Day: May 20, 2009

I Have A Better Idea: Get Rid Of The IRS, The Fed, and Vampyre Obama To Save The Dollar

Here are a few  stories that got lost in the tidal wave of crap coming out of Washington, D.C. recently, and something new today concerning the death of the dollar. While everybody on the MSM is talking about the $17 Billion (that's 1/5th of 1%) that bambi's minions were able to shave from the $3.7 TRILLION BUDGET, (I can't wait for QUADRILLION to become the norm), he is actually talking about sucking the taxpayers of even more their lifeforce for guess who?...the IRS; another vampyre organization that needs to go bye-bye along with other outdated fads like the singing bass,…
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C. Robert Kidder; New Head Of Chrysler

It is always nice to get control of a large corporation with a man on the inside and one doesn't even have to spend a dime to do it while b*tchslapping the poor average American who is actually paying for the rape. See how many names you recognize...starting with one of my biggest fans, Morgan Stanley. Kidder Named Chrysler Chairman Morgan Stanley's Lead Director Will Help Select Auto Maker's New Board DETROIT -- Chrysler LLC said C. Robert Kidder, lead director at Morgan Stanley, will replace Robert Nardelli as chairman after the company completes its reorganization in bankruptcy court and…
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Smoke And Mirrors; Volker Has Been Muzzled

Yesterday I read that Bambi's economic advisory board was "finally" going to hold their first meeting since being appointed early in February, 2009.  Since the economy has been issue #1 for well over a year, one would think that this "board" would have been going strong by the end of February, and one would think that the treasury spots would have been filled by now.  One would be wrong though, because rebuilding the economy is NOT job #1; completely breaking it down and draining every last penny from the American Taxpayer through nationalization of any and all income producing business,…
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