In 2009 The Truth Is Rude…

I have a friend who says that if you speak the truth, you are rude.  I guess David Feherty is being rude.  I think CBS should do a proper survey and find out….of course, I am sure TPTB would find the results rather disconcerting.

From The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

CBS announcer: Any U.S. soldier would shoot Pelosi, strangle Reid

CBS Sports commentator David Feherty drew criticism Friday for suggesting any U.S. soldier would murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) if given the chance.

“From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this, though: despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there’s a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death,” Feherty wrote in an a D Magazine piece welcoming former President George W. Bush back to Dallas.

“Mr. Feherty’s violent comments about Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are disgusting,” said Media Matters President Eric Burns. “Suggesting that our troops would attack the leaders of the very democracy they’ve sworn to sacrifice their lives for is an insult to their integrity, honor, and professionalism. CBS Sports should demand its golf analyst apologize to our soldiers.”

What do you think, and remember, this site is monitored.

By Logistics Monster


  • First Happy Mother’s Day . I really believe this fight is driven by the moms of this country who are protecting their nest.

    No one can know what another individual will do in any circumstance, but I am sure that our military is having a hard time understanding just who the enemy is. They are fighting overseas and being hammered at home, why is that?

    Also I find it strange that we have Rick Santelli, a business news reporter and David Ferherty sports commentator speaking more to the point than the over paid news anchors on all the networks. I wonder if there is a weather man with any views on the current state of our nation.

  • Happy Mother’s Day…well to tell you the truth if I were still active duty and facing the same situation…they would all be dead. OBL for obvious reasons….the other two for endangering the lives of all service people. And I do hope people are reading this…there is nothing more you can do to me because I am no longer active duty! Send DHS my way I am ready to have an open and honest conversation!

  • I think Mr. Feherty’s comments are still protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution. He is not suggesting that anyone kill any of these people, merely stating his belief that a member of the US military would uphold their oath to defend the Republic against all terrorists, foreign and domestic.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Grail Guardian I agree with you, but in reality a member of the military wouldn’t have to do anything but step out of the elevator and let the door close behind him. Within a matter of minutes they would all be dead because evil left unchecked always turns upon itself.

  • First and most important: Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers. Thank you for your love of your children and this country, and for instilling this love in your children. Mothers are truly the source of life and love in the world.

    Now, for the subject at hand: Why do you think that returning military are on the DHS list of potential terrorists? These military men and women come home from fighting “terrorists” in far away lands and come home to find that the real terrorists are in Washington. Remember, this is a VOLUNTARY military and these kids are putting their lives on the line because THEY LOVE THIS COUNTRY! They understand the meaning of “foreign and domestic” in the oath that they took.

    To anyone (other than the patriots that are here to exercise their right to freedom of speech) that may be monitoring this site, I suggest that you re examine this part of the oath that YOU took. Remember that we are “We the people” and we have a right to freedom of speech. If any of your superiors tell you that we are the “terrorists” just consider the source and remember your oath.

    We are not visiting this site to plot the destruction of the country that we love. We are not plotting on a violent takeover of the country that we want our kids to grow to love as much as we do. We are just exchanging information to try to discern who the real terrorists and threats to our freedom are. We take our freedom seriously are are willing to defend ourselves FROM a violent takeover. Do you really want your kids and grand kids growing up in a communist country? Do you really want to live in a communist country where YOU are spied on and despised like you are doing to us?
    I suggest you watch the “Oath Keepers” video on this site and re examine your priorities.

    I am not a violent person, and intend no harm to anyone, but it infuriates me that you would be spying on us and plotting against us. It infuriates me that DHS (that is a branch of my tax paid government that is supposed to protect me) would consider me a terrorist because I do not trust the two parties that are presented as the ONLY “choice” in government, that I get my news from other than the main-stream-media pawns, that I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, or that I question the true motives of those in power. It is time you question them as well.

  • California Patriot -

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

    It’s a change of topic here, but I watched the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night (only the part where nobama spoke). It was unbelievable. It was all about him. He’s an empty vessel; nothing more. Well, maybe a puppet too.

    At one point he praised the media for their journalism, i.e. asking the right questions, getting the news out, etc. I wanted to barf. But his words really spoke to the fact that the media is in his pocket.

