“Out Of Respect For Transparency”…Not So Much

The White House wants transparency?  How stupid does this administration and Congress think we are?  Probably as much as the last administration and Congress thought we were.  For those of you that think I am bashing Bambi and the Democrats; well yes I am – just as much as I am bashing both Bushs, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, Carter and every president and congress in all their bi-partisanship all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt who really started us on this road by allowing the Federal Reserve, NY Bankers and “centers”, “think tanks” and “institutes” to shape American policy here and abroad.  If you don’t think Teddy was in the middle of this, then you better start doing your research.

Let’s start here…

Obama consulted widely on memos

White House senior adviser David Axelrod says President Barack Obama spent about a month pondering whether to release Bush-era memos about CIA interrogation techniques, and considered it “a weighty decision.”

“He thought very long and hard about it, consulted widely, because there were two principles at stake,” Axelrod said . “One is … the sanctity of covert operations … and keeping faith with the people who do them, and the impact on national security, on the one hand. And the other was the law and his belief in transparency.”

The president consulted officials from the Justice Department, the CIA, the director of National Intelligence and the Homeland Security Department, according to his adviser.


A former top official in the administration of President George W. Bush called the publication of the memos “unbelievable.”

“It’s damaging because these are techniques that work, and by Obama’s action today, we are telling the terrorists what they are,” the official said. “We have laid it all out for our enemies. This is totally unnecessary. … Publicizing the techniques does grave damage to our national security by ensuring they can never be used again — even in a ticking-time- bomb scenario where thousands or even millions of American lives are at stake.”

This post is NOT about whether we should torture or not; that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.  This post is about transparency.  Let’s throw this issue out to the unwashed masses and keep them looking at Bambi and the administration and not at the Federal Reserve and US Treasury.

Stop stalling and show us the bailout books

Unwarranted secrecy regarding the largest disbursement of public funds in U.S. history continues in the executive branch. So Congress should finally exercise its oversight authority and find out where every last bailout dollar has been spent. Three major news organizations – Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, and The New York Times – had to file lawsuits against the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board after they were refused bailout documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). All three were stiffed by an administration that failed to deliver on a promise of more government transparency and accountability. In response to its lawsuit seeking compensation agreements between the government and two of the largest bailout recipients, Fox finally received 10,096 pages of heavily redacted documents from Treasury showing that “virtually all the details of the bailout were worked out among a handful of lawyers.” Good. Congress just needs a handful of subpoenas to get to the bottom of it.

All three news organizations still have FOIA lawsuits pending against the Fed. The Times suit, filed March 23, seeks documents concerning the Fed’s decision to invoke emergency powers under the Federal Reserve Act in relation to the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the $787 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The paper also wants copies of all contracts with institutions that qualified for mind-boggling amounts of federal dollars in order to determine whether taxpayers were adequately protected.
The Sunlight Foundation received four names in response to its FOIA request seeking the identity of senior Treasury officials who are also members of the TARP Investment Committee – a small group that makes big decisions about which banks get how much of our money. The Government Accountability Office has already criticized them for not being sufficiently transparent in disbursing almost half of the TARP funds. Which is why Secretary Timothy Geithner and the small group of Treasury officials involved should be summoned to Capitol Hill, put under oath, and forced to tell the American people the truth – including a clear explanation of why banks that didn’t want TARP funds were forced to accept them, and why some banks are not allowed to give TARP money back.
By Logistics Monster


  • Like you said before Diamond…You always gotta keep your eye on the money.

  • Diamond, it took me about ten minutes to get into your site and to get this far. My computer is operating so slowly that I can’t really get any use out of it. This is the second day that it has been acting up. It doesn’t want to give me pictures or graphics at all.

    Diamond, I will be surprised if we ever get the truth about where all our money went (and is still going). The thieves at Treasury (both past and present) have been using us like a door mat and thumbing their collective noses at us in the bargain.

    And Obama releasing Bush’s memos is just another red herring to try to take our minds off what is really happening. They never give up, and we have to be just as persistant as they are.

