Reinhard Heydrich Excellence In Gestapo Tactics Award Goes To…

…The United States Border Patrol AND the Arizona Dept. of “Public Safety” (that’s a frakkin’ joke, and I should know, I lived in Tempe for 10 years) for beating and tazering Pastor Steven Anderson inside the borders of the United States.  Hitleresque enough for you bambibots?

Pastor beaten, Tasered for defending his rights
But Supreme Court grants agents exception to obeying Constitution

An Arizona pastor – Tasered, bloodied by broken glass and sporting 11 stitches in his head – claims his injuries came from being stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint 75 miles inside the U.S. and then being battered by police for refusing to allow agents to search his vehicle.

The incident earlier this week highlights tension between constitutional rights, the issue of border security and a controversial Supreme Court ruling that grants an exceptional level of police authority near the Mexican border.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe claims he did nothing to deserve his eventual arrest and believes that when he refused to allow the search of his car he was simply standing up for his Fourth Amendment rights, which protect him against unreasonable search without a warrant.

Anderson further questions why the Border Patrol is allowed to stop and search cars at a checkpoint along Interstate 8, 75 miles inland of where the highway nears the Mexican border at Yuma, Ariz.

“I was in the United States! I had crossed no international border!” writes Anderson in commentary accompanying a video he made about his experience.

“I didn’t have any drugs; I didn’t have a human beings in my car,” he claims in the video itself. “Why is this happening in the United States of America?”

Make sure you go over and read the whole article.

Guess what?  This American citizen spent the night in jail, his arraignment will be on Friday where he will be pleading NOT GUILTY!

Jesus, Mary & Joseph – this qualifies for the “Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me Award?” Also!!!

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Nothing surprises me anymore, border patrol guard were jailed for defending themselves against drug dealers, two Muslims were caught outside a military base in South Carolina with explosives and home made mortar tubes and subsequently turned loose after they convinced a jury that they had nothing but fireworks. Obama is going to turn millions of illegal Mexicans,and Hamas Palastinians loose on the population of America. Illegal must mean something different in the politicians dictionary. I could have sworn that if something is illegal, it is against the law. Illegal must be a good thing because we have an illegal President, illegal Immigrants, illegal bills being passed and a pastor being illegally searched and beaten, may be he is a right wing extremist.

  • There is no sense to made of this but do we want to believe that this is the rule and not the exception? I really do not know.

    When my son was 17 he was coming home from work about 11pm, mom was always dozing on the couch. One night he came in very white and said ,” Mom I was pulled over tonight”, I asked him were you speeding, did you run a light, not giving him the benefit of the doubt. He said no but I was pulled over and they had guns drawn, they told me to put my hands out the window, I was so thankful that he did comply, he said them they came over had him get out of the car. At that point he was told that a car had been reported stolen, the car he was driving was 10 years older, a different color and the driving was a different race. I could not believe it he said that after it was apparent that he was not who they were looking for they told him if you ever get stopped give my name and we will take care of it. Now mind you if he was stopped for something he did I would not want it taken care of, but I could not help but wonder what would of happened to him if he had gotten smart mouthed or argued with the police. It really did break my heart as he had always been taught that the police where your friends and should be respected, I still do believe that but I am not surprised when these things happen. By they way this was about 13 years ago.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Hate to say this, but if the pastor had been a minority, the MSM would be sensationalizing the story to the ends of the earth. Bad things do happen to good people. Unfortunately, we have law enforcement officers who are over zealous in the performance of their job as we saw several weeks ago with the NFL player who was pulled over for running a red light on the way to the hospital. The officer handled his job correctly from the view point of the law, but lacked the training to handle the civilians who were dealing with an extremely traumatic family situation. All branches of law enforcment need to weed out the wackos, but I support all of the honest men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line for us everyday.

  • Sorry, Sparky, but this is not an instance of law enforcement officials acting legally. This is assault and battery. Simply tasering the man more than once should be grounds for an assault charge. As he stated, he was unable to move. What possible justification could there be for shooting him with a taser more than once, even if he was a criminal? And crushing his face into broken glass? Come on! The Border Patrol may not have done it (per the WND article), but they stood idly by while it was done by the DPS officers without so much as requesting them to stop.

    And while we’re at it, how did the DPS officers have any probable cause if the Border Patrol would not bring the dog back while they were there? I cannot imagine any legitimate court not tearing these men sworn to defend the public to shreds. They are animals and deserve to be jailed.

    If anyone reading this thinks that this is not soon to be the norm rather than an isolated incident, you are living in fantasy land. The Obama administration has made it clear that they are willing to take extraordinary measures to protect illegal activities by law enforcement. Local law enforcement officers are being trained by the Federales to hone their techniques for spotting “terrorists”, and you can bet your bottom dollar (or Amero) that anyone posting on this site is considered a terrorist.

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