Stand By Me

A close friend of mine sent me this video and considering the world we are living in today with pirates at home and abroad, I wanted to share the sentiment with you.  Stand together; do not allow the powers that be to divide you along political, class, racial, or gender lines.  The most difficult part of the constantly shifting revolutionary paradigm has yet to occur.

Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

By Logistics Monster


  • Well,here’s another thing we have to stand up against, although at this point, I think we’re totally screwed anyway.

    A new piece up about Sharia Law and our Treasury Department….lots of background research by American Lassie….

    Sharia Finance: Rapidly Increasing Inroads Via American Banks…With the Help of Our Treasury Department

    • IA, You Rock! This is a piece of the puzzle that I forgot about and have been looking for. Thanks for dropping that link!

  • Thanks Diamond. We “little people” need to stand together more than ever these days, and as IA states above, TPTB are becoming more and more brave in working us over. Our only salvation is in the numbers. There are more of us than them, so stick together we must.

    “United we stand, divided we fall.”

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    With all of this already getting imbedded in our society it is going to be really hard for us to fight it. We really HAVE to work hard!

  • Diamond, I just had to come back and play this video again. It is so great! Trust you to come up with exactly what we all need at this stage of the game. I’ve been involved in a research project for over a week and now that it is over I needed a breath of fresh air. You seem to intuit just the right thing at the right time. Thanks much.

  • You are welcome Lee…I have played it a few times today! Send me an email and let me know what you have been working on in general…let’s see if great minds think alike?

  • Letty Bromenschenkel -


    I suspect our “END GAME” is to move the flag forward.

    2010 throw the bums and crooks out

    2012 throw the sinister corrupt criminal administration out.

    The Tea Parties are just a “warm up’

    Perhaps to advance this game, we need to “conserve” time and energy and
    Forget the crap of “label” point and blame.

    And he and only he has the “POWER” usurped or given to him by us to destroy this nation in less than 100 days!

    OR we can advance our OWN POWER to bring this nation back from the Ashes, no matter who set the fires and who poured gas on the flames.

    PERHAPS, the “NORMAL PEOPLE” who even go to church once in a while, have a ray of hope and a signal of willing capable leadership by GOV. RICK PERRY, who deserves a lot of credit for getting a spine!

    So many well meaning have made a feeble effort and “folded” for whatever reason: weakness or conducting a daily personal soap opera. We cannot bank on a loser again and again and again. We have to give up on those who simply do not have it together and have the least amount of “side shows” as a distraction.

    THIS time we have to be there to do the heavy lifting and advance the restoration of our rights of self determination, we can type our fingers off inciting hate for those who no longer have any power which only detracts from our energies to rescue this nation from total destruction.

    I suggest we “VET” and run Gov. Perry through the meat grinder to see if he can stand up and if that is the case we all need to line up and stop following the born losers.

    You think ?

  • Mary Ellen -

    Thanks so much for that video. Not only is that one of my most favorite songs but it made me feel like I wasn’t so alone in my fight against our loss of freedoms.

    You’re the best, diamond tiger!

  • Diamond, I just sent you an email as you requested. (1:49 Eastern time April 15, 2009)

  • Diamond, I left a comment on the other thread in answer to your asking if anyone had any thoughts about Goldman Sachs and the repayment of the TARP money.

    We know that Henry Paulson and Neel Kashkari are both Goldman Sachs and that they both propose Sharia financing in America via the Treasury Dept seminars, and that both were itching to get their hands on the petro dollars. This could be Paulson’s way of introducing the petro dollars into the Treasury by repaying the TARP money with Islamic money.

    Sorry about an almost identical comment, but I wanted to be sure that you saw it.

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