NEWSFLASH: Timothy Geithner Has Never Been A Banker…

Somehow having a US Treasury Secretary that has never been a banker and does not pay his taxes even though he is in charge of the IRS seems upside down to me…how about you?

Wonders never cease with this crew of thugs.  When is the next tea party?

Want To Know Why Obama Loves Iran? Follow The Money!

Want To Know Why Obama Loves Iran? Follow The Money!

(h/t to Atlas Shrugs – again!!!)

Wow! Look what they are doing with our hard earned taxpayer money now!

Tehran – US Banks To Set up Iran Branch

Tehran – Four American banks, including Citibank and Goldman Sachs, have applied for opening a branch in Iran, an Iranian daily has reported.

The banks made a formal request to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) about 20 days ago to establish a branch in the country, the Jaam-e-Jam newspaper quoted an informed source as saying.

“If the CBI approves their request, these four banks will set up a temporary branch in an Iranian free trade zone,” the source told Jaam-e-Jam, without revealing the names of the other two banks.

“If they can work according to Iran’s banking law, they will be allowed to open branches in Tehran and other cities.”

The report comes as Tehran and Washington are to enter direct negotiations to resolve a standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Earlier this month, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — the US, Russia, China, France and Britain – plus Germany (P5+1) invited Iran for negotiations on the country’s uranium enrichment program.

The upcoming meeting will mark the first time the US will sit at the negotiating table with Iran without setting preconditions — such as demanding Iran give up its uranium enrichment activities.

The two Wall Street giants — Goldman Sachs and Citibank — have been hard hit by the economic recession in the US.

Goldman Sachs reported first-quarter earnings of $1.66 billion on Monday, which easily surpassed Wall Street’s estimates.

The investment bank also launched a $5 billion common stock offering in the hopes of using the proceeds to help it pay back $10 billion in government aid it received last year.

Citibank is the consumer banking arm of Citigroup, which has received $45 billion in bailout funds from the US government.

And Atlas’ response to this is classic:

If you bank at Citibank – move it out. Seriously. Do you want to fund a jihad nuke? Do you want to underwrite genocide? Do you want to fund the fourth Reich? Do you want to expedite the “12 Mahdi” insanity? Do you support publicly hanging gays, stoning women, and imprisoning bloggers – to name a few of their recent contributions to humanity?

Don’t do business with jihadis and killers. Do you have money in the market? Tell your broker NO SHARIAH FINANCE. Do it!

Want to take a gander at all of Goldman Sachs on one map?


Make sure to visit Mike Morgan’s site; GoldmanSachs666 for an interesting map that is a bit less crowded.

“Legalized Plunder”

I thought y’all might find this interesting, and you will see quite quickly exactly what I mean when Bob Jones speaks to the crowd at the Corpus Christi, Texas, Tax Day Tea Party.  Mr. Jones is eloquent, straight forward, and full of common sense.  I am thinking “Stop Legalized Plunder” is a catchy slogan for tea party signs.

Anybody have Janeane Garofalo’s email address?

I want to send this to her.

The Back Story: Obama Chokes During Somali Pirate Attack

Remember this from the Washington Post on Sunday, April 12th?

Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage (coming from a senior administration source – that is a huge clue right there)

Many of you were asking where the SEAL teams were on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and my response was,”It’s obvious, Bambi hasn’t given the go ahead”, and then later I stated, “When does the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World have to issue authorization twice?”  He doesn’t, unless of course the wussie-in-charge is covering something up by “over-doing”.

From WorldNetDaily:

How Obama actually delayed pirate rescue
SEAL team deployment stalled 36 hours, hampered by limited rules of engagement

WASHINGTON – While Barack Obama is basking in praise for his “decisive” handling of the Somali pirate attack on a merchant ship in the India Ocean, reliable military sources close to the scene are painting a much different picture of the incident – accusing the president of employing restrictive rules of engagement that actually hampered the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips and extended the drama at sea for days.

Multiple opportunities to free the captain of the Maersk Alabama from three young pirates were missed, these sources say – all because a Navy SEAL team was not immediately ordered to the scene and then forced to operate under strict, non-lethal rules of engagement.

They say the response duty office at the Pentagon was initially unwilling to grant an order to use lethal force to rescue Phillips. They also report the White House refused to authorize deployment of a Navy SEAL team to the location for 36 hours, despite the recommendation of the on-scene commander.

The White House also turned down two rescue plans offered up by the Seal commander on the scene and the captain of the USS Bainbridge.

The SEAL team operated under rules of engagement that required them to do nothing unless the hostage’s life was in “imminent’ danger.

