14 thoughts on “Are You Listening, Mr. President?”

  1. Isn’t it true that if Obama didn’t take the oath of office (not that error filled one in front of everyone) but the one he supposedly did with Roberts in privacy(?), he can just be thrown out cause he isn’t really president.

  2. I’m so glad we showed him that we are willing to fight for our country and our constitution. NOW can we get him out?

  3. Heavy rain on the Washington and Annapolis parades didn’t deter the protesters yesterday, they were so determined to show Mr. Obama (who wasn’t aware that it was happening, according to Gibbs) that we are sick and tired of letting his agenda roll on.

    I wonder where he was hunkered down that he didn’t see those huge crowds of people in D.C., in the rain, sending him a message?

  4. Diamond, I have a friend who was able to attend the Annapolis tea party. The place was packed with real Patriots, he said that walking among them made him proud to be an American. He said that there was no way the rain and the 43 degree temperature was going to dampen their enthusiasm.

    The spark of freedom still burns despite the efforts of the Axelrod, Obama, and Pelosi cabal of evil. Hopefully it grow into a patriotic wild fire that will cleanse our great nation.

  5. Maybe if OBAMA refuses to “LISTEN”

    we could all move to the NEW COUNTRY OF TEXAS

    help build that fence on the south border
    then one on the NORTH, next WEST then East

    or maybe we should start with the one on the NORTH :

    you think ?

  6. Today’s modern medicine is a wonderful thing, blood test can now nail down a persons ancestry. It was leaked to the net yesterday that Obama’s blood sample revealed that he is 50% white, 43% Arab, and 7% African. If this true and I suspect it is;
    Well, well, well It looks like Obama might have lied again, (“I’m black”) Obama’s features are much more Arabic the African. Sorry Anubis no offense meant.

    Obama lies and American freedoms die

  7. DT Oops, missed the blood thing somehow.

    Obama’s appeals to a fast growing group of black militants, the black Muslims, obviously the far left liberals, Helliwood, the CPUSA, Socialist for a Democratic America, our Communist propaganda machine the MSM, every Muslim extremist in the world, and all of the white people he was able to convince that we owed him the presidency because he claimed to be black.

    When you add his supporter base together, he is able to bullshit, control and manipulate a very substantial number of dimwitted people. Call me radical in my thinking but Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Barnes, the black militants, muslim extremist, Communist, Socialist, leftist liberals, illiterates, Helliwood idiots, and the MSM who all claim that America is evil, arrogant, has never worked, and needs to be changed at its very foundations can get the hell out of our country and never come back.

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