Day: May 4, 2009

Rumor: Smith & Wesson Too Big To Fail…You Know What That Means

UPDATE: 5/5/09 This post is creating quite a stir among patriots and obots alike, so if the site is slow - deal.   I still have not been able to reach anyone at S&W to confirm or deny any of what was posted on JumpingInPools as "satire".  I wanted to be thorough, (and my readers know I am that), and check and make sure it was just satire, BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF THE POST was NOT Smith & Wesson, BUT Cerberus and Remington and what would happen if the government takes control of Cerberus or their holdings, (including gun manufacturers),…
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Swine Flu and A Texas Doctor’s Email

I received an email in my box this morning and spent some time tracking down the story, and follow up information so that there is no confusion about what is happening with this situation concerning a Texas doctor's email. Dr. Marcus Gitterle sent out an email earlier last week to friends and family and it hit the internet in a big way.  Dr. Gitterle's email seems to have been edited by another party and sent out, which was originally posted here, and later scrubbed. What follows is his response, and then his interview with a Texas news station to clarify…
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