In fact, when the USS Bainbridge dispatched a rigid-hull inflatable boat to bring supplies to the Maersk Alabama, it came under fire that could not be returned even though the SEAL team had the pirates in their sights.

Many hours before the fatal shots were fired, taking out the three young pirates, Phillips jumped into the Indian Ocean with the idea of giving the snipers a clear target. However, the SEAL team was still under orders not to shoot.

Hours later, frustrated by the missed opportunities to resolve the standoff, the commander of the Bainbridge and the captain of the Navy SEAL team determined they had operational authority to evaluate the risk to the hostage, and took out the pirates at the first opportunity – finally freeing Phillips.

Anybody else sick to death of this administration?

The “One Big A$$ Mistake, America” Tour Continues

The “One Big A$$ Mistake, America” Tour Continues


The “One Big A$$ Mistake, America” Tour continues for American citizens who are continually being herded toward taking violent action in this country by the wussie-in-charge who has no moral compass and no testicular fortitude.  Too bad there are so many Tea Party attendees that KNOW that violence is not the means by which we will get our sovereignty and pride back, and who will not stoop to Bambi’s foul game.  Mr.  Wimp-In-Charge, are you listening?  The people you are pissing off and trying to herd like cats are in the top 30% of the class, unlike ACORN and the Obama Army.  Keep it up; 50 million of us are going to be surrounding the Capitol soon, with our grills and our kids doing a little tailgate partying, shutting down business and sending you and all your buddies in congress, (both Donkey and Elephant),  home.  Make sure you take Hillary with you when you leave.  Anybody else feel like we now need to send letters of apology to Americans, like we did for Gordon Brown and the French?  Un-frikkin-believable…

Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago — President Obama endured a 50-minute diatribe from socialist Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega that lashed out at a century of what he called terroristic U.S. aggression in Central America and included a rambling denunciation of the U.S.-imposed isolation of Cuba’s Communist government.

Obama sat mostly unmoved during the speech but at times jotted notes. The speech was part of the opening ceremonies at the fifth Summit of the Americas here.

Later, at a photo opportunity with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Obama held his tongue when asked what he thought about Ortega’s speech.

“It was 50 minutes long. That’s what I thought.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ignored two questions about Ortega’s speech, instead offering lengthy praise of a cultural performance of dance and song opening the summit.

“I thought the cultural performance was fascinating,” Clinton said. Asked again about the Ortega speech, Clinton said: “To have those first class Caribbean entertainers on all on one stage and to see how much was done in such a small amount of space, I was overwhelmed.”

A senior administration official declined to criticize Ortega, saying the president wanted to focus on the future.

The only problem here is that it becoming more and more obvious that the future the Obama/Pelosi Administration wants, and the future we want our children to grow up in are eons apart.  Is it any wonder that the Tea Parties are about taking the credit card away from a bunch of spoiled brats?

Reinhard Heydrich Excellence In Gestapo Tactics Award Goes To…

…The United States Border Patrol AND the Arizona Dept. of “Public Safety” (that’s a frakkin’ joke, and I should know, I lived in Tempe for 10 years) for beating and tazering Pastor Steven Anderson inside the borders of the United States.  Hitleresque enough for you bambibots?

Pastor beaten, Tasered for defending his rights
But Supreme Court grants agents exception to obeying Constitution

An Arizona pastor – Tasered, bloodied by broken glass and sporting 11 stitches in his head – claims his injuries came from being stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint 75 miles inside the U.S. and then being battered by police for refusing to allow agents to search his vehicle.

The incident earlier this week highlights tension between constitutional rights, the issue of border security and a controversial Supreme Court ruling that grants an exceptional level of police authority near the Mexican border.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe claims he did nothing to deserve his eventual arrest and believes that when he refused to allow the search of his car he was simply standing up for his Fourth Amendment rights, which protect him against unreasonable search without a warrant.

Anderson further questions why the Border Patrol is allowed to stop and search cars at a checkpoint along Interstate 8, 75 miles inland of where the highway nears the Mexican border at Yuma, Ariz.

“I was in the United States! I had crossed no international border!” writes Anderson in commentary accompanying a video he made about his experience.

“I didn’t have any drugs; I didn’t have a human beings in my car,” he claims in the video itself. “Why is this happening in the United States of America?”

Make sure you go over and read the whole article.

Guess what?  This American citizen spent the night in jail, his arraignment will be on Friday where he will be pleading NOT GUILTY!

Jesus, Mary & Joseph – this qualifies for the “Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me Award?” Also!!!

