The Right Stuff; Too Bad He’s A Brit

I know our presidents are supposed to be natural born citizens, but Daniel Hannan would definitely do a better job as president than the current kenyan/indonesian/illegal alien usurper in the WH because he understands elections, fiscal responsibility, and freedom.

For a moment, you will think he is talking about Bambi instead of Gordon Brown.

Daniel Hannan speaking at Conservative Spring Forum 2009 – Part 1/2

Part 2:

7 thoughts on “The Right Stuff; Too Bad He’s A Brit”

  1. I was listening to him on Hannity last night he is warning our Government to stop the madness but the Progressives Nancy, Harry and Obama are going full steam ahead. There is a price to pay and the Democrats are too busy bashing Bush who isn’t President anymore they don’t get this distraction isn’t working. Although Paul Begala gave it the old college try this morning.

    Paul Begala this morning on Imus in the Morning. Paul thinks Nancy Pelosi is telling the truth about the C.I.A. briefings.

  2. Hannan is a stud! He is as close to a Regan as the world has seen in a while. I don’t keep up on Brit politics but I hope he is more than an obscure politician that speaks to an empty floor. I watch CSPAN quite often and the US does have some men that would lead us in the way we should go; alas they speak to an empty floor and a few dorks like me that watch CSPAN. Tom Tancredo of Colorado is one who comes to mind; he is an absolutist in the day of relativism. To get elected in America ones values must be firmly rooted in the gray area of whatever ness. They must be passionate in the belief that right and wrong are opinion and not absolutes. Living in this gray area damns the nation to the life of the Necromonger.

  3. Wonder what he thinks of Hulu? He may not know about it since it’s not available yet out of the U.S. but it’s another piece of the puzzle. I did some research on it and here it is, just up:

    HULU — “An evil plot to destroy the world”: A Media Creation (FOX, NBC et al) to Squeeze Out Independent Media Content

    Hulu is a danger to YouTube and it entirely media controlled…It’s damne scary because the “young minds” are lapping it up…

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