for attending a Feed America event in $540 sneakers.  Once again, Hitler 2.0 anyone? Who spends $540 on the ugliest sneakers known to mankind during a depression? Why the First Lady, of course.  Why didn’t anyone hire a Miss Manners coach for this failing excuse for a human being when they hired a professional make-up artist?

Omarosa at Feed America

Since this is just so much more bullsh*t coming out of the White House I am only going to make you suffer a bit.

From NY Daily News:

First Lady Michelle Obama steps out in Lanvin sneakers and they’re only $540!

While volunteering Wednesday at a D.C. food bank, the First Lady sported her usual J.Crew cardigan, a pair of utilitarian capri pants and, on her feet, a sneaky splurge: trainers that go for $540.

Can you say, "A Whole Lot Of Ugly?"

Can you say, "A Whole Lot Of Ugly?"

But it gets even better, with proof that there is a large segment of the population that has taken their brains out, and has either put them in a box under their beds, thrown them out with the trash, or never had two brain cells communicating to begin with.

Michelle Obama steps out in $540 sneakers!

Michelle has sparked many shopping frenzies amongst women looking to ape her sense of clothing.

When a photograph of her wearing a cream-coloured “crystal constellation” cardigan, priced at 298 dollars, emerged, it was sold out by 10a.m. the same morning on J.Crew”s Web site.

Even the 158-dollar “dazzling dots” skirt she was wearing was practically also a sold out, leaving a 200-person waiting list for the cardigan. (ANI)

“…looking to ape her sense of clothing.”  Are You Freakin Kidding Me?  Who is stupidier here; Mishy or her koolaid drinking fashion disasters?

What about this?  I am sure the world is laughing just as hard as us…

Who dresses these people?


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