“Out Of Respect For Transparency”…Not So Much

The White House wants transparency?  How stupid does this administration and Congress think we are?  Probably as much as the last administration and Congress thought we were.  For those of you that think I am bashing Bambi and the Democrats; well yes I am – just as much as I am bashing both Bushs, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, Carter and every president and congress in all their bi-partisanship all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt who really started us on this road by allowing the Federal Reserve, NY Bankers and “centers”, “think tanks” and “institutes” to shape American policy here and abroad.  If you don’t think Teddy was in the middle of this, then you better start doing your research.

Let’s start here…

Obama consulted widely on memos

White House senior adviser David Axelrod says President Barack Obama spent about a month pondering whether to release Bush-era memos about CIA interrogation techniques, and considered it “a weighty decision.”

“He thought very long and hard about it, consulted widely, because there were two principles at stake,” Axelrod said . “One is … the sanctity of covert operations … and keeping faith with the people who do them, and the impact on national security, on the one hand. And the other was the law and his belief in transparency.”

The president consulted officials from the Justice Department, the CIA, the director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department, according to his adviser.


A former top official in the administration of President George W. Bush called the publication of the memos “unbelievable.”

“It’s damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama’s action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake.”

This post is NOT about whether we should torture or not; that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.  This post is about transparency.  Let’s throw this issue out to the unwashed masses and keep them looking at Bambi and the administration and not at the Federal Reserve and US Treasury.

Stop stalling and show us the bailout books

Unwarranted secrecy regarding the largest disbursement of public funds in U.S. history continues in the executive branch. So Congress should finally exercise its oversight authority and find out where every last bailout dollar has been spent. Three major news organizations – Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, and The New York Times – had to file lawsuits against the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board after they were refused bailout documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). All three were stiffed by an administration that failed to deliver on a promise of more government transparency and accountability. In response to its lawsuit seeking compensation agreements between the government and two of the largest bailout recipients, Fox finally received 10,096 pages of heavily redacted documents from Treasury showing that “virtually all the details of the bailout were worked out among a handful of lawyers.” Good. Congress just needs a handful of subpoenas to get to the bottom of it.

All three news organizations still have FOIA lawsuits pending against the Fed. The Times suit, filed March 23, seeks documents concerning the Fed’s decision to invoke emergency powers under the Federal Reserve Act in relation to the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the $787 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The paper also wants copies of all contracts with institutions that qualified for mind-boggling amounts of federal dollars in order to determine whether taxpayers were adequately protected.
The Sunlight Foundation received four names in response to its FOIA request seeking the identity of senior Treasury officials who are also members of the TARP Investment Committee – a small group that makes big decisions about which banks get how much of our money. The Government Accountability Office has already criticized them for not being sufficiently transparent in disbursing almost half of the TARP funds. Which is why Secretary Timothy Geithner and the small group of Treasury officials involved should be summoned to Capitol Hill, put under oath, and forced to tell the American people the truth – including a clear explanation of why banks that didn’t want TARP funds were forced to accept them, and why some banks are not allowed to give TARP money back.

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Janeane Garofalo

What a surprise is in store for Janeane from all of us racist, mentally disfunctional, illiterate, sub-prime intellect, Klan members who know nothing about history.

That’s the second time this week I and my spousal unit have been called a racist, and I predict it will not be the last time.  Massively funny, considering he is a Native American.  I am thinking that Janeane’s career is on hold and she is looking for some face time to get it back on track.  How many of you think that Janeane knows about the Pilgrims Society or Jekyll Island?

Enjoy this video; don’t get your panties in a bunch though.  This is a perfect example of what I stated yesterday; the anti-tea party people are in the bottom half of the class.  The United States is in trouble because of the 47% (including Janeane) that think that socialism is perfectly A-okay.  The most ironic moment comes when I think about everything the tea party attendees are doing to save Janeane’s right to free speech…

P.S. Janeane? I have been an indie voter for 25 years.

You Cannot Get More Irony Than This….John Zeigler Arrested

You Cannot Get More Irony Than This….John Zeigler Arrested

H/T To Pat Dollard

Filmmaker Of “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected” Arrested By USC Security

His crime? Daring to interview USC journalism students about Katie Couric’s journalistic practices. You can contact the Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications here:

Office of the Dean
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
3502 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281
tel. (213) 740-6180
fax (213) 740-3772

The school of Journalism Department (A division of the ASC) here:

School of Journalism
USC Annenberg, Suite 303
tel. (213) 740-3914
fax (213) 740-8624

Link: Ziegler Arrest

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