards the goal of martial law. With his adoration from the multitudes, if he is unseated or assassinated, the blacks would rise up uncontrollably, and “THEY” will have a great reason to “lock down” the US and declare martial law.

    Enactment of this law just before martial law is declared would give them just one more bit of ammo to use against us. We are already on the no fly- no buy list, and the terrorist watch list, this would just give the “regime” one more tool.

    Non-koolaid drinkers and fellow patriots, lock and load! Dig your foxholes deep and don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes!

  • bigtimer -

    Ahhh, come on Maddow will be mad for “O” again tomorrow…with msnbc, there is always tomorrow…as Soros smiles from the back-rooms.

    The only reason I am saying this is I’ve watched these leftist enemy talking heads for so long I rarely can anymore, just clips like this, but I do catch some here and there…I saw this on some other site earlier, the left may be angry here and there, but they made their bed, and in the end they are gonna’ lie in it, and reelect this Marxist POS if they can get her done, with ACORN along with the WH/Rahm and crew having control of the Census Bureau.

    Well, that’s my rant.

  • Yeah, I saw that on and posted the clip of Rachel Maddow on my blog, too. This was ALL ABOUT enemies of the state in the USA (you and me – and anyone who believes in the Constitution and civil liberty – instead of his “regime” as he called it) being dragged off to concentration camps. This all is about people in the US. Did you see where he was talking about that people in the USA will be considered national security threats in an ongoing manner for years and years to come?? He was talking specifically about people in the USA – American citizens labelled enemies of the state who have done nothing illegal – being held without trial, rights, etc. for indefinite periods. He’s talking about interning the population of the USA. And, we all know, that’s going to move to extermination. This is no game. This is the real thing. People better realize this is not a tv show – this is real life here – and it’s happening in the USA. They are getting very bold – which means they think the infrastructure of the police state is built up enough they’re getting ready to “use it”. Otherwise, he would not be talking about it. They’re getting ready to implement of the police state. (But I think, honestly, that we will rise as Americans in liberty in our state legistlatures – and their plans aren’t going to happen as they think.)

    I”m glad Rachel “caught” what she did.

  • bigtimer -

    Hey real quick…I see I should have said ‘fascist’ here…sorry about that DT.

    Hope all are having a nice week-end….I am as long as I don’t have to see O’s face and knowing Congress is out of our hair with their destructive BS they do daily to us if possible…at least for a few days anyway.

  • NoTingles -

    A question for you, Rachel, even though on most days I wouldn’t give you the right time of day:

    What is the definition of “Terrorist”? And use the context of govspeak.

    The good folks here already covered this, weeks ago. You should read up on it.

  • Never watch MSNBC. Never watch Maddow. This did my heart good. It shows me that some of the media is waking up. The people watching her show most certainly had some food for thought. As I stated from day one..” obama will make Bush look like a boyscout.” I am seeing that.

  • Great catch, DT – I could not believe my eyes/ears when I saw this video yesterday. To stand in front of the Constitution and talk openly about dismantling the very same is staggering.

    And yes, WE knew this was coming, even if people like Rachel, for all her smarts, didn’t. But the question is, how do we reclaim our country and our Constitution?? If we have a president who is openly calling to by-pass it, over-ride it, IGNORE it, doesn’t that, at the very LEAST, call for some time of law suit, or investigation, or IMPEACHMENT?? I’m just asking – because if this doesn’t rise to that level, I don’t know what does…

    • Rev,
      they are going to do what they are going to do without any of us stopping them until they do something so outrageous that even the really incredibly slow and ignorant will stand up and say enough. I say, “let them choke on it” because I know that Bambi, Mishy, Nancy, Harry, Barney and Chris are not going to be able to self-regulate as they are like little children in a candy store. That time is coming…very soon.

  • DT, yes indeed…when all else fails…when humans consistently demonstrate that they are completely incapable of acting like responsible adults…BEWARE THE GODSMACK! Conceived for JUST THESE KINDS OF INDIVIDUALS, fomenting JUST THESE kinds of times, the Godsmack resembles nothing anyone could begin to imagine, and as such is reserved for only the most hopelessly evil and incorrigible entities such as those hereinabove mentioned.

