Another Thread To The Pilgrims Society

H/T to Practical Madman for the link, there are 11 more videos in the series.  I got to 3:30 where Prescott Bush is mentioned, and y’ll know what that means.   Watch, and once again, you decide.  For those of you that are interested, I have put a drop-down page up top under The Pilgrims Society with all 12 videos.  I am now going back down the rabbit hole….

2 thoughts on “Another Thread To The Pilgrims Society”

  1. Take a look at this little book put out by the Anglo-American Committee in New York in 1899. It looks like the Anglo-American Commitee was founded in London, followed by a similar club in New York. Sounds like the Pilgrims but a few years sooner. Probably many of the same people. The plain text version is missiong some stuff so select the pdf. file instead.

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