  • Naughty, Naughty, Grail. But what an apt statement. Best description I’ve heard yet.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Axelrod is a master of Olinsky’s Rule for Radicals, keep them distracted with bullshit while they steal our freedoms. One of our sychophantic congress women from Florida actually believes that by stopping the rough interrogations, the terrorist will treat our service men and women with respect when they capture them, bullshit! Just how stupid and naive are Obama, Holder, Pelosi, and the rest of those idiots in Washington. The terrorist are going to continue to torture, rape, and decapitate their prisoners in the name of Allah.

    Simple solution don’t capture terrorist, kill them, problem solved.

  • First he releases the Bush memos this week…now he giving away our country to Chavez and Castro! How do like them apples. Obozo is doing everything in his power to destroy this country. It is more than just the money….it is also the fact that he is trying to be the great appeaser to everyone and leaving our country defenseless. An attack is imminent….I feel it in my bones…Rick Santorum spoke the words I have believed for sometime…there are sleeper cells in this country still. They are waiting for that crisis moment…and then boom…and Obozo will be out on his ass because he let our country be attacked again….

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    OBAMA is NOT stupid, dumb, inexperienced:


    MORE and more people are speaking out: seriously bothered by what they feel is EVIL.

    HE flashes us the finger and then releases that evil smirk. He lies about his calculated lies. And people, even those who voted for him are frightened.

    THESE POLLS, there is NO way his approval rating is even close to what is being presented. SOMETHING sinister about those too.

    THIS EVIL man must be kicked out of office ASAP.
    Every day he engages a revolutionary activity to destroy this country from within.

    THe resistance, revolution IS about OBAMA! The most evil and dangerous man in the WORLD !

    • Letty – I am going to disagree with you about bambi – he is a stupid, self absorbed teenager who is being driven by the real evil people: his wife, axelrod, pelosi and the pilgrims. Him flipping us off is meant to show how “bad” he is…just like a kid. This revolution is about ousting the corrupt government and taking back our financial future.

  • You are 100% correct DT. BO is just a puppet of the powers you named, and they are the puppets of those behind the curtain, those that control the real purse strings, the international banksters. We are the last hope of freedom on this planet. They already have 90% of the rest of the planet into some form of communist or socialist governance that they control. Once they clamp down on us….game over- they control the world.

    This revolution that is brewing IS about our financial future and ousting corrupt government (and the banksters that pull their strings). Jefferson warned us about giving the banksters the power to issue money, but we didn’t listen. In 1920 one of the Federal Reserve members even told us “If you take away all of the money from the bankers and leave them destitute, but leave them the power to issue money, with the stroke of a pen they will create enough money to buy the world again”.

    Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve is a start, but we need to take the power to issue currency AWAY from the banksters, or we only delay the inevitable. This is not nor ever has been a Republican/Democrat thing… it is a freeman/slave thing. Until America knows, understands, and acts on this knowledge, all else is just distraction to keep us from this realization.

  • Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that since the sock puppet was coronated there have been no criminal prosecutions of any kind: not against the CIA, nor against the bankers that committed a trillion $ worth of fraud, not against any of his former Chicago Pay-to-Play buddies, not against anyone from the Bush administration – in fact the only people being arrested these days appear to be true liberals and true conservatives.

    Not that I’m surprised, mind you, but doesn’t it seem odd that all the Huff-Po/Code Pink/PETA types haven’t noticed? After all, isn’t that what they were complaining about when they handed the world to the DemocRATs on a silver platter? Maybe it’s time to start calling the Fauxgressives on their line of crap publicly. I want their explanation of why they’re suddenly so friggin’ quiet and complacent!

  • You’ve given us some food for thought, Grail. Why haven’t any of those who broke the law been made to pay? What happened to the so-called investigations of the hedge funds? Fizzled out? And what about the law breakers at the SEC? Short investigation, wasn’t it?

    The obots are maybe so quiet because they’re waiting to see which of their favorite programs are going to get the axe, as Obambi announced he was going to do. Or was he only talking about Social Security and Medicare?

    Maybe they are waking up and becoming afraid. That sinister grin of his, so reminiscent of the Dark Man in Gene Rodenberry’s “Carnival”, is enough to scare anyone.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I have seen grins like Obama’s. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Sadam Hussien, and Osama Bin Laden all had the same smile.

  • The obots are maybe so quiet because they’re waiting to see which of their favorite programs are going to get the axe, as Obambi announced he was going to do. Or was he only talking about Social Security and Medicare?

    I thought he was referring to American Idol or Desperate Housewives.

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