I Have One Question…

MsPlacedDemocrat just put up a post about Bambi attacking Fox News and Tax Day Tea Partiers, where she makes some very relevant points.  I only have one question…and it is completely off topic; why is bambi in St. Louis? Anybody, anybody?

By Logistics Monster


  • To spend more of our money…and so we won’t pay attention to the fact we have had the first death from swine flu and WHO has raised the pandemic level to 5. And something else? But what?

    • “IT” is whatever I have been searching for; for the last three weeks. We may never hear about “it” because some people are keeping pretty damn mum – but we all know in our guts that so many crisis’ so close together point to only one thing – something else is going on.

  • Why is Pampers in St. Louis? Because his pal Claire is an unqualified douchebag so he has to campaign for her. And because he’s a braying ass running for 2012.

  • He makes me so sick- I get angrier the more I see him trivialize people who oppose his policies. I just want to scream! I agree Diamond- something else is going on- and I am really frightened. He doesn’t waste a crisis, and now with the swine flu… God only knows what he is up to. I pray for our country.

  • Obama is a distraction. That’s all. The crisis of the day gives him something to say. He is a cipher, meant to distract us from whatever it is. See here we are all talking about him and St. Louis. Follow money, as Diamond taught me, follow legislation as my reader’s taught me, follow Chicago’s handlers-in-the WH. Don’t follow nObody. Hi diamond you’ve got mail coming.

  • Catsden,

    You are right – Obama is just the bright, shiny object. That being said, why St. Louis? Will there be a major outbreak of H1N1 there in 6-7 days?

    And how is it the man they proclaim as president of the United States of America shook hands with a man in Mexico who died the next day of H1N1 and we’ve not heard of him taking doses of Tamiflu or seeing a physician to ensure he wasn’t infected? Why isn’t the Obamedia crawling all over the story since their lord and savior has been exposed?

    Something seriously not right here…

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    The best news is:

    Obama, his corrupt criminal administration, the radical left wing power brokers, DISMISS all of us, and believe that we will stay under our rocks for the next 4-8 years. GIGGLE head fake war room master Carville says we will “ENJOY” 40 years of radical democrat suprene rule.

    SO as always they can MOCK us, discount us, insult us, and abuse us 24 hours 365 and think that they have us under their foot.

    I have a sneaking feeling they are in for one huge surprise.

    Personally, 3 most unlikely folks, are mad as hell and want to know what they can do. One a die hard life long democrat a sibiling, two who voted for Obama and now have serious regrets, one of which was a die hard UNION addict. Over the past month I was surprised by the turn of these three folks, one even related that she did NOT dare tip her children off to her concerns and desperate desire to DO SOMETHING.

    SO I gave her the 9/12, TEA party, resistance pitch and she is going to pull up the boot straps and get out on the streets with us July 4th. Only one of the other two are willing to get involved just now.

    MORAL of the story is, we are not talking to the folks who are not internet junkies, those who work long hours and have kids to raise, those who never listen to talk radio, those who think they have no were to turn, and those who just never were interested or concerned with politics and harbor their new found fears.

    1. WE ALL NEED to stop typing at each other, and picking fights with the KOS and hate groups who post on the conservative sites and get out into the real world and bring these folks into our fold.

    2. WE NEED some connection in our resistance network to publish a very very simple flyer on each of the grave radical moves Obama is making, so that we can download and distribute with ACTION suggestions.

    3. THOSE polls, I think they are rigged crap, and or they are calling the same Acorn FOLKS every week.

    WE all need to get 10 folks to get 10 folks and so on to make the resistance revolution on July 4th. WE NEED TO HELP GET THEM TO SHOW UP. MORE than we can imagine are so ready to grab pitchforks and torches.

    We all need to spend our energies during the next 30 days, helping these fence sitters to jump off and move with us.

    WE have to make July 4th a screaming success or we are toast for 100 years!

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -



    well, I suspect that OBAMA is parading around the nation to blow hot air up our pants to distract us from the EVIL event he has planned for us and then he will rape every single one of us.

    HE got ARLAN, he is waiting for FREAKEN ! to be sworn in. THEN he will make his master move.

    SOMETHING like on a LONG weekend, turn off our power, and turn off all communications, on the Monday or Tues the Financial markets will collapse and then make his HUGO Chavez move !

    I am not alone in this concern.

    HE WILL BLAME everyone else, and then force an uprising and chaos, declare a National emergency, activate his radical ARMY in waiting and give us his final rules for radicals.

    ONE ONLY HAS to read the Saul Alinsky rules for radicals, match up with the teachings of Bill Ayers the SOROS billions and aspirations of SOROS and connect the dots.

    Obama is snister, evil and the most dangerous man in the world.

    He flips us the finger, laughs at us when he flashes that sinister evil smirk.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -


    to all your valued fans: in case our meeting with the teleprompter does not go well.


    to add to your stash of food, water, cash, gas, matches, candles, and that critical list of address for your kids to contact or possible meeting places, should “IT” hit the fan, would be a hamm radio in case BHO pulls the power, cell phone plug in his HUGO Chavez move. Teach your kids how to use it:

  • BO is such a clown and a distraction. He is there to make us look everywhere but where we should be looking. “THEY” have been out in the open lately with their agenda and have had BO talking up a World Government. When they are out in the open like this, they believe that they have already won, that there is nothing we can do to stop them. Keep your powder dry and dig your foxholes deep (and stock up on natural flue remedies)!!!!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama has half of this country believing that even a turd taste good if you start eating it from the small end. Personally I can’t stand to look at or listen to the commie Muslim POS. I’m long tired of his lying and his constant search for idiots that will slobber all over him. 100 days seems like a hundred years. Don’t worry though it’s going to get worse, because he soon will appoint a radical, commie, leftist, Muslim bastard to the Supreme Court. I don’t know how to stop the maddness sweeping over us but I am open to suggestions. Obonzo ridiculed the tea partys as I suspected he would. His arrogance will not allow him to be threatened by American patriots, we are only a slight irritation to him and he is the Messiah sent by Allah to save the world.

    New Zealand anyone!

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