You Decide…Homeland Security, BofA, and Avian Flu

You decide…

Homeland Security transporting Avian (Bird) Flu?

By Logistics Monster


  • I am not sure about the Eastern Connection thing because as of last year they were largely responsible for shipping vehicles. They own companies across the country. They have had checks returned for lack of funds. Here is a list of complaints about them:

    Company profile on linked in:

    Then there is this:

    Eastern Connection owns no trucks…they ship automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. They are responsible for ripping people off to the tune of thousands of dollars. They have been reported to the New York Attorney General.

    Here is another Eastern Connection…only offices are in Connecticut and Massachusetts…

    I don’t know what the true story is after all…just saying.

  • My initial reaction is that this woman was so certain on all the details of this story that she obviously believes what she is saying 100%. As to what the trucker was hauling, who can say for certain? It may even have been something more dastardly than Bird Flu virus. I don’t think we can afford to discount stories like this flippantly, however. She went to a lot of trouble to relate this story, which would obviously put her in great danger if it is true. The Bank of America part certainly lends the story credence, and this is not the first person to report FEMA trains lying in wait for who knows what.

    I found the part at the end about her Pakistani acquaintance leaving the country suddenly to be particularly chilling.

  • Laurie M -

    I really enjoy the banking/economics articles and links you post on your site.

    That’s why I’m really disappointed that you decided to post this without vetting it first.

    If this “caller” is so sure about these shipments from a specific location in Albany, NY, why doesn’t she and/or her fellow conspiracy theorists camp out, surveil the location and post the video? Because it isn’t happening. Which branch of Bank of America? etc etc

    To play devil’s advocate, if I wanted to buy into this caller’s conspiracy theory, shipments of vaccine wouldn’t be made from a known DHS office in a city center, but from a pharmaceutical manufacturing site or warehouse in an industrial park away from an urban core. There are protocols that have to be followed when manufacturing, storing and shipping legitimate vaccines….and this doesn’t meet any of them.

    Likewise, the whole “FEMA PRISON TRAINS” meme. Just enlarge the photos of the alleged trains with the “FEMA” logo that are sitting idly on siderails waiting to take thousands of us off to the camps. The logo is NOT FEMA but the logo BNSF – Burlington National Santa Fe, with its blue/white cross logo. The “prison trains” are nothing more than auto transport trains currently not in service. I live in a major train distribution hub with some out-of-the way spur lines, and similar empty rail cars are sitting there for weeks at a time…and have been since, oh, 1960 or so. As a little girl, I couldn’t go to sleep until I heard the trains begin shunting around 09:45 pm, picking up and dropping rail cars in preparation for a shipment. “Autorack” multi-deck railcars sitting on out of the way spur lines, empty, for weeks at a time, is nothing “new” or “alarming”.

    My degree is in microbiology/genetics. Before retiring to raise my family fulltime, I participated in many discussion groups and planning scenarios with respect to pandemics. In the event of a large scale pandemic, there has been debate for years about the right of the state to quarantine infected individuals to (a) prevent further spread of the disease throughout the rest of the population and (b) centralize medical expertise and equipment to treat those affected vs civil liberties of the individual to resist quarantine. It is my understanding that as part of the realignment of national security preparation, depts in DHS have been tasked to coordinate this with other agencies such as the CDC and local public health agencies.

    Trust me, I am no fan of the Obama administration and I do believe that those who are currently entrenched in all of our major power centers (media, government, academia) are only interested in further expanding their power base and promoting a collectivist/socialist/confiscatory agenda, to the detriment of those of us who believe in individual liberty and rights. Even Larry King stated on his show recently that (to paraphrase) that the elites have to think for us, because we can’t think for ourselves.

    However, that is a far cry from some nefarious,unproven, unsubstantiated “plot” to participate in a domestic genocide campaign. There are a lot of good, smart, dedicated people working within the DoD, FEMA and DHS to keep us safe. We should remember that, and not see evil everywhere around us. It doesn’t help us focus on the real issues.

    This smells of a deliberate plant to create hysteria and discredit those who are asking the tough questions about our fiat money system and the massive expansion of federal government.

    DiamondTiger, you’re doing great work and educating alot of people. Please don’t post anymore of these types of videos unless you have investigated them yourself.

  • To Laurie M: For more info you need to Google “REX 84” and “Operation Garden Plot”, as well as do some research into the Executive Orders that Bush signed while in office. I can not say if this video is true, but I can say for sure that in 1984 Regan signed REX 84 specifically to create detention centers for “infected persons and those that refuse vaccination in case of viral pandemic. Operation Garden Plot outlines the depopulation of the country. Bush’s Executive orders make it a felony to refuse vaccination in case of pandemic, as well as give the President the right to shut down Congress and the Court system and become dictator. I know a paramedic and the government has been training paramedics, EMS, and police to use force (at the point of a gun if need be) to FORCE vaccinations on those that resist.

