Glenn Beck and The San Antonio Tax Day Tea Party




“The Democrats Suck!….however no more than The Republicans Suck!”

By Logistics Monster


  • DaddysDarlin -

    To those who attended the tea parties, WELL DONE!!! To those of us flying our “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, we are all on Obama’s hit list, let them come and get us!
    Finally, someone in the media saying exactly how I feel, I am so damn tired of all this spending it makes me sick. My children and grandchildren will be saddled with a debt so immense it will take generations to overcome. We can thank Bush and Obama for that, as much as Obama wants this country to think he needed to spend that much money bailing out Bush’s failures, we know the truth, Obama bailed out his friends and they all got richer while this country is in a tragic state.
    It is outrageous to think that those of us who are fed up are treated as pariahs, a splinter group of disgruntled Hillary supporters, instead of who and what we really are, Americans who care about our country and our Constitution. We want to protect our rights and the rights of our children. You might try to take them away under the guise of national security, but we know exactly what you’re doing.
    Pretty soon the entire country will be on Obama’s shit list, by then I hope he is kicked out of the White House, a home he never belonged in in the first place.
    Obama is a fraud, not even an American citizen, and when the courts finally uphold the laws of this country he will be found out for the fraud he is.
    Go back to Kenya where you belong Obama and leave us Americans alone!

  • Mary Ellen -

    The most difficult thing for me is living in a family of Obama supporters. I feel as if I’m such a misfit now. My family were always avid Democrats and supported each other in our distaste for Bush. Now, they can’t seem to separate themselves from their party, even though there is so much evidence against Obama…they support him no matter what he says or does. It’s as if all their common sense has been tossed out the window. My daughter called me today to tell me all about “the stupid tea-baggers that are protesting.” I didn’t give her the response she hoped for and the conversation needed to end. She thinks I’m a Republican now. They just don’t get it…country before party means nothing to them.

  • Mary Ellen – my heart goes out to you. I will be putting up the Kona Tea Party update soon…as I have not yet left my home and it is going on for hours!!! We will see if Hawaii is waking up yet!!

    Thanks for stopping by – we miss you here!

  • I attended the Rochester Tea Party today and was absolutely uplifted by the across the board, no political party loyalty support from hundreds of like-minded strangers. Then I came home tonight and checked several PUMA blogs where we were mocked and/or dismissed.


    It’s tough to know who the enemy is sometimes.

  • I was at the Madison, WI teaparty today- thousands- I read 8,000- were there. It was wonderful!

  • I went to the Mandeville, La. tea party today. No politics, no Obama bashing. Just Americans showing support for the constitution and a severe lack of trust in the country’s direction. The last speaker did talk about revolution, and after he left the stage I witnessed him walk up to an FBI agent (suit, badge, gun…) and ask “Well, How did I do?”!!! I believe that he was a plant to encourage civil unrest.

    A friend went to another one about 45 miles away,and it was all Republican politics and taking back control in 2010.

    It is a shame that this noble cause is being hijacked by others for their gain. Funny, at both tea parties, just minutes into the proceedings, the power to the amps was cut (by whom?) and they had to finish without mics!!! Just a coincidence????

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I went to two tea parties in my area. With a constant cold rain all day there were probably 200 in this little town with only one intersection with a light. Everyone just stood with their signs and cars honked for us. No speakers, just a lot of people comcerned with the way our country is going. I don’t know if they were repubs, dems or what. Everyone just got along. It was put together at the last minute. The other one was in a slightly larger town, but the same thing, about 3-400 at that one. Again on a steet intersection, no particular parties involved. Even with the rain it was very nice and a lot of fun.

  • REScottish -

    libdems(pelosi,fwank,reid,billary) do suck more than Repubs,our own Mich. Canadian born Gov granholm is on obongos “Financial Advisory Team”.You’ve seen her standing behind him at his chats smiling, the blonde with the lesbo haircut and smirk..All of us here tried to warn you..nobama is doing to You and the Country what she has done here, step by step, word for word, and it’s a failure. One year ago today, un-employment was 7.6% today it’s 12.6% with Northern Mich at 17.5%, Detroit somewhere at 25-35%. and we do a lot more here than just build cars..The only biz that has gotten bigger here is Government $1.6 BILLION Worth, and the State is BROKE..Keep your eyes on granholm and you’ll know obongos next move….PS..SEE……….

  • Our local tea party was one those “damn liberals, damn Democrats” affairs so I didn’t go. Somehow the GOP keeps forgetting they put the Biggest Moron In History in the White House for eight years, then wouldn’t support a real politician, McCain, when he ran. Now we have this pseduo-political neophyte in the White House and he, as we knew he would, is doing nothing other than feathering his own nest and the wealthy bankers et. al. who put him in office. We have to make the middle, but it is awfully difficult with all the sniping from the Left and the bashing from the Right. If the hard-core GOPers will shut about about damn Democrats and damn liberals they may find a whole host of moderate Democrats who will support moderate Republicans because that word, moderate, is more important than party labels.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I agree with Glen Beck both the Republicans and Democrats suck. The tea parties were about patriotism, party affiliations need to be forgotten, Americans need to pull together. Right now the Obama owned MSN is ripping the tea partys to shreds, demeaning and diminishing everyone who is a patriotic American.

    Stop the in fighting, while you argue over trivial divisions in party politics and philosphies. Comrade Obama and his Communist propaganda machine is taking over America. Wake th f#&k up! These Communist son of a bitches are stealing your country.

  • I went to the San Antonio Tea Party. We were 20,000 strong, and very vocal. It was amazing to be surrounded by like-minded folks, Republican, Democrats, Ron Paulers, Independents, the works. Every color, every ethnicity, every age were represented. Sure, Glenn and Ted were there, but we’d have been there without them! Glenn refused to be keynote speaker, because he wanted it to be about us, and our points to be the focus. The weather was perfect, the people were respectful, and cleaned up after themselves. We (volunteers) collected names and e-mails from folks who wanted to be kept abreast of future plans. Ap 15 was just the beginning!

  • Jim Connell -

    We need to look even closer to home. Our city government keeps spending and spending. It seems ever house in my subdivision went up $4000.00+ in apprasial even though the ones listed in the neighborhood aren’t selling. Havent they figured out tat some people are taking pay cuts, others are being laid off, and times aren’t getting better. They need to make cuts like everyone else and quit robbing the homeownere with false apprasials.

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