    As it has become clear that there seems to be NO responsible oversight from our judicial or legislative branch, it is now time for Operation Godsmack to commence.


  • Madcow, along with the rest of ass kissers at MSNBC is very much responsible to the Pimple being in the White House. His doublespeak and lies were on display for two years, we all saw it. Now she speaks up? She can go to hell and belongs in jail with the rest of the criminals.

    He is in the White House now, it’s too late for redemption of character.

    • No redemption Shtuey – you already know exactly what I would like to do with these asshats – but if she is saying it then maybe the sheeple will finally hear it at some point.

  • Yes, Diamond. I found the most encouraging thing to be the fact that Maddow was paying monthly rent for part of Obowma’s descending colon, and now she sees reality when he need her to take another snort of Hopium in the worst way so he can finish off his plans.

    She will rot in the seventh layer of hell, Shtuey. Fear not. But it is a glimmer of light to think that one of the most Kool-Aid saturated in the MSM can actually see through the bullcrap and say so on national teevee. Even on MSNBO…

  • I am of the thinking that Maddow is just playing to the script. If it is now the time that TPTB want to expose Obama and his ilk , since his usefulness is over to them, could it be that the media has now been given the go ahead to speak more of the truth than they have been.

    I just can not believe that those who refused to see the truth are now coming around, there was so much truth to be seen and looked into before the election it just seems unlikely to me that the media is just now getting it.

    Maybe the sheeple in the general population are now wakening up but the media has known all along, in my opinion. So this has to be the start of the fall, if MSNBC is questioning Obama.

  • When I first heard about the OTV I wondered how the MSM would take it. I guess now they can be a part of the shared pain so many of us have felt.

    First all of the bloggers who where trying to expose the bc issue, links to his past, shady past associations, shady present associations and let us not forget his lovely wife.

    Then they mocking of the tea parties, Ms.California and anyone who in any way represented traditional values. As well as gun owners, bible owners, military and on and on.

    The MSM has had their first taste of “He is just not that into you.” You are disposable. I can do it better.

    What I pray for is the MSM acts like a jilted lover and really really wants revenge. So if they are not playing to the script they could really have a lot of fun playing catch up with all the news that will suddenly come out. The same news that has been on the internet for all to see if they only had looked.

  • NoTingles -

    OK, He’s an arrogant ass. You saw it on his face. Not only at the Nat. Archives, but at…what was the name of that heretical Catholic university again…yeah, he had that look of condescending superiority plastered all over that puss of his. Not that you get indicted for Treason Fraud and malfeasance for a stupid smirk on your face! But he’s just one guy. We have nearly 600 others who need constant adult supervision on the hill to deal with as well. I want to offer a useful tool you can use to keep tabs on them…kinda like a baby monitor, so to speak:

    The Washington Post Votes Database

    You can find out:
    what is currently going on
    Member information, for your state or for both houses.
    Who’s doing their job, and who is skipping class
    Votes along party lines, and who the mavericks are
    about what in members’ financial disclosure reports
    a rundown of late-night votes: who is legislating behind our backs.
    the stats of previous bills, for this congress and for previous congresses back to 1991.
    Concise information about recent votes, bills and amendments
    and much more.

    This is a great tool that all should make a favorite for, and use it often, in addition to Thomas ( and GovTrack (
    Not only can you find out information about the voting on any bill, you can find out other useful information to use as points when writing to your representatives, for example, did you know that 7 of the top ten worst for missing votes come from California? Maybe that’s a good thing; but, if you want to hold someone’s feet to the fire for not doing their job, you have the ammo you need right here, in one place. Conversly, if you want to find Representatives who ARE doing their job, and doing it well, you will know who to express your appreciation to. I think that’s important as much as flaming those who are MIA much of the time, or those who vote for liberal pork all the time.

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