Day: April 19, 2009

Want To Know Why Obama Loves Iran? Follow The Money!

(h/t to Atlas Shrugs - again!!!) Wow! Look what they are doing with our hard earned taxpayer money now! Tehran - US Banks To Set up Iran Branch Tehran - Four American banks, including Citibank and Goldman Sachs, have applied for opening a branch in Iran, an Iranian daily has reported. The banks made a formal request to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) about 20 days ago to establish a branch in the country, the Jaam-e-Jam newspaper quoted an informed source as saying. "If the CBI approves their request, these four banks will set up a temporary branch in…
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“Legalized Plunder”

I thought y'all might find this interesting, and you will see quite quickly exactly what I mean when Bob Jones speaks to the crowd at the Corpus Christi, Texas, Tax Day Tea Party.  Mr. Jones is eloquent, straight forward, and full of common sense.  I am thinking "Stop Legalized Plunder" is a catchy slogan for tea party signs. Anybody have Janeane Garofalo's email address? I want to send this to her.
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