Red Crayon Math

Larry Summers surprised by tax day tea parties, and using red crayon math for the rest of the interview.

By Logistics Monster


  • David Gagin -

    So, Mr. Summers…how is it that letting the Bush tax cuts expire doesn’t equate a tax increase? Care to show us that math?

    MSNBC: Try going out and getting real jobs? You’ll find you will have a hard time of it. That’s because everyone can see how freakin’ INCOMPETENT you are in your present employment! Just one request for all you communism sympathizers: Leave our country, and live as a citizen of a communist country, like china for example. If you like- why don’t you just stay there and leave us be!

  • Armey gets it of course! He is quite correct. The taxes will have to raise taxes on all people. When the Bush tax cuts expire all taxes will go up. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is asleep at the wheel.

    When Bush put the tax cuts into place our taxes went down and we make less than $250,000 per year. So it is quite simple that all Americans will see their taxes go up. Red Crayon Math!

    Lets not forget cap and trade throught the backdoor of the EPA….hmmm! More unemployment anyone! and more taxes. Summers is butthead! Someone get him a new crayon or a brain transplant!

  • David Gagin -

    navyvet, I agree with you. And another thing: since when does being a Patriot mean you become a yes-man for the government? That’s what these talking-butts seem to think on MSNBC and other outlets of MSM effluent. OHHHHH…if you say stuff against what the government is doing then you are a “TRAITOR”! Excuse me? But are WE not the government? What about that part? Well it’s TRUE, and when the boys and girls in Washington are causing our country to go to hell in a hand-basket, then it’s our DUTY as well as our RIGHT to straighten things out! If Congress behaves like they need adult supervision, that’s what we should give them!

  • Larry Summers is surprised by the Tea Parties? What the devil did he expect? That we were going to roll over and play dead while our Constitution and Country were trashed by Obama and company?

    Just because enough voters were hoodwinked into helping Axelrod steal the election for his buddy, these enablers think the majority of Americans will go along just to get along. You’d better have another think coming, Summers, more and more Americans are waking up each day, and the next Tea Parties will be larger than ever.

    Taxes have already begun rising on the local level. Take the cigarette tax in Maryland, for example. I don’t smoke and feel sorry for anyone who is hooked on this habit but $1 a pack tax? Give me a break. And although the value of homes is plummeting, but the assessment and the tax rate is not going down. In essence, this is an increase in taxes on property. If our home isn’t worth as much but the taxes are the same as when it was valued higher, this is indeed an increase in taxes. How dumb do they think we are?

    I think Larry Summers was truly perplexed. The Obama crew just doesn’t get it. And to rent an expensive hotel and have it redecorated just for one night in Strausbourg for the King and his entourage (at a cost to the taxpayers of $1 million dollars) he is slapping us in the face. When Americans are losing their homes right and left, he can’t be bothered to sleep one night in a hotel room just because he doesn’t like the furniture. Dear Lord, deliver us from this den of thieves.

    • Lee? I hadn’t heard about the hotel room business. Are you writing this up over at IA or could you please send the link so that I may?

  • Not just a room, Diamond, he took the complete hotel, meeting rooms, dining rooms, the works. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!!!!!!

  • The article is first in French and then on down the page in English. You have to go to the very end of the article.

    Why am I in moderation? Have I done something wrong?

  • Lee – you aren’t in moderation – email me how your computer is acting if you want….and Lee? You would never be in moderation unless you were being VERY VERY VERY BAD! Somehow I do not see that happening anytime soon. 😉

  • Of course I’m just a math-deficient female, but I can’t make Summers (or Obamas)math add up. How can taxes drop for 95% of the people yet spending goes up more than every other administration since the country was founded (combined)? Must be my lack of a penis that makes me too dumb to grasp how tax cuts expiring does not equal more taxes.

    Of course, being a naturally stupid person with scary lady parts, I did notice that when David asked him a point blank question, the little hermaphrodite never once answered it; he just said “I think I’ve been perfectly clear” or “I think President Obama has been perfectly clear”. Personally, I don’t think either one of them has ever been clear about anything!

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