    The cameraman panned the audience and there was Demi Moore; you should have seen her face. She was transfix. He owns her mind and soul.

    If you can stand it, here’s a video of Wanda Sykes at the dinner:

  • Leaping Spark -

    David Feherty has a right to his opinion as do I. I find all of Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s, and Bin Ladins lies rude, disgusting and offensive but nobody chastises them for lying with every breath. Enjoy your freedom of speech America it’s not going to last much longer.

  • How does one follow any of those great comments?

    Happiest of Mom Days to all the backbones of America!

    Remember, we are not alone!

  • (Happy Mother’s Day)

    All good comments above.
    It struck me if your friend thinks the truth is rude, s/he must be lying to you – as s/he would not want to be seen as rude.
    What a conundrum!

    We all know who our enemy is turning out to be – and the rudest truth is we pay their salaries.

  • David Gagin -

    Truth comes from God. How would He weigh in on this? His ten commandments (not suggestions) tell us, Thou shall not kill. Being this is the case, how can advocating cold blooded murder be justifiable? It certainly doesn’t help our cause. If he was trying to point out how deeply resentments run in ranks, maybe he should have expressed the reasons why our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines feel she has betrayed them all. That would have been way more instructive and perhaps persuasive.

  • If I were in an elevator with Nazi, Harlot, and Bin Theredonethat I would hope that I had just eaten a pound of raw broccoli and garlic. The ensuing stench would be so foul they’d kill themselves.

  • Makes sense to me, that would not be killing, but a matter of self-defense.

    Any admin..that can pass laws to support a born-alive baby and leave them to die in some garbage dump has absolutly no disregard for anyone elses life.

    Relieve them of their NPD misery.

    Happy Moms day to all mothers; Support our troops.


    The truth can be very rude and it often hurts.

    The truth (to all those monitoring this site) is that the democrats are traitors to this country, and most of the republicans too. The presidential pretender is the biggest traitor of them all. Ask a soldier what he would do to a traitor given the chance.

    Eric Burns is obviously an idiot because the USA is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Well, it used to be, anyway.

    God bless America!

  • Being a combat vet & having survived the turmoil of the late 60’s & early 70’s, my gut instinct is that many would like to have 5 minutes in the elevator but very few would resort to multiple murders.

    I imagine that resentment in the ranks is probably quite similar to the Vietnam era but most would probably shoot Osama &, at worst, slap the snot outa Nancy & Harry.

    I’m so damned old that I don’t remember the exact numbers but, during the Nam war, it was said that (in combat) an infantryman’s life expectancy was something like 6 minutes. Given a total economic/social collapse, folks in Washington would likely head for the nearest underground fortress for fear of experiencing the same.

    One can be a lying, cheating, devious, self-centered bastard during the good times but bad times have a way of reminding common folks who the lying, cheating, devious, self-centered bastards are.

  • First off, those two peckerheads are NOT the leaders of Democracy! They are the terrorist of Democracy. I don’t think ANY of the troops would waste a bullet on any of them…instead they would silently cut their throats, because bullets are expensive.

  • First, let me just say that I love YOU ALL for your wisdom, bravery and brilliance in refusing to state anything but the truth, and in cleaving to the law of our land, which of course is based upon our Constitution! As much as our shining Diamond makes my day with her generous sharing of research, each of you uplifts it as well with your always sage, spot on comments. You all remind me how great it is to speak the truth and stand behind it.

    As far as The Terrible Trio, I can think of no better solution than for them to be trapped in the elevator with the likes of us–all at once–and left alive at the end of the meeting. That’s better revenge than any kind of life-ending scenario! Then, on to the next bunch! ;)))

  • Cactus Patch -

    First of all, our soldiers swear an oath to uphold the Constitution (not to the “leaders”) and protect it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I would put most of these so called “leaders” we have in the latter half of this. They are the biggest threat to our constitution that we have ever had. They are going to slowly, but surely erode our constitutional rights until oneday, we wake up, living in a country that we don’t even recognize. I beleive that most military members and their families are the most patriotic people we have in our country and know the price we have paid for what we have and won’t give it up without a fight. Happy mothers day to all. From a military wife, mother and mother-in-law.

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