    Like I said, I can not say if this information in this video is accurate, but there ARE DEFINITELY plans to do us harm, and to take away our free will and choice to not be vaccinated. I personally do not believe in vaccinations, and I for one will have to be incapacitated for them to stick a needle in my arm against my will. You say that you participated in “many discussion groups and planning scenarios with respect to pandemics. In the event of a large scale pandemic, there has been debate for years about the right of the state to quarantine infected individuals to (a) prevent further spread of the disease throughout the rest of the population and (b) centralize medical expertise and equipment to treat those affected vs civil liberties of the individual to resist quarantine.” I can assure you that the only reason that these discussions were even initiated is because of the plans laid out in REX 84, and the powers that be have plans laid out to use biological weapons on the public at large.

    For more info watch this video: “Bird Flu Hoax”

  • Leaping Spark -

    I find it the fact that Homeland security is labeling anyone thats supports the Constitution or the 10th Amendment a threat even scarier, this includes Ron Paul supporters, Patriots, Conservatives, Democrats, Libertarians, Right Wing Republicans and probably any other American that does not agree with Obama’s Agenda. Homeland Security is informing law enforcement so they can identify these radical elements within our society.

    Radicals are accepted as mainstream and Patriots have been labeled the radicals by the Obama Administration.

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -

    WELL, who knows now:

    Actaully to side track about what the DHS is really doing, what we know today is that HIMMLER the DHS Chief: says that 175 million conservative citizens are “TERRORISTS” “radicals” just too dangerous to be walking around on the streets of this country, going to work every day, paying their bills, following the laws, saving and investing, keeping their kids in line, and living within their means.

    HMMMMMMMMMMM being a 50/50 country, the conservatives, independents, the patriots, the normal folks are NOW designated as the “TERRORISTS”
    SO That means to us that 175, million of us are the terrorists,

    WHILE the OTHER 175 million are those sweet gentle darling harmless ACORN folks who drive by the homes of AIG executives waving piano wires to decorate the necks of their children, the same sweet law abiding Acorn community folks who raise the dead to vote and duplicate every ballot to make sure that those friendly to democrats have voted twice. Those sweet darling SOROS rent a crowd around the world folks who sneak around to destroy property and cars that they just know are too ugly to grace this great overheated earth.
    They must be the same sweet darling parasites, leeches, druggies, drug dealers, kiddy porn kings, drunks, deranged, dishonest corrupt crimials in congress and this adminstration who actually keep this country running.


    The GESTAPO COMMANDER has sent the brown shirts after all of us.

  • DHS was a bad idea when President Bush proposed it, and it’s a bad idea now. Instead of going after real enemies and a porous border, they invent domestic political enemies. My complete response is on my website.

    I am not into conspiracies, but given what I’ve seen, nothing can be discounted out of hand.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I have read the DHS Assesment on Rightwing Extremism, anyone who does not support Obama’s Socialist Radical Agenda, is a white supremacist, and is anti-govenment. They have disrespected our veterans and lumped us all together with people like Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma terrorist bomber.

    The terrorist, militants, and radicals are now mainstream America and anyone that is a Constituion loving Patriot is a radical extremist.

    America is in grave danger, the corrupt are viewed as righteous, and good people of this country are being catagorized as criminals.

  • The place at 11 wards lane is were the truck turns off. if you goggle earth 11 wards lane you will see the road goes to the back of the big building at 150 Broadway manands NY.

    WHICH is the VERY place that the flu genome project is in Wadsworth center labs. They also KEEP collections of contagious pathogens. PARTICULARLY flu strains.
    Wads worth center is all were the flu surveillance program is based. And they are PART of the center for CDC and the NY dept of health. DR David Wentworth also works there and hes a leading scientist of influenza in humans birds and swine. Wadsworth’s center also developed gene revers engineering and claimed to of made a version of the 1918 n1h1 virus.

    But Don’t take my word for it look it all up its all public info.

    Goggle “Wadsworth center” “DR.David Wentworth”
    THE goggle them together with words like flu or swine flu and your see lots of good info.

    try “Wadsworth center 150 Broadway” and then goggle 11 wards lane again and look at ware that road behind 11 wards lane goes. wads worth center las labs in THAT BUILDING and they work with INFLUENZA Virus’s

    notice Dr wentworth from wadsworth center paper on “Transmission of swine influenza virus to humans after exposure to experimentally infected pigs.”

    An influenza A (H1N1) virus, closely related to swine influenza virus, responsible for a fatal case of human influenza

    This Dr wentworth works at Wadsworth center and is the head of there flu program. and its inside the building at 150 Broadway
    The whole building at 150 Broadway is called Riverview center. But Wadsworth center has labs in the building at 150 Broadway.

    Which makes it real hard to dismiss the truck driver going there to get what he is saying is some type of flu virus. esp sense THATS the building it would be stored in and thats also were all known suspected cases of this pig flu thats going around HAVE to be sent for testing.
    the building mentioned thats at Broadway and Clinton in Albany is the Leo O’Brien fed building and that DOES have the DHS in side it as well as other agencies.
    Including the dept of health. (Wadsworth) and the Albany pharmaceutical collage has offices there.

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