Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Michelle Obama

for attending a Feed America event in $540 sneakers.  Once again, Hitler 2.0 anyone? Who spends $540 on the ugliest sneakers known to mankind during a depression? Why the First Lady, of course.  Why didn’t anyone hire a Miss Manners coach for this failing excuse for a human being when they hired a professional make-up artist?

Omarosa at Feed America

Since this is just so much more bullsh*t coming out of the White House I am only going to make you suffer a bit.

From NY Daily News:

First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they’re only $540!

While volunteering Wednesday at a D.C. food bank, the First Lady sported her usual J.Crew cardigan, a pair of utilitarian capri pants and, on her feet, a sneaky splurge: trainers that go for $540.

Can you say, "A Whole Lot Of Ugly?"
Can you say, "A Whole Lot Of Ugly?"

But it gets even better, with proof that there is a large segment of the population that has taken their brains out, and has either put them in a box under their beds, thrown them out with the trash, or never had two brain cells communicating to begin with.

Michelle Obama steps out in $540 sneakers!

Michelle has sparked many shopping frenzies amongst women looking to ape her sense of clothing.

When a photograph of her wearing a cream-coloured “crystal constellation” cardigan, priced at 298 dollars, emerged, it was sold out by 10a.m. the same morning on J.Crew”s Web site.

Even the 158-dollar “dazzling dots” skirt she was wearing was practically also a sold out, leaving a 200-person waiting list for the cardigan. (ANI)

“…looking to ape her sense of clothing.”  Are You Freakin Kidding Me?  Who is stupidier here; Mishy or her koolaid drinking fashion disasters?

What about this?  I am sure the world is laughing just as hard as us…

Who dresses these people?


By Logistics Monster


  • Mary Ellen -

    When I saw MO in that cardigan on the news I’m almost split a gut laughing. Did you see the back of it? It looks like it doesn’t fit and they had to squeeze her into it.

    Regarding the shoes, she probably had to pay more to have them custom made to fit those gunboat sized feet of hers.

    That family is clueless. They’re cheap as hell when it comes to giving gifts, but when it comes to themselves, nothing but the most expensive.

  • I am sure that there is a very good chance that she did not even pay for the shoes. Just a hunch not facts to prove it.

  • Of COURSE we paid for those freaking buttugly shoes. There used to be a term for creatures like this but it has since fallen into extreme disfavor, most probably by those to whom it is ascribed. Be that as it may, word or no word, these cretins personify it. Plug ugly, Butt ugly, and just plain disgusting all come to mind, but frankly, none of them comes close to fitting as well as that nowdays un used term.

    But that’s not the worst of it. This plug ugly, greedy, tasteless thing had the freaking BAD TASTE, HUBRIS and GALL to stand there in front of a bunch of people who make 34,000 a year and tell them that they shouldn’t go into Corporate life, but rather, as “she and Bozo did,” go into public service. I nearly fell off my chair at that one, until I read the rest of her spiel which lamented the fact that she has to pay what amounts to their entire year’s income just for dancing lessons for her daughters. The lies, hypocrisy, stupidity and outright GALL of that woman is unsurpassed. The tunbrils roll.

  • I am still snickering over the reporter’s use of “ape”….my,my,my do you think they have been spanked yet?
    And come on guys…those hideous shoes are real SUEDE….do you know how many “suedes” they had to kill for those boats of hers?
    We are sooooooooo effffed…..

  • What a frigging freak! Who in the hell goes to feed America in $540 sneakers? Talk about out of touch!

  • I am sure that there is a very good chance that she did not even pay for the shoes. Just a hunch not facts to prove it.


    She doesn’t pay for her clothes. As a matter of fact she thought if she just donated all the free stuff to the Smithsonian she didn’t have to claim it as income. However there is a form where she must declare all gifts as income!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Wether she paid for them or not she shouldn’t have worn them to the event that she was at considering the situation of the people there and the state of our economy. Anyway, if you notice, Jill Biden and the other ladies didn’t have sneakers on at all. She has no taste.
    Their extravagance is sinfull, all the parties and entertaining they are doing in the White House. And the epence of all the traveling is another story.

  • If Michelle had taken those sneakers (presuming they were a gift) and auctioned them off, she could have probably raised $700 or 800 from some goof that thought it was cool to have her shoes. If she donated that to a soup kitchen or shelter, they could have fed the homeless of D.C. for a day. Just sayin’…

  • David Gagin -

    I’m not one to comment on women’s fashions. I just kinda KNOW when what I see looks like shit on the door knocker. So, I’ll just say what my wife says: “No woman with any sense would be seen wearing that [referring to the blue thing] to clean house, much less to represent a country.” The question, “your momma let you outta the house wearing that?” comes to mind. About the sneakers. Nothing says “Cool” like a pair of Cons. Or even Keds. Those sneaks she’s wearing oughta be run over with a lawn mower.

  • I’m no fashion expert by a long shot but those were some dog ugly shoes i think i could have found a better looking pair at the dollar store.

  • Yes, David’s right–what would have been REALLY cool would have been a REAL pair of sneaks–Cons, Keds, or even Nikes for godsake. ANYTHING but those garish, stupid, nouveau riche dopey looking things that are an insult both to the eyes and to the American people, not to mention those poor slobs in the soup kitchen. Like said…nothing worse than the nouveaux riches…what goes around comes around…especially tumbril wheels…

    …just sayin’…

  • Sorry, just couldn’t resist it…the only thing stupider than that pathetic masquerade of a human being trudging around in those silly lookin boats is the one up there in the upper left corner from the obot…O… MY…GODDD… HOW FUNNY IS THIS POOR PERSON?????!!!! I JUST SAT HERE ROTFLMFAOOL after I read that insane comment. Heck, I bet s/he definitely graduated third grade…heck, maybe even 4th! Do the words, ‘HOW STUPID ARE YOU?!’ even register in there????

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