You Cannot Get More Irony Than This….John Zeigler Arrested

H/T To Pat Dollard

Filmmaker Of “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected” Arrested By USC Security

His crime? Daring to interview USC journalism students about Katie Couric’s journalistic practices. You can contact the Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications here:

Office of the Dean
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
3502 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0281
tel. (213) 740-6180
fax (213) 740-3772

The school of Journalism Department (A division of the ASC) here:

School of Journalism
USC Annenberg, Suite 303
tel. (213) 740-3914
fax (213) 740-8624

Link: Ziegler Arrest

By Logistics Monster


  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    OK what do we have to do to get this guy our of OBAMA”s concentration camp ?

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH MARCH, you think ?

    MAKE IT A SAT. so that more folks can get out:

    WE also have to worry about that NO FENCE !
    and Anmesty, etc.

    WHEN will those protests be scheduled:

    WE do have a few months before JULY 4th:


  • I wonder if Walter Cronkite is aware of this being done in his name. I would tend to think Mr. Cronkite, an actual journalist, would be rather offended at this occurring while giving out an award named after him. Of course, I would tend to think he would be offended at Ms. Couric receiving the award in the first place…

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