Day: April 17, 2009

“Out Of Respect For Transparency”…Not So Much

The White House wants transparency?  How stupid does this administration and Congress think we are?  Probably as much as the last administration and Congress thought we were.  For those of you that think I am bashing Bambi and the Democrats; well yes I am - just as much as I am bashing both Bushs, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, Carter and every president and congress in all their bi-partisanship all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt who really started us on this road by allowing the Federal Reserve, NY Bankers and "centers", "think tanks" and "institutes" to shape American policy here and…
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Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Janeane Garofalo

What a surprise is in store for Janeane from all of us racist, mentally disfunctional, illiterate, sub-prime intellect, Klan members who know nothing about history. That's the second time this week I and my spousal unit have been called a racist, and I predict it will not be the last time.  Massively funny, considering he is a Native American.  I am thinking that Janeane's career is on hold and she is looking for some face time to get it back on track.  How many of you think that Janeane knows about the Pilgrims Society or Jekyll Island? Enjoy this video;…
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