“The Moral Of The Story: No President Is Going To Change Your Life Circumstances.”

Racist, white power, redneck, teabaggers….you gotta love it when reality bitchslaps the MSM and Hollyweird.

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Way to give them hell them Katrina. I grew up as Katrina did on the wrong side of the tracks, I know full well what poverty is all about, as a child we moved from one rat and cock roach infested house to another to stay ahead of repo man. My family lived on welfare, food stamps and the generosity of others. Most of us were sent to work in the fields when we were 12 years old and were paid $2.00 a day.

    The choice to live as a parasite, existing off the labor of others or to become a viable part of society was a difficult one, because lets face it, you could eat,sleep, and breed all day, or you could get off your ass and make something of yourself. Unfortunately most chose to live off the labor of others. It’s an easy choice in America, you give me welfare, and I never have to work a day in my life and in exchange I will vote for you and you will never have to work a day in your life. I chose Katrina’s path, I got through High School, graduated from a 4 year trade school program, and now have 2 college degrees.

    I am damn proud to be an American, and damn proud to be a patriot. I don’t need Obama’s help, and I don’t want his Socialism. We need more people like Katrina to start speaking up, she is a prime example of the good that comes from hard work and the desire to be part of the solution rather then part of the problem.

    Nuff said

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I very much admire Katrina’s determanation to not allow this administration to force us into a sosialistic government. We need more people like her to speak for Americans. We will have more ralies to show our legislators and the non-president that we mean business. I have wonderful, young grandchildren and I will do everything in my power to see that they grow up in a country where freedom rings!

  • Beautiful and inspiring, and a great kick in the teeth of MSM’s accusations of racism at anyone who dares to invoke the names of our founding fathers, exercise their right to freedom of expression or love of country.

  • Her story just shows that if you pull yourself up by the boot straps, and stop feeling sorry for yourself, you can succeed without the government’s social programs. That speech is proof that these rallies were NOT racially motivated like the “Obamaites” claim!

  • There will be more rallies, and more people like Katrina speaking out. This was just the opening salvo in an ongoing war to take back, and keep, our country from the despots who are trying to remake us in their own image.

    The backbone of our country is made up of people like Katrina, who don’t think that “work” is a dirty word, and they will only take so much of this socialism crap that is being pushed down our throats before they rise up enmasse and tell Obama and Co. to stick it.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    WE can do what about it ?

    WELL, the extreme radicals on the left keep making our day EVERY DAY!

    The more they spew their hate and deranged demented character, the MORE FOLKS SITTING ON the fence are tipping over to our side:

    SO:::::::::::: If Not Memorial day, (hear rumblings of another protest On Memorial day to HONOR those VETS that JANET “HIMMLER” GESTAPO COMMANDE calls terrorists.

    JULY 4th from sea to sea and on to DC appears to be on:
    SO ROUND UP your groups, expand them, plan to be there!

    respond to any MSM reporter or “HUFFPUFF” type of bloggers.

    JOIN HANDS, surround them without a sound:
    dead space is hard to run 24/7 for a month or two.

    DO NOT engage in any violence
    ARRIVE in your SUV’s, pay your own way:
    your groups can hold community fund raisers if funds needed to BUY BILLBOARDS along the freeways OR ??

    LETS all just stop typing at the LIBTARDS, the wacko’s and start making those signs, holding your meetings

    fire up the phones, faxes, emails, snail mail to let OBAMA know that there will be another resistance movement.

    (he didn’t have a clue last time)

    WE will surprise them, so MOVE IT:::
    google the already organized July 4th resistance movements in your area and HOOK UP:

    MOVE IT:

  • Mary Ellen -

    At this point, most Americans are in survival mode. Some of the delusional are sure that if they just sit tight, Obama will take care of them…they have “hope”. I’m not sure how many more of our rights and freedoms need to be taken away before they “get” it, but I do know that if we want to survive, we have to do it despite who is in the White House.

  • Diamond- we all know how hard you work I just really do not know how to verify information in the manner others seem to. That is why I pass it to you, I know you will decide what is worth your time.

    By the way thanks for all you do.

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