Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Susan Roesgen Of CNN

….for unabashed media bias.  Bambibot reporter, Susan Roesgen, acting like the standard, irresponsible reporter for Communist News Network…and CNN wonders why they are getting their behind kicked by FOX News.

Next time Susan, leave YOUR AGENDA at home, let the people speak, and report the news!

UPDATE: 4/16/09
Hat Tip to Patman for dropping this video link on this site.

And how about this?

By Logistics Monster


  • WOW! Unbelievable! You know, I sit here and watch We The People being trampled on daily – then I see that kind of reporting going on – trying to make tax paying citizens look like fools because they aren’t hopping for hope – and I wonder just how the silent majority has managed to remain silent for so long… and why?
    She makes me absolutely sick. She may tout they’re getting a gazillion dollars from his lordship, but she’s leaving out the part the money has to come from somewhere.
    As my momma always told me – money doesn’t grow on trees.
    Logic… what a concept!

  • Wichita reporting got a bit ugly but not until the 10 pm news….one of the stations said we did our research and found Freedom Watch and Americans for Prosperity were involved so it was anything but grassroots. Of course that was crap….there wouldn’t have been a Tea Party if I hadn’t brought it to Wichita. I invited AFP onboard because up until the last year I led a pretty quiet life…and frankly didn’t know a lot of people.

  • May Shoemaker -

    CNN should fire Susan Roesgen. She is too opinionated to be a reporter. Not letting the gentlemen speak is ridulous. This is not fair reporting. I also notice that she has never returned to the Nancy Grace show since she was so very rude to Ms. Grace. Hopefully Nancy Grace put a stop to her ever appearing on her show again. We do not need that type of reporting.

  • Mary Ellen -

    I’m so glad you put this video up. I saw it on another blog and hope it goes viral. This just makes my blood boil and I hope that CNN takes a huge hit because of it. I think they should be boycotted until they quit calling their station a “news program”, call it what it is, propaganda bullshit.

  • What’s amazing to me Mary Ellen is that the bambibot reporters from all the stations (i.e. Chuck Todd) think it’s OKAY to stop being reporters and journalists and just fire away the bambibot message. I mean – it’s 2009, right? I thought yellow journalism WAS DEAD, and here they are acting like what they are doing is gospel and verse. PUUHLLLEEAASSEE! Frakkin’ CNN can’t figure out why FOX is beating them. I personally am a bit perturbed with FOX too, but at least there is some actual reporting in their broadcasts. I had to stop watching O’Reilly about 2 months ago, but Neil has got it going on.

  • Hi Tiger,This is 1sgboom on my sister’s computer. We attended the tea party here in Sacramento. Yesterday, there were an estimated 15,000 ANGRY AMERICANS at the State Capital. We weren’t Republicans, Democrats or Independents, we were AMERICANS. The lamestream media painted us as “extreme right wing nuts”. I watched that moron so called reporter from Clinton News Network, and I think someone should have taken that microphone and shoved it up her ass!I’d like to tell her that being “labeled” a right wing extremists by the secretary of D.H.S. is offensive to me as a disabled Veteran! I took my 17 yr old daughter with us, so she could practice her 1st Amendment right. ( she’s the one who her American Government teacher tried to deny her right to protest…but that’s another story.) She saw first hand what it means to stand up and voice your opposition to the Government…in a peaceful manner I might add. She taped the event, and is going to give a copy to her idiotic teacher when her mom and I meet with this dipwad next week. The Nobama radicals are saying we are the minority, well they’re right! Did you notice the lack of “people of color” at these rallies? Probably because they were all out spending their “welfare money” they got from Nobama! These rallies should be held every month to keep hammering at the issues, and I hope the criminal politicians took notice yesterday. They ALL need to be AFRAID…be VERY AFRAID!

  • Elmer Fudd -

    When people make an ass out of themselves, they usually do it is a small or private venue. Susan Rosegan did it in style on a national cable network. Speaking of which, any credibility of CNN as a “news” service has just gone down the poopshoot now that it is part of the Obama Ministry of Propaganda.

  • Leaping Spark -

    She was just doing her job as instructed by her Messiah Obama, during the campaign he instructed his sychophants to get in peoples faces and shout them down, more bullshit from Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Between the Quran, and Alinsky’s rules for radicals we have one screwed up radical Muslim puppy running our country followed blindly be his equally screwed up and mindless minions.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    NEXT TIME:::

    July 4th freedom marches, in DC and on the freeways accross the USA !


    GIVE the Communist National Network “DEAD SPACE” to run 24/7 for a few months:

    NOE ONE REPLY to the MSM nutters !

    Make it part of your group’s plan:

    ALSO grats to the group leaders (astroturf layers) who made special requests to PICK UP LITTER and to NOT litter:

    NOTICE Unlike the “SOROS” rent a violent crowd” or the pink panties, greenies, treehuggers, Jessie, Sharpton, the Unions, the radicals, the ACORN terrorists. etc. the LIBERAL protesters:

    NOT ONE building or car was burned
    ZERO looting
    ZERO rock throwing
    ZERO pies in the faces of speakers
    ZERO spitting on police
    ZERO laying down in the streets to obstruct the rights of other citizens
    Zero destruction of private property
    zero destruction of government property

    AND JANET “HIMMLER” DHS GESTAPO commander, is putting US on THEIR “LIST” ?


  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    BE nice:::

    Send her a thank you note, and everyone at CNN as well
    Send PELOSI a thank you note
    Send JANET “HIMMLER” the DHS GESTAPO commander a thank you note
    Send Dictator Obama (a hearing aide) and thank you note
    Send Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) who blasted “tea party” protests yesterday, labeling the activities “despicable” and shameful.” 3 thank you notes:


    NEXT protest::

    JULY 4th DC and on the FREEWAYS from SEA to SEA
    demanding the restoration of all of our individual rights to self determination:

    THEN on to 2010 to throw the bums out from top to bottom and bottom to top! PELOSI goes first:

    THEN on to 2012 to throw this corrupt criminal administration and their DHS GESTAPO COmmander O U T.


  • after watching the follow up video i found i funny that ms susan, and i am being kind, could become so stupid all of a sudden……what does this all mean? comment.

    she has no integrity and certainly showed her colors and where she got her marching papers. somebody give that lady a glass of cool aid. and offer it to reid and pelosi too. i will do the mixing.

    how can she or anybody else not understand it is our money they are spending and not care, unless of course they like feeding off the government tit

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