Completely OT, But It Is Amazing What One Stumbles Upon

I started out this post as just an interesting little tidbit of news to go along with other posts that have been written here, and I ended up stumbling on something that set the spidey sense off.  At this point, I do not have a total picture to put forward as I am still researching, but thought this might pique your curiosity.

When I read this news article this morning, I did not even have to wonder about who may be hosting the private reception.  My theory at the time of this writing is, of course, The Pilgrims Society.  As soon as I find confirmation, I will update this post.

Britain’s Prince Harry to visit New York

LONDON (AP) – Prince Harry is going to New York for his first formal overseas engagements outside Britain.

The third in line to the British throne will also attend a naming ceremony for the British Memorial Garden in Hanover Square, which commemorates the British victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, and visit the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Manhattan to meet with wounded veterans.

Harry is also scheduled to attend a private reception in support of New York’s British interests.

When one scroogle’s Pilgrims Society and Prince Harry, a list of different items come up with a few that have to do with the British Memorial Garden, which of course, leads to more questions…

It seems the British Memorial Garden is part of Hanover Square in New York City, and they host a soccer challenge every year.  Here is the headline and link for October-November 2008. Recognize any names?  I found more under 2007’s challenge which was sponsored by AIG with Fortress as a finalist and Deutsche Bank as a semi-finalist.


The Second Annual British Memorial Garden Soccer Challenge was won by Lehman Allumuni who beat Barclays Capital in a very close final match with a score of 16-12.

The Consolation Challenge was won 10-6 by Bloomberg in a hard fought match against the British Consulate’s team, which was decided in extra time.

Following the final matches at Chelsea Piers, teams and supporters travelled to Soho House in a Britsh double decker bus, courtesy of Grayline Tours, for an awards ceremony and celebration at Soho House.

The Soccer Challenge was played over several weekends and included teams from AIG, RBS, Bloomberg, ARUP, Fidessa Blue, Knight Financial , Barclays Capital, Lehman Alumni, ‘Foreign Legion’, and Nespresso.

The interesting fact here is that if the BMG is holding a soccer event to raise money for charity or the garden itself, why are the participants all Wall Street types with no other companies represented?

On another note, here is a list of societies for anyone that has the urge to go digging in this direction.

Twelve of New York City’s leading British-American philanthropic societies and organizations joined forces to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and to raise awareness of the restoration of the 19th c. clipper ship, the Cutty Sark, a project supported by Her Majesty. Thousands of dollars were raised at the event.

The organizations were: the American Friends of the Georgian Group, the American Scottish Foundation, the British Memorial Garden Trust, Inc., the British Schools and Universities Club, the Burns Society of the City of New York, the, Daughters of the British Empire, the New York Caledonian Club, The Pilgrims of the United States, the Priory in the United States of American of the Order of St. John, the Saint Andrew’s Society in the State of New York, the St. David’s Society of New York and the St. George’s Society of New York. Each society serves a charitable mission in the New York metropolitan area.

And last but not least, go here for an interesting article about bollards and the insignias of twelve of the societies that are linked together with the British Memorial Garden.

The Bollard is the first of fourteen being currently installed in the Park along its perimeter, which bear the shields of the leading Anglo-American societies and government agencies. Twelve of these are shown here…


By Logistics Monster


  • Off topic- but did anyone see Beck talking about ACORN and the funeral home in Louisiana? Very interesting.

  • Interesting. When you look at the list of Founders of the British Memorial Garden, you see The Annenberg Foundation listed. Huh.

  • Tim – for anything and everything you want to know about ACORN – go to MsPlacedDemocrat. She is the monster when it comes to ACORN knowledge.

  • Tim — Last year when I was busy researching ACORN we Googled the address of ACORN. The original place it showed on the map was not the funeral home. We had someone right in New Orleans go and take a picture of the funeral home. Just a bit of trivia.

    The Pilgrims of The United States is also known as The Pilgrim Society.

    The American-Scottish Foundation®, Inc. is a nationwide, non-profit American organization whose broad and imaginative purpose is to build bonds of interest and co-operation, both social and commercial, between the people of Scotland and the United States.

    American Scottish Foundation
    The Foundation provides Scots and Americans with a strong, non-political base and general point of contact. This association includes institutions and individuals with cultural, economic, educational, genealogical and travel interests.

  • Tim,

    One other thing about ACORN….I know more than Glenn Beck does about ACORN. I have been researching them for more than a year. I am currently writing a book about ACORN. I even uncovered the $832,000 Obama paid ACORN through the group Citizens Services Inc. If there is anything you want to know about ACORN visit my site.…LM is correct I am the monster when it comes to that subject. One other note I have been e-mailing Beck information that he hasn’t even found yet.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I’m surprised that the Pilgrim Society would have themselves listed. I thought they were so secret.

    BTW this morning, Thurs., They came to my door with the hand held GPS. I turned the woman away, said “I know what you’re up to” and “I refuse to cooperate”. She politely said OK and left. I regret that I didn’t ask her if she was from Acorn. She was wearing an orange shirt. I don’t know if that is their color or not. I didn’t even tink to look out and see if she came in a car or not. I was kind of agitated. I live in a very small rural town. A couple minutes later I looked out the window to see if she was going to any other houses in my neighborhood. I didn’t see her. I then got in my car and drove around town to see if there was any sign of them. None. Did she come to my town just to “paint” my door and mark me? Am I being paranoid if I think so? I guess it’s big brother saying he knows where I am.

  • non-nonsence-nancy, when I was visited the woman did have a badge and handed me a paper that was census related. By the time I had gotten to the door she was leaving, so I did not see what she had done before I got to the door. She was walking and only asked me if there was any other residence on the property. I also wondered if I had been singled out but I do not think so.

    I had read they were doing all the doors within a 90 day time frame so it only makes sense that we would have a visit close together.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -


    The woman who came to my door also had a badge on and she was going to hand me something but I stopped her and she never gave it to me. I should have questioned her and tried to find out some information. She did start out saying it concerned the census next year.

    • kathy and nancy – the woman did not even come inside my gate, she just stood out in the middle of the street. Now – should I be paranoid? LOL

  • kathy, nancy, and diamond- a friend of mine had his BACK door open, and the lady (with no badge) actually entered his house!!!! No knock, no announcement!!! He lives in a very rural area and chewed he out and told her he would have been within his rights to shoot her! He told her to leave his property, and would not even tell her his address- just told her it is on the mailbox. He did not see her go to any other houses.

  • Nice. What’s gonna happen when these ACORN idiots start to turn up missing because they wandered into some psychopath’s house uninvited? Do you suppose Obowma will give a crap?

  • I read this as a comment on another site, there is no link just someones opinion.

    Obama wanted to delay switching analog to digital because he made a deal with Verizon and Google. I believe I had read this somewhere else also.

    It could be that the GPS location for every home is payback to Google for helping him in the election.

    Currently Google uses its mapping system w/GPS enabled by cell phones.

    If the Obama adm. hands over the GPS files to Google they will be able to use that same technology with every home in America.

    The user can input an address and Google maps converts it to GPS

    Seems this would give Google an advantage over their competition.

    This as I mentioned was another persons comments so I can not be sure if it is based on something this person had read or just thought up themselves. It does seem to have a certain logic, much better than having our houses nuked.

    I am sure this would be a payback of sorts if it is true.

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