Glenn Beck’s Media Lies And The Tea Parties

For those of you that have dial-up; first, my condolences, and second just skip this post as you probably have already seen the May 1st, 2009 Glenn Beck show.

Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

Part 2 (After Show Web Exclusive)

By Logistics Monster


  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    Actually for DIAL up visitors

    start the videos,
    put it on pause,
    go do dishes or something for 8 or 9 minutes
    come back
    move the slider to the beginning, hit start and it will play just fine:

    compliments on GRANNY GRIPES

  • I have always felt that Bi Partisan when used by McCain, Bush or Obama- really the accurate term is COLLUSION.

    The Politicians get together cut deals, tell themselves that is the way things get done – well with each other. The American People are not represented. So when the media made this about “Teabags” it told me something, that is the people in the media’s level of intelligence, they are that damn dumb.

    The original tea party was about taxation with no representation. The argument in the media was we had elected representative government. But if who you elect is “cutting deals” they are not representing you so there is the taxation without Representation. How does corrupt government = Representative Government?

  • James Carville’s latest book is titled, 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.

    Note the title “RULE” not GOVERN. Truth In Advertising.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    FOR NOW we have to keep track of the BIG PICTURE:

    AND make sure everyone of us is there JULY 4th, ONE DAY to save the next 100 years, and make sure everyone in your circle of influence is there:


    ASK everyone:


    SO, there are an estimated 35 million illegals in the USA!

    There are 300 million USA citizens, an estimated 180,000 million of working age

    180 million less 30 million illegals leaves only about 120 million jobs, medical services, benefits etc. for USA LEGAL working citizens who have earned the legal right to receive those benefits and rights.

    HOW MANY ILLEGALS should we admit and covert to citizenship?
    Another 180 million or 200 million more, or 300 million or even
    500 million more from all over the world? At the present rate of invasion those numbers are a very near future reality. It might just be cheaper for us to ANNEX all of Central America, Africa, Haiti, So America, etc.

    WHAT IS THE “acceptable” number to the advocates for OPEN borders, converting all illegals who break into and invade our country to citizens without question, and then rewarding them with the right to take away what few rights we have left. Granting them the rights to change our language, our culture, our laws, our morals, our principles and our rights to self-determination WHAT EXACTLY is their bottom line?

    WHY won’t the legal citizens of this country protect and defend out great nation from enemies foreign and domestic?

    YES janet has to go; HOWEVER, saying it will do NOTHING, WE ALL HAVE TO take serious action:

  • Finally a Legislaion that has a spine. Gotta love Montana.

  • The best example of people coming together, which nearly broke Obama’s lead was $ 4.00 a gallon gas. The poeple came together and said Drill….gas prices fell like a rock to under $2.00 a gallon… Why, because the people were united for the first time I can remember in history, regardless of political ties…The price gouging went beyond the limit of affordability and The people said Enough….. It worked then, so it can work again.

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